The Unicorn Ashram (Retreat Centre & Residency)

Be The Unicorn Ashram (Retreat Centre & Residency)
By Paul O’Callaghan

Meanings of “ashram” include: “(Hinduism) a religious retreat or community where a Hindu holy man lives. 2. a house that provides accommodation for destitute people.; a secluded place for retreat or instruction in Hinduism. 2. the community living there; a place of religious retreat modeled after the Indian ashram; retreat – a place of privacy; a place affording peace and quiet; Encyclopaedia Britannica – Ashrama, familiarly spelled ashram in English, has also come to denote a place removed from urban life, where spiritual and yogic disciplines are pursued. Ashrams are often associated with a central teaching figure, a guru, who is the object of adulation by the residents of the ashram. The guru may or may not belong to a formally constituted…

The Unicorn Retreat Centre & Sanctuary/Residency project has been renamed the Unicorn Ashram in honour of another Ashrams owners and residents owners as they are genuinely spiritual because they help others in need.
My respect for them goes further, in introducing not one but 2 group rooms and 2 kitchens, as the Unicorn Ashram will feature a Temple Room for Hara Krishna/Bhakti Yoga devotees to use with a vegan kitchen/dinning room.
It will resemble New Age and permaculture settlements in that people will be living together, offering spiritual retreats and living off the land with courses about this for paying visitors, and produce vegetables and fruit for the ashrams residents and visitors, and local villages. The Centre will have the biggest collection of esoteric books, (amongst other books) in it’s library, for residents and visitors to borrow, whilst at the centre. If sometimes below you read it as “Unicorn Retreat Centre & Residency” or “Unicorn Retreat Centre & Sanctuary, these are it’s old names. It’s name will be the Unicorn Ashram (Retreat Centre & residency but Unicorn Ashram for short).
The Primary Purpose Of the Unicorn Ashram:
This is a venture to establish a retreat centre, primarily for severely ill victims (who are too ill to help themselves) of on going medical negligence or who are being persecuted by Drs and S.S. (Social Services) where they can be cared for and treated in a safe environment. An MRI and a CT scanners will be on site for the medically neglected to receive the urgent scans they have been previously denied to conceal medical negligence. Then there will be the negligence victims who are too ill to earn a living, who will come, but because the doctors refuse to recognise their physical illness, such patients are refused DSS benefit, becoming unable to pay the bills, so losing the utility services (being ill in a freezing cold home) and lose their home. At the ashram the residents (and guests wanting to help others, as a main factor in being spiritual is to help others) would help the negligence victim (and if with relatives) rest, try and discover the illness and provide alternative and complementary health treatments to see if these can help. All the time the negligence victim (and their relatives/friend with them) will find it reassuring that they are being cared for/protected in a psychobabble free environment (psychobabble is a popular way doctors use to cover up their negligence of patients) where they don’t need to argue and prove that doctors chose to medically neglect them, as everyone running the retreat centre will already know that doctors commit such actions. Everybody would be treated equally and judgements would never be based on rumour or prejudice, only on fact and evidence. In addition, the retreat centre is to act as a refuge for radical campaigners (e.g. animal rights) who need to retreat for a while. However, it will also operate a radical news centre facility house for campaigners to have free use of, whilst needing to keep a low profile, so enabling to operate in a secure environment so they can concentrate on their work and not have to keep looking over their shoulder.
The Secondary Purpose – How The Unicorn Ashram Will be Funded:
Just as important in practise will be the Secondary Purpose because it will be the source of it’s funding. The secondary purpose takes the form of offer the regular Complimentary Therapies (yoga, massage, Tibetan Pulsing, meditation, Primal Breathing, Melting, Tantra) , Alternative Health (Cranial-Osteopath, Homeopathy, Herbalism) and Spiritual workshops/retreats with selling food produced on site and donations, so to fund the treatments of the medically neglected.
We will also adapt existing workshops (if they are too extreme in some ways)and create brand new ones. For example the Rebirthing workshops (to help people live their lives to the full) in Brazil involve covering the client with a blanket and pressing it down on them, to give the impression of suffocation!!!! Whilst our re-birthing workshop will be similar, the blanket and suffocation will NOT be allowed. Meanwhile, we will create a brand new type of workshop: The Spiritual Warrior. This is for the Spiritual Warriors, those who use peaceful campaign methods to fight injustice and the encroaching fascist state (Agenda 21- human culling etc), where they will be respected and receive yoga, martial arts, group therapy, demo board, factsheet and public speaking improvement sessions. One important principle in the type of workshops is to pioneer in Britain and Ireland those workshops not commonly available here, such as Tibetan Pulsing, Melting, Primal Breathing. Workshops will cater for and women of all races and genders. Except for Tantra, if nudity is required in a class (such a nude yoga, popular in America), then such classes will be separate for men and women (unlike some retreat centre…).
This project will be spearheaded by a Unicorn ashram Society, raising the funds for it, establishing it and running it. Initially it will begin with the purchase of 2 caravans to help whistle blowers in immediate danger, (2 bedrooms per caravan, 4 people protected). Subsequently all funds will be diverted into this Unicorn Ashram project.
Operation & Philosophy:
There will be Permanent residents and seasonal residents complimented by Karma Yogis (volunteers paying half price to stay at the Ashram) conducting the Daily activities and chores. The Karma Yogis will work 9.30 am to 1pm Monday to Friday but of weekends all but one permanent/seasonal resident will have the weekend off, the remaining resident supported by the Karma Yogis (maximum 3, minimum 2) who will work through Weekends ((am to 6pm, when the resident assumes sole responsibility). For permanent residents and specially invited guests and Karma Yogis, the weekly group meeting will double as a developmental growth group using meditation, massage and new/rediscovered techniques to explore such as Tibetan Pulsing (healing with the pulse) Melting (a death ceremony and rebirthing type technique) and even Body Walk (Austrian Sheila Crux’s method of using legs and feet as mediators to practise sensory perceptions), adapt various aspects from all parts of daily life and Common Sense Philosophy, so to develop brand new therapeutic tools. Permanent and Seasonal Residents will be expected to learn an Alternative Medicine, Complimentary or New Age Therapy which they will conduct exclusively at the Ashram (their respective course to learn the medicine or therapy being paid for partly by the Ashram for them to attend). Residents will of course be paid for their work in the Ashram so they can run their cars, have holidays etc.
The Unicorn Ashram’s philosophy is that there is more to existence than Life; that we can have other lives and repeat the same lives, causing De-je-vu. We accept that we, all life, not just humans, are all one interconnected awareness in the Afterlife. We believe in Common Sense (learning about life through experience) so reject psychology (learning about life through special study). We support freedom of speech, thought and protest and believe judgements should be based on facts and evidence, never rumour, prejudice or pre-determined opinion so we reject the evil which is psychiatry, which suppresses freedom of thought, speech and protest. We are also open to the work of David Icke because of the over whelming EVIDENCE he has to support his conclusions, (including that we don’t have to be reborn/Karma). We object to selfishness and apathy. We support non-violent action and the right to self defence against actual physical violence upon one. We oppose offensive violence, (like Iraq war). In a nutshell, this is Common Sense Philosophy, a spiritual way of Being (existing) with no hierarchy.
This means that we are a natural home for the Spiritual Warrior which incorporates all the principles above as practise in fighting injustice. To practise Common Sense Philosophy involves being a Spiritual Warrior to a strong or lesser extent. David Icke, Sandi Wicks and Linda Pow are Spiritual Warriors in what they do.
We will run workshops for Spiritual Warriors (see below) but as we practise Common Sense Philosophy, Karma Yogis will have as part of their time here, parts of the Spiritual Warrior workshops throughout the week in return for their voluntary work. This will involve treatments for the 2 challengers Spiritual Warriors face most, which destroys many: egotism and jealousy, using the techniques described in the Spiritual Warrior Workshops, in addition to joining in Residents Groups. These techniques will apply at the start and end of each day for 10 minutes whilst also taking part free, in the Yogic-Martial Art weekly class the Residents have and Oneness session. They will experience their own Cailleach Rebirthing session, in addition to the Spiritual Warrior segments.
Fundamentally at the root of the Unicorn Ashram is the way the highest spiritual energy is generated (giving one great satisfaction at doing what is common sense): helping others in need, as the Unicorn Ashram will practise Common Sense Philosophy – not psychology, (psychologists and psychiatrists will be banned from the Ashram) as judgements should only be based on fact and evidence, never rumour or prejudice and evidence should never be adapted or falsified to suit a pre=determined opinion (as psychiatry is based upon). It will also be an oasis of common sense in society, which is infected with psychology, as it would be for those wanting to discover their spiritual purpose in life whilst at the same time wanting to help people and society as a whole. Some of these people would also want to help create a permanent oasis of common sense in a world of psychobabble, becoming permanent residents, with a few weeks break a year to go back out into society and encourage common sense to replace psychology, helping out at the health and radical news centres. Then there would be the visitors just coming to stay for a few days to a few weeks, who need a break from psychobabble driven society, and who want to explore different spiritualties and re-connect with common sense. In addition Green forms of energy will be piloted here and Spiritual and Folk music festivals will be held here. The philosophy will never contradict the new Glastonbury Common Sense Charter. It will be a haven from a psychology riddled world, where those who are spiritual can take a break. Permanent residents will live by Common Sense Philosophy. Courses in Human Biology, basic drama and TV production, Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Herbalism and wildlife filming will be here.
The hall in the Main Building (and later at the Contemplation Hall, when that’s finished) will be used for talks and small shows. Open days would be held over Easter to October weekends, which will show day visitors a glimpse (as it’s only for a day) the way of life at the Centre. There will even be a narrow (or miniature) gauge railway running around the Centre site so to convey visitors. This railway would, during weekdays, be used to haul vegetable and fruit produce and compost to other places on the site. It would generate it’s own income by attracting railway buffs, so will bring railway buffs into contact with a different way of life. The Centre’s residents would start up a bus service to connect the Centre and local villages to the nearest station and town. Plus, an application for establishing a radio station to broadcast spiritual, folk and classical music and programmes about the local area, would be applied for. A Yurt or some other low impact building will be offered for use to local villagers to use as a shop or post office, if they don’t have one. Originally in 1998-99, I proposed to establish a retreat centre for the medically neglected. This was put on hold. Now I propose to establish this centre to also cater for those who need a break from the psychobabble run world and who are followers of Common Sense Philosophy, (both it’s spiritual and daily living beliefs).
If psychobabble gets any worse this centre could end up as a residency for people trying to create a psychobabble free hamlet. Common Sense means a person having a good sense in practical matters GAINED by EXPERIENCES OF LIFE, not by special study (psychology means the study of the mind (deduced from behaviour) and how it works, so psychology is the opposite to Common Sense). Though compensation money from the Doctors for ruining half my life and the profit from my railway and walk books will fund the purchase of the initial site and buildings, a Supporters Association will also help in this regard and fund the subsequent development of the retreat centre. The Centre’s residents will not be focused purely on what happens within the Centre. They will use the Centre to help society: selling produce to the local villages and towns directly and through a market at the centre, where festivals would be centred around, to enlighten people on various subjects.
Common Sense Philosophy is a clarification of Common Sense and embraces spirituality so people can lead their lives to the full using it, where psychobabble today is used. Since this philosophy was first produced within a fact sheet Common Sense has not only increased in use, but has been attacked by psychobabblists: In the U.K. legal system, a circular has been issued warning judges NOT to use common sense, whilst university psychobabblists have derided Common Sense as not being a guide to reality!!! The motive for these attacks is simple: Common sense is the opposite to psychology. It can destroy psychobabble (and take away a lot of idiots power, status and wages) (as well as lose doctors and governments a useful tool – read below). I should add that since the fact sheet appeared in the radical shop in central London, the phrase
Justification Section:
The following is a SUMMARY of a 152 page Public report the Doctors and Judiciary are attempting to suppress. The purpose of using this as the justification section is to show the types of cases the ashram will be a refuge for and why psychology (including it’s tool N.L.P. and C.B.T.), psychiatry will be banned from the Ashram site. For producing the Public Report (commissioned by the NHS Justice/Reform Group and Alexander Forbes), yours truly was arrested and Charged with “communicating a malicious message” (that’s for writing a Public Report) and after 7 years SUDDENLY, for my tiny political party having and promoting policies, was deemed “harassment” of Doctors. At the initial trial my solicitor left 99% of my evidence on his desk. At the Appeal the part time Judge ran a pro-bono law clinic in a G.P. surgery which also referred patients to the hospital involved in my case.
The Public Report set out the problem, what will happen if the problem is not fixed but ignored, and which changes in law are required to fix the problem. From my 2 year investigation I found there was an epidemic of medical negligence, caused by Judges, Crown Prosecution service and psychiatrists always being biased in favour of negligent (white) Doctors . I also concluded psychology and psychiatry ( a “Gestapo”) were not sciences but tools to condition and control to suppress freedom of thought and speech, in addition to concealing medical negligence. Thus the Judge wanted me silenced (despite already enduring an electronic tag) and the psychiatrist joined in all too willingly to save his Gestapo. He recommended I should be “Placed under Section” (locked in a psychiatric ward) to be pumped “with antipsychotic drugs” (so writing a Public Report and having policies a Judge and psychiatrist don’t like are deemed psychotic!!!!) “for disposal” (for murder). I fled the Court.
Therefore as I am to be killed if I’m grabbed, please read and absorb every word of this Justification section (includes my case at the end of this section):

The Public Report The C.P.S and Psychobabblists Want Suppressed – Boring It’s NOT:
First and foremost it set out the cases of medical negligence, including Paul’s case (already described), and many other cases, in particular, Sophia Mirza and Child X (to show the evil of psychiatry), Jay Suddell (to show how Doctors can kill and go on practicing) and David Glass (how not only are Doctors protected by the CPS and Courts, but the victims’ family are locked up for saving the victim from being killed by Doctors). .
Next in the second half, it featured the uselessness (driven by prejudice) of the General Medical Council protecting white negligent Doctors hypocrisy of one law for Doctors and one for everyone else by the Crown Prosecution service and Judges. It set out that Judges are so biased in favour of negligent Doctors that victims of Doctors and this injustice should be forgiven for taking the law into their own hands with Doctors and seeking revenge on the Judges and Crown Prosecution service.
This Report also revealed in the final chapter how time after time, sourcing sections from previous cases, how psychology and psychiatry is used to conceal negligence, helping Doctors in one case torture a physically ill, medically neglected patient, causing her death. This chapter went on to explain the motive for psychobabblists.
It also stated that, “Psychobabble” (psychology and psychiatry) “exists to cover up the failure of science, including medicine (be accidental or on purpose) and to condition and control society, since religions have now little effect in this”.
Psychobabblists were very willing to help negligent Doctors commit medical negligence (dismissing physical illness as mentally caused, as this increased psychologists and psychiatrists ‘clients’ and therefore their income, but also increased status and legal power.
Two cases from the Report are worth repeating here: Child X and later Sophia Mirza:
Child X was a 13 year old boy diagnosed with M.E. disease by his local hospital. He was THEN sent by local; Doctors to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. When the parents saw the unit their son was to attend they refused to submit him to the unit, run by a psychiatrist. The boy’s symptoms were of not being able to see or move or be able to feed himself. The following year he was being tube fed at his local hospital. The local Drs wanted the boy to attend Great Ormond Street’s psychobabble unit and used Social services to wage a six month legal battle where the Judge made the boy a ward of court where upon he would be forced into the hospital unit.
The parents fled Britain with their son to Europe (where Interpol were informed to search for them). For some unknown reason, the father returned to Britain to give himself up. He was arrested for contempt of court. The father was informed that the boy must attend Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital by the end of the week. The mother then brought their son back to Britain where at his home, Police raided it and took the boy to Great Ormond street to be tortured. Nurses there accused him of being “awkward” instead of physically ill. He had gone into the ward able to walk, but whilst in there he was reduced to using a zimmer frame, his chin on the bar and his ankles scrapping along the floor. A dr asked the boy if he realized how much his NHS bed was costing! After 8 months of separation from his parents they regained custody of him and rescued him. But the boy’s identy was blocked by a Judge, only to be known as Child X. The psychiatrist behind this torture was Michael Prenderghast.
The horrors Sophia Mirza suffered was based on the flawed belief (excuse) that mental illness causes physical illness. The Public Report reveals this in a section on “Psychoneuroimmunology”. The Report sets out how psychobabblists believe, “are claiming” that our emotions “have their own cells” and “emotional cells fights physical ill health and therefore justify psychobabblists claims that physical illness can be caused and cured emotionally/psychologically. “Psychobabblisats believe the brain and the mind (the person) are 1 in the same. Is a person their brain then? Psychobabble/science researchers BELIEVE that cells which destroy disease (macrophages) interact with so-called cells which behave, quote, “like” chemical versions of emotions! The word “LIKE” shows the researches DON’T actually know for certain even, yet these researchers claim can justify (explain) the belief they peddle that emotion can effect physical illness”.
In one fail swoop, this paragraph undermines a key weapon the Doctors have to cover up medical negligence by claiming mental illness is causing a patients physical illness, whilst also undermining psychologists and psychiatrists ability to increase their number, power and status.
The Public Report PARA 4, PAGE 130 stated, “The psychobabblists have a perverted belief system: In Sophia’s case, Baginski fantasized that Sophia’s ‘fictional illness’ was caused by Sophia wishing to “regress to the womb” and that she could not face life. Psychiatrist G Stanley Hall remember perversely thought that being an Only Child was “ a disease in itself”. Prenderghast joked to a lecture at a hospital about his patients, describing one ill girl as ‘looking like a granny’. Psychobabblists dream up fictional illnesses so they can class everyone as mentally ill (e.g. regression and conversion dissociate disorder”): they have an obsession with sex is also found as so many psychobabblists worship the evil Freud (sigmund who was obsessed with blaming most issues on sex, nosing in on a victims love life, ‘a relationship of lovers) and obsessed with how a persons illness makes them “feel” (so to establish a way of blaming a physical illness on emotional feelings).
Psychobabblists believe those who are very environmental by recycling are suffering from, “obsessive compulsive disorder and this often occurred in perfectionists who are drawn to a moral cause’. Thus if you recycle or a perfectionist you are defined as mental! This slander was stated by Dr John Morgan, consultant and lecturer in psychiatry at St Georges Hospital, London. He continued his slander, ‘If they perceive a firm is misbehaving they believe it should be punished by being avoided, and spread the word about these sinners to their social network”. Maybe environmental campaigners, including Greenpeace, should picket outside Dr Morgan’s hospital; and persecute him, before they are deemed unfit to have children next?
For big businesses polluting etc, being able to have their critics silenced by having them branded mental and Sectioned on the grounds they are a Danger To Others is quite feasible thanks to Dr Morgan, as a few years ago a protestor known to Police for this action was arrested and prevented from going on a demo by being Sectioned Under the Mental Health Act for 3 days”.
These three latter paragraphs quickly show how far psychobabble has spread and reveals the harm it can inflict. These are not revelations the Authorities want out as it can lead to the destruction of psychiatry, a powerful tool to suppress freedom of thought and speech.
The Report exposes the two primary tools of conditioning and controlling society to suppress freedom of thought and speech: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and NLP, the latter UK Column have reported on a lot.
The Public Report found how psychobabblists would identify “cognitive distortions” in their ‘client’ referring to the distortions as, “errors in thinking”, a phrase blatantly displaying how CBT is about changing how people think to suit the psychobabblist and their employers: the Authorities.
The psychobabblelist who assessed Paul for producing this Public Report recommended Paul undergo “therapy” for his “offending” (this being writing the Public Report!).
Paras 2 – 9, page 131
“The psychobabblists (e.g. behavioural therapists) will be the person to identify “cognitive distortions” in their client!!! These distortions are also referred to as, “errors in thinking”.
The treatment (cognitive restructuring) consists of 3 types: Working in a 1 to 1 situation of client and practitioner, where the practitioner tries to reason with the client about what the latter views as the formers distortion; in a group where emotional experiences take place; and the most popular method is one where the clients behaviour pattern is altered. Victims of doctors negligence have been told during the negligence, that they need Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as psychobabblists believe themselves that behaviour influences a person’s perception of themselves and attitudes. It’s common sense that it’s the opposite way round.
The Danger
A). It’s not just a threat, as it is actually coming up in medical negligence cases. People who have been medically neglected have been told during the negligence, that if they changed their perception of themselves/their illness they will get better. Of course they didn’t, the treatment making them more ill because their illness was physical, physically caused, but the medical doctors/psychobabblists refused to accept that.
If such a patient does not realize they’re physically ill or is unable to prove they’re being medically neglected, they will believe their attitude towards themselves/their illness is making them ill, but because it’s not a psychological illness the C.B.T. will not improve them so they will become depressed (becoming genuinly mentally ill to the delight of you know who’s). So both the doctors and the psychobabblist get away with negligence.

B). The other danger is it’s ability to condition people. It’s the psychobabblist who decides what a patients errors of thought are.
So if a victim of negligence is critical of Doctors, the psychobabblist will say that is a cognitive distortion and try and change the victims view of the guilty doctors/and those protecting them. No doubt even if the Doctors were caught on video tape committing the negligence, the psychobabblist would still try to change the victims view, thereby proving beyond doubt the bias of psychobabblists to protect doctors and justifying their mass destruction”.
This last paragrap[h is poignant as this is exactly what happened to our author of this conclusion: the Judge had a psychiatrist declare Paul was “delusional” and required “antipsychotic drugs for a year, so to change his “offending” (writing the Public Report.
The Public Report continued on CBT:
“Central Government could also have psychobabblists use C.B.T. to condition people into perceiving their criticism of the Governments policies as being “errors in thinking”, as well as freedom of speech.
There are instances when people DO need to change their perceptions in order to build confidence (but not to the ego levels of yobs), but it’s up to THAT PERSON to decide which of their own perceptions need to change. Not somebody else, particularly NOT someone who doesn’t know them.
More facts on C.B.T.
1.Supposedly rigorously tested scientifically.

2.Emory Uni (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.) scientists claim that C.B.T. could treat fertility problems.

3.C.B.T. is being used to treat bulimia, depression, phobia’s, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and the physically caused M.E. disease (which many doctors negligently refuse to accept is caused physically).

4.C.B.T. operates on a BELIEF system: that it is the way you think of yourself (i.e. in wrong ways) the world and other people. SO NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE then? Just a BELIEF. C.B.T. is about making such person’s think differently about themselves, the world, other people. A tool easier to misuse, and has been. Did the Nazis invent C.B.T like they did psychotropic drugs?

5.Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists and of course psychobabblists can inflict C.B.T?

6.C.B.T. patient’s receive “homework” (a diary of why they did something they are receiving C.B.T. for, and how it felt at the time, and what action they took and, most alarmingly, how they physically felt. This last point the C.B.T. practitioner covers regards as relevant is alarming. It proves the C.B.T. practitioner believes physical symptoms are caused by psychological aspects, (which is stupid).
On page 132, paras 2 and 3, the Public Report continued, “Another reason for C.B.T. is that it is economically cheaper. The Government quango, National Institute for Clinical Excellence, (N.I.C.E. an organization which covered up the evidence of secret recordings of doctors committing negligence on purpose) have begun recommending C.B.T. as a primary and complimentary treatment.
The Department of Health (also guilty of the same offence as N.I.C.E. are) is diverting money to C.B.T. from other forms of psychobabble, so no wonder the psychobabblists are arguing over whether C.B.T. can treat all disorders.
C.B.T. is the ultimate non-violent weapon doctors have to condition a patient into accepting the doctors medical negligence. C.B.T. must be and will be outlawed.
The Public report went on to refer to an Economist close to the Government (2012) had recommended C.B.T. be forced upon people claiming benefits for mental illness (not even recognizing that those with physically caused illness are misdiagnosed(for various reasons)with mental illness.
The Public Report even exposed psychologists idiocy when the latters attack those who experienced supernatural events, (picking on the weakest evidence or ignoring the evidence all together, never looking at the strongest evidence), so to slander the person(s) who had the supernatural experience. There was even reference on page 137 to the mild mannered confrontation between David Icke, and major psychobabblist Chris French (of Goldsmith College, a major nest in psychobabble), exposing how psychologists ignore evidence and instead use prejudice to base their case upon as French was exposed as having read none of David Ickes books.

The other tool of suppression of freedom of speech and thought, exposed in the Public Report, is NLP:
Paras 10 – 14, (NLP) page 138 stated this:
“N.L.P. practitioners are suppose to be different to other experts who study to understand human behaviour, in that N.L.P. practitioners take into account the effect the N.L.P. practitioners have on who/what they’re studying. An N.L.P. practitioner is trained to I.D. distortions and generalizations in a clients linguistic and behavioral patterns. What are N.L.P. practitioners to think they can identify what is a distortion in a person’s speech with out knowing them, only having been “trained” to deal with a client?
N.L.P. Target:
N.L.P. practitioners believe that people express how they view the world through language and behaviour (bleedin’ obvious), but then believe that one’s language shows how people can disregard information, distort one’s view of the world and generalize to the extent that it cause people to have a bad view of the world!!!!
N.L.P. practitioners are supposed to unpeel a clients words so to discover a deeper meaning and the context behind the clients words. To do this the N.L.P. practitioner listens for the deletions, distortions and generalizations in the person’s speech.

Examples of N.L.P. Use As Treatment: Part 1.
If a person says they “don’t like flowers” the N.L.P. practitioner will use specific questions to discover (in this example) that the person is allergic to some flowers. The N.L.P. practitioner will bizarrely believe that because the person has used that phrase that they “don’t like flowers” it would mean that the client will not go near any flowers! N.L.P. is flawed, as the next example will confirm:
If a person spots a famous person and says, “I know you” the speakers is not meaning by their language they know the famous person, but are simply relating they recognize the famous person. So N.L.P. practitioners should return to the drawing board on how they perceive a person’s speech can indicate a problem with their clients attitude of themselves/others/the words.
The use of N.L.P.: Part 2: Curing The Supposed Problem
However, if the N.L.P. practitioner strikes it lucky with a client who’s speech reflects what they think of themselves/others, then what will the N.L.P. practitioner do nex? The N.L.P. practitioner believes that to cure the client of their (in effect) attitude problem, being influenced by how they relate the problem verbally, is by taking certain actions, explained by the following example: If a person says they can’t do something the N.L.P. practitioner will ask what they mean by “can’t”, as the practitioner will refuse to believe the client can’t do something (“can’t” being a word which is viewed as “limiting” themselves in changing and therefore is a “language violation”).
*Now this explains why so many psychobabblists don’t accept a client can’t do something even though external factors dictate the client can’t.

Para 1 page 139 and paras 8 to 10) stated this: “The psychobabblists will behave like this due to their in experience of life (e.g. how a client lives) and their voluntary (due to their own idiocy) subjugation to be conditioned in psychobabble.
*N.L.P. therefore explains/is a likely source for psychobabblists using N.L.P. beliefs on patients who are physically ill but the psychobabblist (e.g. psychiatrist) view the illness as mental.
The Report stated further down the page, “N.L.P. explains the behaviour of psychobabblists/medical Doctors methods when they can’t accept a patient who (really is) physically ill.
*Example: The patient tells the Dr./psychobabblist they can’t stand up or swim because they’re so helplessly ill, the latter will reply, yes they can, if they change their attitude to the illness by not saying “can’t”. This argument can also be applied to the greater threat of cognitive behavioural therapy which should be outlawed, as it not only deals in speech.
If N.L.P. was destroyed/outlawed the psychobabblists and doctors would lose a useful tool to commit medical negligence”.
Thus, with this lethal horror N.L.P. can be used for we come to the manslaughter of Sophia Mirza. A victim of a psychiatrist who refused to believe she was physically ill, helping Doctors conceal that her illness was physical. Paul O’Callaghan has written much on the horrors of Doctors horrors, both persecuting/torturing patients or neglecting them to death. Paul says Sophia’s case is the worst he’d ever read because she was both persecuted, tortured and died as a result when she had been initially recovering, prior to the torture. This was the first time, after doing so many cases, that Paul was in tears over. Many New Ageists, despite Sophia having done yoga, refuse to read this, lying that reading it will give off bad vibes and one should meditate happy thoughts to bring about change, going into lar lar land, but this is an excuse the weak minded and selfish give themselves so not to face reality. We urge you to read this, edited abridged summary of Sophia’s case:
Sophia Mirza
Prior to becoming ill 1973 born Sophia Mirza had been in 2 car crashes, had suspected meningitis soon after for which she had a lumber puncture for and had at 19, multiple VACCINATIONS for holidaying in Africa, which didn’t prevent her catching two doses of malaria.
In autumn 1999, she fell ill with tiredness and supposed flu, unable to move from her bed to her bath at a friends house in Brighton. Unable to travel back to Luton due to the vibrations of a car, she moved into a flat which registered carbon monoxide. Sophia developed allergic reactions to chemicals, electro magnetic fields from gadgets all over the flats in addition to natural EM Fields from other people. The hypersensitivity symptoms were compounded by severe pain, vomiting, insomnia, extreme fatigue, earache, cramps, stiff neck. She could even feel the tower block swaying in the wind. She was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue Syndrome (another name for M.E. disease) though the name barely covers the symptoms Sophia was getting.
Her G.P., Sheila Firth, rather than try to help find the physical cause to Sophia’s symptoms, contacted the local psychobabble (mental Health Team) service, led by a psychiatrist, Dr Price. As a result Catherine Connolly offering to, “help you with your current difficulties” which can mean being locked in a psychiatric ward and tortured. Price met with Sophia, declared he had “concerns” and thereafter had Connolly interfere with Sophia’s fight to survive. Sophia’s mother notified the Mental health team they were not required. Connolly continued her real harassment of Sophia, insisting Sophia receive psychobabble treatment for her physical illness and plan for her future, G.P. Firth later notifying Sophia’s mother that Sophia should be put in a care home soher mother could “get on with your own life”. This was the Mental Health Team’s first attempt to remove Sophia from her mothers protection. In 2001 Firth wrote a letter accusing Sophia of making herself ill and her mother as “colluding” in this, later informing the mother that the Team could not cure Sophia of her illness. This poses the question: why were they interfering? From Firth’s letters it becomes clear that Firth was more interested in Sophia being “interactive” than in identifying the physical illness so a treatment could be found.
By August 2001 Sophia had improved (eating an organic diet), but her hypersensitivity remained. Medical records show that by October 2001 Firth was chasing psychiatrists, trying to have one of them join the lethal circus Sophia had to endure. Dr Gregory Baginzki. Firth lied to Sophia’s mother regarding Sophia being removed from her home stating, “that will never happen”. In October 2002, Connolly visited Sophia’s home, writing a Report later revealing how Mental Health Social Workers look for an excuse to brand someone mentally ill by even asking historical questions about wars, able to retain in memory a given address, and much venom directed at sophia’s mother being a witness.
Despite how physically ill she was quote “appeared to be control of the conversation, at times I felt controlling the session” showing that social workers suffer from “delusional disorder” as Sophia was far too till to do this, but unlike whistle blowers with recorded evidence, Catherine Connolly was not branded “delusional”. In Paul O’Callaghan’s case he was found to be delusional because he were “insulting the specialties of psychology and psychiatry and not recognizing their legitimacy” so deemed to require “antipsychotioc drugs (sound familiar? Christian Church not being recognized so they burnt such people at the stake). Under Connolly’s inquisition, Sophia denied she was depressed. Connolly then tried to portray the hypersensitivity compounded by severe pain, vomiting, insomnia, extreme fatigue, earache, cramps, stiff neck and feeling the tower block swaying in the wind, was due to violence she saw her father inflict on her mother and that because her father was of Pakistani origin and Sophia was of mixed race, that the father would not love them! This is known as Social History Questioning (in Paul O’Callaghan’s case, he refused to answer the questions when put to him, knowing full well how Mental Health Team pervert the truth to reach a pre-determined conclusion. . The Holy Grail of psychobabble to portray any kind of emotional issue Even one 20 years in the past) as the cause of physical illness.
The Public Report stated how psychobabblists create fictional mental illness so to conceal medical negligence and suppress freedom of thought and speech, which we saw In Paul’s case (for exposing amongst other things in the Report, the creating of fictional mental illnesses has itself been used to claim he has “delusional disorder” by the very people he is exposing!). In Sophia’s case Connolly referred to fictional illnesses not being found of, “no evidence of thought block, thought insertion or thought broadcasting”!!! That November Baginski visited Sophia. Connolly wrote that there was “insufficient grounds for detention under the Mental health Act”. After Bagtinski met with Sophia for 20 minutes, he then the next day gave a public lecture to an audience about Sophia without her permission. Afterwards Baginski notified Sophia’s mother that he believed Sophia’s illness was a mixture of phobias, anxiety, compulsions and, perversely, (which is normal behaviour for psychiatrists) that Sophia wished to regress to the womb so could not face life so allowed her mother (who was of course protecting Sophia from the Team’s horrors) to control her life.
He wanted Sophia’s mother to see a psychologist who would have Sophia’s mother view Sophia’s illness in the same way as Baginski did (the tools of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming being of course on hand for psychologists to do this).
He then threatened that if Sophia did not improve within 6 months and her mother refused to allow Sophia to be Sectioned under the Mental Health Act he would go to Court to have her Sectioned even saying he would have the Police break down the front door to take Sophia (which they did). These threats were admitted by him in a letter by him to Firth which Sophia’s mother seized a copy of.
With Sophia’s mother refusing to budge, on having Sophia sectioned, Firth then wrote to Baginski (27/12/02 Boxing Day) wanting to have the mother assessed under the Mental Health Act. When an Investigating Officer performed a white wash after Sophia’s death, he wrote about his interview with Firth regarding this incident, quote, “was prepared to consider sectioning Mrs Wilson because of her inappropriate beliefs about the nature of Sophia’s illness and her complete lack of insight”. So here’s the proof that Drs are like Nazis: that if you have a belief which doesn’t suit a Dr you can be locked up for it. At the time of this incident, Bagisinski would not even make such a move, informing Firth it was “unsupportable”.
After waiting just 2 months for Sophia to recover and not 6, Baginski notified Sophia’s mother that if Sophia had not improved by the end of the month, she would be Sectioned. Sophia had improved under a South African Doctors direction using protocol. Her use of pain killers was down, periods were normal, eating only every 2 hours instead of 6 hours, have bedroom window open for 15 minutes a day, was able to speak to her mother for 20 minutes and use the intercom, her speech was clear, rembered dates for birthdays and had hopes for the future.
This was January 2003. Baginski, Firth and Connolly were however preparing to reverse this progress, directly causing her to relapse, causing her death.
Next (11th February) Firth wrote to Sophia, stating she could no longer be her G.P. as Sophia would not engage withy the Mental team, then on 24th March it was Firth who lied to David Lepper M.P. that Sophia had diagnosed herself with M.E. when this was not the case. This was when Firth had ceased to be her G.P. On the 16th May 2003 the three persecutors attempted to access Sophia’s flat, but Sophia’s mother blocked them. On the 11th july 2003 they returned with Police, broke down the door, the police guarded the bedroom door whilst Sophia under went an Inquisition by the 3 persecutors, (Sophia recording on Dictaphone what was said) continually getting Sophia to repeat herself, (even that she was too physically ill to leave the room). Baginski thought the South African Drs treatment irrelevant because he had never seen Sophia, but what mattered was that the treatment was improving Sophia, which didn’t suit the Teams pre-determined outcome: sectioning Sophia. Sophia pleaded with them not to take her to the Mental Unit (this would turn out to be pleading for her life). They sectioned her, without the Dr giving a diagnosis, (which wasn’t required).
Sophia was taken to the what is officially known as a “Place Of Safety” but as is often the case the opposite of a meaning of place’s name was what it really was: A Place of Torture:
In a locked ward (just like Child X was placed in), her blood pressure was never taken, given processed hospital food instead of the special diet the South African Dr put her on, the nurses kept coming in and talking to her (instead of clearing her room) and Baginski when he turned up sat next to the bed, swinging his legs so his feet kept hitting Sophia’s bed causing her vibrations (remember she was suffering from hypersensitivity, as Baginski well knew), causing her to be even more ill for 8 hours. This torture lasted for 2 weeks. Her solicitor got her out. Afterwards Sophia’s health never recovered. She became allergic to all foods, causing her knife type pains in the head then 5 weeks later drinking water had the same effect. Her glands swelled up like balloons and she felt the blood stop circulating in her legs. At the end of October 2005 she caught an ear infection and her neck swelled up to the size of a football. On the 23rd November 2005, sophia couldn’t move herself an inch and she lost the ability to sleep. On the Friday 25th November Sophia died, leaving her wrecked body. Before she died she had the awful task of agreeing for her body to be cut open to find the cause. At the first autopsy the cause of death could not be identified, even after her heart was removed and sent for tests. A second autopsy was carried out by Dr Chaudhain of Romford and Dr O’Donovan of Cambridge which involved the removal of the spinal cord. Here the Doctors found, “…unequivocal inflammatory changes affecting the special nerve cell collegian (dorsal root ganglia) that are gateways (or stations) for all sensation, going to brain through spinal cord. The changes of dorsal root ganglionitis seen in 75% of Sophia’s spinal cord were very similar to that seen during active infection by herpes viruses (such as shingles)”. The Brighton Coroner then ruled “she died as a result of acute renal failure arising effecting of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.
Sophia’s mother was now able to make a complaint (as Sophia had feared 5that whilst alive, a complaint would just get her sectioned again). A white wash was performed, the three persecutors kept their jobs. The public Report also details this.
Sophia Mirz’a case was the first one in the Public Report.
The chapters concluded recommending that psychobabblists be incarcerated on an island prison on St Kilda, away from harming society, until they could be cleansed of their psychobabble.
Since the Public Report was produced flaws in a third psychobabble tool, Personality Disorder, have come to light when used in cases of Forced Adoption and could be used in an Updated Public Report.
To conclude this section we will end with this Chapters opening example of how psychobabblers are shown in the Public Report to be the new Priests of Britain to turn to:
Paras 3 – 4, page 125 stated, “On the BBC TV’s One Show, a reporter was undertaking a report on ghosts. She was shown evidence caught on camera of a ghost. Rather than accept evidence, she decided to ask the OPINION of a psychobabblist, a psychologist, rather than accept evidence.
This is how infected British Society and the world has become with psychology: choosing to value opinions over evidence. This is at the root of psychobabblists persecuting the physically ill
Psychology is the STUDY of the mind, as deduced by behaviour and how it works. Deduced means to arrive at (a conclusion or knowledge) by REASONING from OBSERVED facts. To reason depends on an individuals “ability to think”.
So in the end a psychologists conclusion depends on him/her having a good ability at thinking so to reason which aspects of behaviour has relevance to a person’s state of mind being relevant to study. In plain English, psychology is about a person having good guess work and opinion, and not allowing their ignorance and prejudice to interfere with their reasoning
Meanwhile psychiatry is about studying mental illness. Psych means to intimidate a person by making him/her feel uneasy”.
The Public Report’s other recommendations at the end of each chapter on the issue included: Homeopaths, Herbalists and Osteopaths given equal legal and medical status to Doctors so they could arrange MRI and CT scans for patients (highlighting how the BMA union had been “conducting” a “witchunt” against Homeopathy).
It also touched on how the ex-M.P. Dr Evans Harris (Lib Dem) had been trying to make it that when a person dies, their organs would automatically be removed for transplants (or for science) – an extra incentive to Doctors to neglect to death patients they don’t regard as deserving to live (due to prejudices). The 1979 film (unlike the modern remake) Coma staring Michael Douglas, can give you a good idea of this. Evans Harris since ceasing to be an M.P. has been heavily involved in the right-to-die campaign… Harris is one M.P. worth continuing to monitor.
The most powerful; recommendation was that Doctors should lose the legal right to deny patients treatment or force treatment on a patient. Various cases described earlier you should refer back to, to see the justification for this Recommendation.
The Public Report revealed how useless (and illegitimate) the House of commons was in dealing with the menaces of Doctors.
Two chapters recommended the Christian and Bhakti Yoga view of Forgiveness for victims or their relatives (usually parents of dead child victims of medical negligence) who take the law into their own hands as Doctors are above the law. Or, as in the David Glass case, have to fight Doctors, hospital security staff and Police to prevent a patient being murdered by Doctors, in order to save their relative but are then prosecuted due to the in built bias of the Crown Prosecution service and the Courts to protect Doctors (providing they didn’t steal money like Dr Shipman did), so should be forgiven if they attack the CPS or Judges when released from prison.
The primary case in the Public Report used to justify this act of forgiveness was the case of David Glass, which we repeat here. It highlights most strongly the prejudice the Crown Prosecution service
Here it is worth repeating in an abridged form the case of David Glass to epitomize the bias of the Crown Prosecution Service:
Currently there is a campaign led by the sinister ex-M.P. Dr Evans (axe patients rights to life) Harris for patients to have the Right To Die, allowing a Dr to kill a patient if the patient asks for it. Yet Doctors already have a right to kill patients when it is against the patients (or their parents) wishes. This is usually through negligence protected by the Courts, but in this case it was more direct. Whilst a shocking case in itself, the David Glass case was featured in the Public Report to show how pro-Dr biased the Crown Prosecution Service are. It also shows that the Nazi Germany policy of murdering the disabled was underway in Britain in 1998.
David Glass was negligently mistaken as “still born” so did not receive any help breathing, until after 55 minutes when he started screaming, only then being placed on a life support machine but expected to die. He didn’t die, so he had already survived TWICE. This is important. As a result he was left with severe learning and physical disabilities. In July 1998, after having had previous relapses in his health yet survived, David was admitted to St Marys Hospital Portsmouth due to complications from removing his tonsils causing septicemia. On the 30th July the hospital staff decided David was dying and no further intensive treatment would be provided. Naturally his family objected and were described as “confrontational” and a “demanding family” for objecting to David being left to die. The family insisted throughout that David would recover and during this period he did improve, though a Dr Wozniak wrote on the 3rd August. “I think (David) would not survive this illness” and that “we may need to consider measures to relieve distress e.g…..morphine….and Mum felt that this was not appropriate at present”.
He was discharged in September, but had to be re-admitted on the 8th following a chest infection striking him. Doctors now discussed using morphine to reduce his distress, (too much morphine kills, remember). His mother refused consent for this to be administered and made it clear that if David’s heart stopped beating she expected the staff to resuscitate him. Dr Joanne Walter (pediatrician) thought this was against David’s best interests (in other words killing him was better!) and that quote, “morphine and TLC (tender loving care)” was all that should be given and, “I do not believe that further intensive care in (David’s) best interest” and later that David would not receive cardiac massage or intravenous or any other drugs to resuscitate him.
In her medical notes, Walter wrote, “I have told (Ms Glass/David’s mother) that we can give morphine to alleviate distress even vs. their wishes (and we can – I am assured by the Official Solicitor that no Judge has ever overturned a Doctors decision to withdraw treatment/alleviate symptoms), but we wouldn’t without telling them”. Thus the Official solicitor confirmed the pattern (bias) of Judges to rule in favour of Doctors.
David was re-admitted twice in October and David began, the Doctors claimed, “dying from lung disease” but David had survived other relapses so the family disagreed, knowing that administering morphine to reduce the pain also reduced David’s chances of survival, which led to a meeting between David’s Mum, the Hospital C.E.O. – and a female Police Officer the hospital had “secured. In a letter to the local M.P. the CEO admitted to instructing the Doctors to administer a minimum dosage of morphine, yet the then Government claimed the CEO did not interfere in the Doctors judgment. If David was dying then the Doctors would not have had any objection in taking David home to die. Yet when his mother said she would do this, the WPC threatened she would arrest her if she did, thus ensuring that David would remain at the Doctors mercy to be killed by morphine. She even told the mother to quote, “shut up and listen to the Doctors. At 7pm diamorphine (of an adult dosage) began to be administered to David. A “Do NOT Resuscitate Order” 2was placed on David’s medical notes WITHOUT consulting his mother. The “peaceful and settled state” the Doctors described David was in the next day because of the morphine in fact made him “dopey” and his breathing worsened. Walker then stated she wanted the morphine to continue so he would “slip away peacefully” (she wanted to commit euthanasia but without anyone’s consent making it murder). Soon david was turning blue.
The family protected David and his mother so she could remove the diamorphine to save his life, by literally fighting off the Doctors, hospital security staff and Police. The hospital refused to provide an antidote to the morphine, which was only obtained when Carol took him home and called in the G.P.
David recovered, the Crown Prosecution service refused to prosecute the Doctors but instead prosecuted the family, showing just how biased the Crown Prosecution service is. The Judge refused to allow emphasis on the application of the morphine and their barristers failed to point out the Doctors started the violence. found the family guilty. David’s Aunt Diane Wilde (who had been resuscitating David when the Doctors assaulted her) was sentenced to 12 months whilst two other relatives were each sentenced to 9 months. On Appeal these were reduced to 9 and 4 months, by Justice Hidden on the grounds it was “mercy” for David. Hidden ranted, “Everyday, all around this country, difficult clinical decisions have to be made by members of medical staff which can not always be understood, fully appreciated or agreed with members of the patients family. They must not be allowed to be subjected to vilification, abuse and assault”. David’s mother was “disgusted” with the Judges verdict and that the “drs tried to kill David”.
The Public Report concluded this case by stating, “This is why Doctors continue to persecute, abuse, maim and kill: because the law protects Drs”.
It recommended that in such cases of violent confrontation where Doctors were trying to kill a patient then those protecting the family should be forgiven even if the Doctors or their acolytes are killed in the process. And if such family members are jailed and take revenge on the CPS and Judges by killing the Judge or CPS prosecutors for jailing them, they should still be forgiven.
The British Unicorn Party have adopted all this as policies.
Report Warns Of Hospital Massacre – Local Authorities Persecute Author
The Public Report also warned in it’s conclusion that if negligent Doctors did not cease to be above the law then a parent who’s child has been murdered by a Doctors negligence due to the Doctors attitude, unable to get justice but instead prosecuted by the Crown Prosecution Service for campaigning for justice, will copy Muslim terrorists and carry out a massacre at a hospital or against the Crown Prosecution Service. This conclusion was based on the increasing acts of physical violence upon Doctors by negligence victims and their parents as a result of medical negligence. The PRU Hospital and Mayday in Croydon were identified as both likely to suffer such massacres as a result.
Now here is my case, as REPORTED in The Chartist:
Providing a Voice For The Truth About UK Injustice. Supporting the G. Common Sense Charter
The Chartist Volume 1 No.1 (Autumn 2015).
Criminal Conspiracy To Conceal Killer Hospital!


Recording Of Manager Admitting Knowledge Of Horrors in 2003 But Nothing Was Done Judge Wants Hidden
Party Denied Use Of Ballot Box – Democracy Dies.
Judge In Plot To Kill Public Report Author a Hero Who Relearnt To Walk Properly To Join Police On Run For His Life as he is for “Disposal” (to be killed)


Incriminating photo. Judge Venters Deciding Which Policies YOU Vote On To Protect Doctors, standing by her, justifying UK civil disorder and risking civil war. (turn to page 3, in A3 format)
The Scandal The Offenders DON’T Want YOU To Read:



“We Make Complete Cock Ups On a Regular Basis” – PRU Manager Su Lawrence Lethal Princess Royal University Hospital
Rogues Gallery Of Criminal Gang Who Are Covering Up Another Mid-Staffs Scandal

pic 5 pic 6

Offender ‘NHS axeman’ Kershaw –the ring master

Covert recordings of lethal PRU lying Drs Quirke

pic 8 pic 7 pic 9

Offender Lisa London (has appointment at Holloway Prison)  Offender Phillip Bradley    Nest of Offenders, Bromley Police Station

pic10 Picture2

Offender June Venters and(3nd from left) Judge Venters with Doctors at their joint Surgery.    

The Scandal The Conspirators DON’T Want YOU To Read:


pic 13 pic 6Picture24

Covert recording of manager the Authorities want covered up; dangerous to Bromley & Sevenoaks Drs Reuter and Dr Quirke & Manager Su Ash
Corrupt Police, Judge & Hospital Manager In Conspiracy To Protect Lethal Hospital
Whistle Blower covertly videotaped hospital manager, Su Lawrence admitting to,
“We make complete cock-ups on a REGULAR basis”
“60% of patients never leave with a confirmed diagnosis”!!!
This was 2003. Since then, despite knowing how terrible their hospital was they did nothing, causing more preventable horror and death at their hospital, relatives of dead victims saying thinks like, “you are better off seeing a witch doctor” than going to PRU. In 2012, our policy sheets linked the cases to our evidence of the hospital manager.
Hospital boss John Watkinson, Su Lawrence and Mike Musto, by persecuting Paul to gag him were able to cover up the hospital horrors so caused deaths and suffering at the PRU from 2004 The following cases of horror, prove the recordings are in the Public Interest as they show hospital management knew how terrible the hospital was in 2003 but did nothing, and the Dr recordings confirms how negligent the Drs are. Paul’s imprisonment is an attempt by hospital management, local WPC and (to silence a Report on them) the CPS& judge to cover-up this scandal to protect staff from manslaughter charges and justify Lewisham Hospitals closure. Here are just some of these which would have been prevented if Paul had been supported:
Qype User dmarti… “My mother was admitted for a routine operation on her stomach. After 8 and a half hours in surgery and being kept completely in the dark she was brought down to the ward. After complaining that the epidural she was given was not taking away the pain and the doctors and nurses telling her the pain was caused by the gas they used in the op my mum started going downhill. 2 days after the op my mum was taken into intensive care and consequently passed away the following morning. We have just had the PM results back and she died from septacemia and peritonitas, had this been diagnosed when my mum knew something was wrong there would be a strong chance she would be here now”.

Qype User fergus… “My 90 year old father was taken by ambulance to PRUH after cutting his head open his mobility was very poor and he was complaining that day of breathlessness. He was admitted at 11 a.m. At 4p.m find him sitting forlornly in a wheelchair in amongst a whole bank of nurses and doctors. They had apparently ordered a taxi to take him home. An old man who could barely walk, lived alone and didn’t have his walking stick with him was being sent home by taxi. I spoke to the doctor who was discharging him, my concern was his reported breathlessness, she said his chest X-ray was fine but he had a UTI for which they had prescribed him pills. I took him home. He said he was gasping for a cup of tea. In the 5 hours he had spent at PRUH not one member of the ‘caring’ profession had thought to offer him a cup of tea. My biggest regret is that I trusted the doctor who said he was fit to be discharged to go home alone. I fed him and settled him then returned to my home in Cambridge. He passed away that night”

Qype User stuart…

“Don’t go to the PRU you’re better off visiting a witch Dr!”

“In the past 4 years, 5 of my friends have been admitted to the PRU with, seemingly, minor problems. Two died directly through procrastination and negligence. One spent a month waiting for an MRI scan and the other two were given the run-around for months before getting treatment. The deaths of two friends were, without question, preventable had the doctors done their jobs properly. One waited two weeks before being referred to Kings even though, on admission, they were told that this would happen immediately. They lost too much weight in the PRU and, by the time they did get to Kings, they were too unwell to be operated on. Kings then spent two weeks getting them strong enough during which time the aggressive cancer had just started to metastasize. The second friend was kept waiting 6 months to start a simple and inexpensive treatment for Hemochromatosis, even though considered top priority, but died a week before their first appointment. A third friend, was told they needed an urgent MRI scan and was admitted for two weeks and then discharged without the scan. They were re-admitted where they were told that the only way they’d get a scan was if they bed-blocked to prevent the PRU from cancelling it. To my mind, 28 days of bed care must be considerably more expensive than outsourcing a scan to a local private hospital. Anyway, if you want to remain alive, I strongly recommend you go elsewhere!

“If you want to kill someone off then send them there!”

“Absolutely disgusting! Im only 15 years old yet I felt the need to complain because of the way my grandad is being treated in hospital (he is a cancer patient) The staff and nurses are very rude and sarcastic. My grandad hasn’t been offered or changed into a clean gown and is still wearing a gown covered in blood from an operation days ago!!! My nurse put in a drip into his arm and did it wrong, and hour lately his arm had swelled double the size, and then multiple nurses struggled to even find a vein!! I feel like I know more than these nurses! He has gotten so much worse; Another operation that nearly went wrong! Not only this, they couldn’t even be bothered to check the records before they went into a serious surgery. My grandads had cancer twice and the last time he had it was in his throat, the doctors said they had a really hard time getting the tube down his throat. Well perhaps they should of checked the records and listened when they were told he has had cancer of the throat TWICE! I can’t even explain how disgusted I am, Im scared for his life because they don’t know what they are doing and he is a very ill man!!!!! Something needs to change about this stupid health care system at Farnborough hospital, there are many other issues that have occurred since he’s been at this hospital and IT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!

Qype User luckym “It was unfortunate that my son’s treatment had to be carried in PRUH. “Awful manipulating staff.”

“Started with the receptionist who after making us wait for over an hour in the surgical outpatient area, claims she never saw us! Her sarcasm and ruddiness was witnessed by fellow patients and supported by a nurse who threatened that if we don’t leave she will make sure that we never have treatment on the NHS! You might think that your complaint would be supported and properly investigated by the PALS, Patient Relation Staff, Chief Executive etc, but no it will not. When I asked them to use the evidence of the CCTV camera and fellow patients, I was told this is not a court.

“I was told that the staff I complained about are highly respected employees!”

“And when I asked whether my complaint has gone on those two named staff’s files, I was simply told No, they both have clean file. Now I can understand how this is possible. By not filing this and other complaints, there is no problem. If there is no problem, there is no need to change”.

Qype User andrew… “My girlfriend was admitted by ambulance to the PRUH in agony with a prolapsed disc. Gas and air was denied to her for several hours and she was left sobbing in pain for at least an hour before anyone came to see her. Eventually she was given some painkillers and we were asked to leave, despite our pleading that she was in too much pain to go anywhere.

“The senior doctor was incredibly arrogant and uncaring”.

She spent the next five days in agony and taking an ever increasing cocktail of pain drugs until eventually an ambulance took her to Kings Hospital. Unlike the PRUH, Kings actually assessed her and a neuro specialist then came to see her. He ordered an MRI and she was kept in overnight and given proper pain relief. Kings then operated the next morning, performing an emergency discectomy. Incredible, isn’t it? One hospital actually assesses a patient and decides that emergency surgery is required while another, just a few miles away, hands out pain killers that did nothing for the pain, and insisted we leave. I’m delighted by Kings and disgusted by the PRUH”.

Qype User disapp… “I am very concerned that the PRUH is the main hospital for the Bromley area. My son was admitted to casualty following a seizure and we are awaiting test results and a diagnosis. Getting test results is a nightmare and very slow. Compared to Kings Hospital which seems amazing in comparison the PRUH seems lethargic and disinterested. Am looking into getting private health care back up as I don’t feel that this hospital is adequate. It makes me scared to think that this is all that is available in this area”.

Qype User Glen 8 “This hospital is a huge disappointment. It is seriously let down by many staff in the large part unmotivated by any sort of ongoing training or standards of procedure. There is no can do feeling it is all dismal muddle. Compare the atmosphere of competence in Kings or St. Thomas’ or Guys, or even Lewisham and I feel utter frustration that locally I feel at risk in my hospital. If I had choice I would refuse treatment in PRUH. There many more cases of horror to tell but we can’t afford the extra pages.

June Venter’s, Lisa London and Mike Musto have covered up how these and others deaths should have been prevented.

Hero Who Relearnt To Walk Properly To Join Police On The Run For His Life
& The Corrupt WPC Who Framed HimCovert recording of manager the Authorities want covered up; dangerous to Bromley & Sevenoaks Drs Reuter and Dr Quirke & Manager Su Ash
Corrupt Police, Judge & Hospital Manager In Conspiracy To Protect Lethal Hospital
Whistle Blower covertly videotaped hospital manager, Su Lawrence admitting to,
“We make complete cock-ups on a REGULAR basis”
“60% of patients never leave with a confirmed diagnosis”!!!
This was 2003. Since then, despite knowing how terrible their hospital was they did nothing, causing more preventable horror and death at their hospital, relatives of dead victims saying thinks like, “you are better off seeing a witch doctor” than going to PRU. In 2012, our policy sheets linked the cases to our evidence of the hospital manager.
Hospital boss John Watkinson, Su Lawrence and Mike Musto, by persecuting Paul to gag him were able to cover up the hospital horrors so caused deaths and suffering at the PRU from 2004 The following cases of horror, prove the recordings are in the Public Interest as they show hospital management knew how terrible the hospital was in 2003 but did nothing, and the Dr recordings confirms how negligent the Drs are. Paul’s imprisonment is an attempt by hospital management, local WPC and (to silence a Report on them) the CPS& judge to cover-up this scandal to protect staff from manslaughter charges and justify Lewisham Hospitals closure. Here are just some of these which would have been prevented if Paul had been supported:
Qype User dmarti… “My mother was admitted for a routine operation on her stomach. After 8 and a half hours in surgery and being kept completely in the dark she was brought down to the ward. After complaining that the epidural she was given was not taking away the pain and the doctors and nurses telling her the pain was caused by the gas they used in the op my mum started going downhill. 2 days after the op my mum was taken into intensive care and consequently passed away the following morning. We have just had the PM results back and she died from septacemia and peritonitas, had this been diagnosed when my mum knew something was wrong there would be a strong chance she would be here now”.

Qype User fergus… “My 90 year old father was taken by ambulance to PRUH after cutting his head open his mobility was very poor and he was complaining that day of breathlessness. He was admitted at 11 a.m. At 4p.m find him sitting forlornly in a wheelchair in amongst a whole bank of nurses and doctors. They had apparently ordered a taxi to take him home. An old man who could barely walk, lived alone and didn’t have his walking stick with him was being sent home by taxi. I spoke to the doctor who was discharging him, my concern was his reported breathlessness, she said his chest X-ray was fine but he had a UTI for which they had prescribed him pills. I took him home. He said he was gasping for a cup of tea. In the 5 hours he had spent at PRUH not one member of the ‘caring’ profession had thought to offer him a cup of tea. My biggest regret is that I trusted the doctor who said he was fit to be discharged to go home alone. I fed him and settled him then returned to my home in Cambridge. He passed away that night”

Qype User stuart…

“Don’t go to the PRU you’re better off visiting a witch Dr!”

“In the past 4 years, 5 of my friends have been admitted to the PRU with, seemingly, minor problems. Two died directly through procrastination and negligence. One spent a month waiting for an MRI scan and the other two were given the run-around for months before getting treatment. The deaths of two friends were, without question, preventable had the doctors done their jobs properly. One waited two weeks before being referred to Kings even though, on admission, they were told that this would happen immediately. They lost too much weight in the PRU and, by the time they did get to Kings, they were too unwell to be operated on. Kings then spent two weeks getting them strong enough during which time the aggressive cancer had just started to metastasize. The second friend was kept waiting 6 months to start a simple and inexpensive treatment for Hemochromatosis, even though considered top priority, but died a week before their first appointment. A third friend, was told they needed an urgent MRI scan and was admitted for two weeks and then discharged without the scan. They were re-admitted where they were told that the only way they’d get a scan was if they bed-blocked to prevent the PRU from cancelling it. To my mind, 28 days of bed care must be considerably more expensive than outsourcing a scan to a local private hospital. Anyway, if you want to remain alive, I strongly recommend you go elsewhere!

“If you want to kill someone off then send them there!”

“Absolutely disgusting! Im only 15 years old yet I felt the need to complain because of the way my grandad is being treated in hospital (he is a cancer patient) The staff and nurses are very rude and sarcastic. My grandad hasn’t been offered or changed into a clean gown and is still wearing a gown covered in blood from an operation days ago!!! My nurse put in a drip into his arm and did it wrong, and hour lately his arm had swelled double the size, and then multiple nurses struggled to even find a vein!! I feel like I know more than these nurses! He has gotten so much worse; Another operation that nearly went wrong! Not only this, they couldn’t even be bothered to check the records before they went into a serious surgery. My grandads had cancer twice and the last time he had it was in his throat, the doctors said they had a really hard time getting the tube down his throat. Well perhaps they should of checked the records and listened when they were told he has had cancer of the throat TWICE! I can’t even explain how disgusted I am, Im scared for his life because they don’t know what they are doing and he is a very ill man!!!!! Something needs to change about this stupid health care system at Farnborough hospital, there are many other issues that have occurred since he’s been at this hospital and IT NEEDS TO CHANGE!!!

Qype User luckym “It was unfortunate that my son’s treatment had to be carried in PRUH. “Awful manipulating staff.”

“Started with the receptionist who after making us wait for over an hour in the surgical outpatient area, claims she never saw us! Her sarcasm and ruddiness was witnessed by fellow patients and supported by a nurse who threatened that if we don’t leave she will make sure that we never have treatment on the NHS! You might think that your complaint would be supported and properly investigated by the PALS, Patient Relation Staff, Chief Executive etc, but no it will not. When I asked them to use the evidence of the CCTV camera and fellow patients, I was told this is not a court.

“I was told that the staff I complained about are highly respected employees!”

“And when I asked whether my complaint has gone on those two named staff’s files, I was simply told No, they both have clean file. Now I can understand how this is possible. By not filing this and other complaints, there is no problem. If there is no problem, there is no need to change”.

Qype User andrew… “My girlfriend was admitted by ambulance to the PRUH in agony with a prolapsed disc. Gas and air was denied to her for several hours and she was left sobbing in pain for at least an hour before anyone came to see her. Eventually she was given some painkillers and we were asked to leave, despite our pleading that she was in too much pain to go anywhere.

“The senior doctor was incredibly arrogant and uncaring”.

She spent the next five days in agony and taking an ever increasing cocktail of pain drugs until eventually an ambulance took her to Kings Hospital. Unlike the PRUH, Kings actually assessed her and a neuro specialist then came to see her. He ordered an MRI and she was kept in overnight and given proper pain relief. Kings then operated the next morning, performing an emergency discectomy. Incredible, isn’t it? One hospital actually assesses a patient and decides that emergency surgery is required while another, just a few miles away, hands out pain killers that did nothing for the pain, and insisted we leave. I’m delighted by Kings and disgusted by the PRUH”.

Qype User disapp… “I am very concerned that the PRUH is the main hospital for the Bromley area. My son was admitted to casualty following a seizure and we are awaiting test results and a diagnosis. Getting test results is a nightmare and very slow. Compared to Kings Hospital which seems amazing in comparison the PRUH seems lethargic and disinterested. Am looking into getting private health care back up as I don’t feel that this hospital is adequate. It makes me scared to think that this is all that is available in this area”.

Qype User Glen 8 “This hospital is a huge disappointment. It is seriously let down by many staff in the large part unmotivated by any sort of ongoing training or standards of procedure. There is no can do feeling it is all dismal muddle. Compare the atmosphere of competence in Kings or St. Thomas’ or Guys, or even Lewisham and I feel utter frustration that locally I feel at risk in my hospital. If I had choice I would refuse treatment in PRUH. There many more cases of horror to tell but we can’t afford the extra pages.

June Venter’s, Lisa London and Mike Musto have covered up how these and others deaths should have been prevented.

Hero Who Relearnt To Walk Properly To Join Police On The Run For His Life
& The Corrupt WPC Who Framed Him

pic 7 Picture11 - Copy Picture12

The Offender who should be in prison; the “Heroic” Whistle Blower Who Should Be a PC; with David Shayler.
Investigator Of Psychiatry To Be Killed Because Of His Findings!
Party Policy Response: To “Forgive” Anyone Who Kills Conspirators
Today if a Judge does not like a Public Report’s findings or a political party policy they will find the leader/Author guilty of “offending” so have a psychiatrist advice they be “placed Under Section” for “disposal” for a year to be pumped with antipsychotic drugs to death.
The commissioned Public Report author and co-founder of British Unicorn is on the run as he is to be “placed under Section” for “Disposal” (killed) due to the Public Report results, which include: another Mid-Staffs Hospital style scandal at the Princess Royal university Hospital, Bromley; an epidemic of medical negligence as the General Medical Council, Crown Prosecution Service, Judges and psychobabblists always rule in favour of negligent Doctors, even prosecuting the victims. He found that psychology and psychiatry were not sciences but tools to cover up medical negligence and suppress freedom of thought and speech.
1.A hospital manager was caught on covert camera (above left) admitting, “We make complete cock ups on a REGULAR Basis” and “60% of patients Never Leave With a Confirmed Diagnosis”. That was 2003
2.An attempt to expose this in 2004 was met with legal threats so the tiny political party was co-founded by the author to take control of the council and set up a health centre to help the victims. Authorities ignored it for 7 years till Report
3.Meantime many cases of preventable suffering and death occurred, leading relatives of some victims to say “If you want to kill someone off send them there” (the hospital) and “you’re better off seeing a witch doctor than going there” (the hospital). This showed now that despite knowing how bad their hospital was, staff had done nothing to improve it,
4.The Hospital Trust chief executive Matthew kershaw (nicknamed the NHS Axeman) needed the hospital in question to look as good as possible so it could replace a neighbouring hospital he wanted closed, so had author arrested.
5.CPS so desperate to suppress Public Report exposing their bias, that they even claimed the author for covertly videotaping (something the media and others do) his negligent Doctors to prove negligence was itself “harassment”.
6.At the authors Appeal (at his initial trial solicitor didn’t present any evidence so was tagged for 3 months!) the part time Judge June Venters presiding on his case had in fact a pro-bono law clinic in a G.P.’s surgery and that surgery referred patients to the Hospital involved in the authors case, so TWO conflicts of interest. She restricted the evidence confirming the author’s work as true, to just 1 minute of just 1 recording and his two defence witnesses to 3 minutes.
7.Knowing full well the psychiatrists would want to destroy the author for exposing psychiatry as a non-science she ordered he be psychiatrically assessed. The psychiatrist (who refused to view the evidence the Judge refused to view) ruled the author was delusional because he was “insulting the specialties of psychology and psychiatry and not recognizing their legitimacy” so requires “antipsychotic drugs for a year in a mental unit (sound familiar? Christian Church not being recognized so they burnt such people at the stake). This will torture him to death.
8.The author was a victim of medical verbal abuse and negligence of his balance organ damage and said drugs cause vertigo, so he fled the Court. He and his carer have had 20 years of their lives ruined already. Local Police have been so desperate to catch him (so to protect their WPC who lied the authors Party was, “not real” when it was real, so enabling the CPS to accuse him of “harassment”) that they smashed down his cousins front door using 50 Police Officers.

The Cover Up
Party Co-founder Paul O’Callaghan is to go in a psychiatric ward to be tortured to death with anti-psychotic drugs as he wrote a commissioned Public Report about how Judges, the Crown Prosecution Service and psychiatrists regularly cover-up the epidemic of medical negligence.
Meanwhile, the Judge has a pro-bono law clinic in a G.P. surgery which refers patients to the Princess Royal University Hospital and wanted to suppress the evidence in the Public Report and the policy sheets, how the PRU Hospital staff knowingly allowed since BEFORE 2003 patients to suffer and die, leaving patients to comment on web sites, “You’re better off seeing a witch doctor than going to the PRU” and “if you want to kill someone off send them there” (the PRU). For promoting our policy to take control of Bromley Council to establish a health centre for the victims of the PRU it was deemed “harassment”. Paul was to stand in the 2015 General Election in Bromley but will run for London Mayor in 2016. Paul wrote to the big five party leaders requesting they suspend the General Election in the 3 Bromley Borough constituencies until Venters’ attempt to deny voters the democratic right to decide on voting for policies, has been removed. Now he wants the General Election jn Bromley re-run when his Party can take part.
NEVER in modern Britain has a political party leader faced being locked up for having political policies or producing a Public Report. Not since the Chartists of 1850’s has there been UK political party leaders having to go into hiding and be caught.
Paul O’Callaghan will be the first political prisoner in modern times, but instead of being hung he will be tortured to death, being pumped with anti-psychotic drugs and denied the medication he needs for his organ damage. For the first time ever Paul had to see a psychiatrist for the Judge and he reported that for having and promotion of political party policies being promoted by it’s co-founder/leader was “his mental illness and offending” Then having ignored Paul was talking about in the near future and central government in the long term, the psychoabblist said this that Paul had “grandiose delusions” (e.g. being convinced that his that his party would gain power, and would have widespread support). He decrees that exposing the flaws and horrors of psychology and psychiatry in the Public Report and through the promotion of policies to attack these flaws and horrors was, “insulting the specialties of psychology and psychiatry and not recognizing their legitimacy” exposes a mental state of psychiatrists: that they regard this as justification for branding someone as suffering from delusional disorder. Modern psychiatrists believe themselves to be in the Catholic Church of the 15th Century, but instead of burning non-believers, they slander them, lock them up and torture them with lethal drugs to death.
Judges & Psychiatrists NOW decide which policies you can and can’t vote for!
In November 2014 Judge June Venters said she was “going to put a stop to this”. By “this” she meant the exposure of killer hospital., the Princess Royal University in Bromley, Kent. By ruling against Paul O’Callaghan Venters has called him a liar, (having refused to see the evidence). Since 2003 patients have suffered and died at the PRU Hospital when these horrors should not have happened because hospital management KNEW in 2003 how lethal the hospital. was, as was captured in the above covert recording. When the evidence of this and of how lethal the hospital was, the whistle blower was threatened in 2004.
Now, despite co-registering a political party so to promote a policy to help the victims of the PRU, the hospital management had their local PC lie to the Crown Prosecution Service the Party was, “not real” and then local judiciary refused to hear the whistle blowers evidence. A Judge in the Appeal had two conflicts of interest.
Paul was also prosecuted because he was the primary author of a commissioned Public Report, “Health Charter” which exposes the constant bias of the Police, C.P.S., psychiatrists and Judges to protect negligent (white) Doctors and instead prosecute and imprison the Doctors dead victims families campaigning for justice. The Public Report also exposed HOW psychiatry and psychology were NOT sciences, but tools to conceal medical negligence and suppress freedom of thought and speech using NLP (reported on before in UK Column) and Cognitive Therapy.
The Appeal Judge, June Venters, having refused to view much of Pauls evidence and restrict his witnesses (which she said she was reluctant to even hear), had Paul psychiatrically assessed knowing full well the whistle blower had revealed psychiatry was not a science but a tool, finding similarities between psychiatry and the Nazi’s Gestapo. The Party plan is to take control of Bromley Council in a 10 year period, but, the psychobablist lied this plan was to take control of Britain (which is in fact a 40 year plan as part of a coalition), confirming the Public Reports conclusion that psychiatrists lie about what their victim says so to fit with their pre-determined conclusion. The psychiatrist of course ruled Paul was suffering from “delusional disorder” because the latter did, “not recognize the legitimacy of psychiatry and psychology”, recommending that for producing a commissioned Public Report and having political party policies, he should be “placed under Section” (locked in a mental ward) and pumped (as the whistle blower would refuse to take them voluntarily) with “antipsychotic drugs”, which would worsen the latters balance organ damage, and that Paul would be “for disposal” (killed).
There is no law stating that a person requires X, Y and Z qualifications to write a Public Report and the political party had members, a big Manifesto, a Constitution AND was registered three times with the Electoral Commission (the latter is only required if a Party wants to stand it’s candidates at an election, under the Party name otherwise the candidates stand as Independents). All of this was ignored by PC Lisa London, the CPS and the judiciary.
Yes – You just read it correctly: For having political party policies and producing a Public Report, both of which exposed a lethal hospital, a UK political Party leader and an author of a Public Report, is to be tortured in a locked psychiatric ward for a year to kill him.
The Judge has blocked a political Party from using the ballot box, something Gerry Adams and Sien Fein NEVER even experienced.
Our whistle blower is Paul O’Callaghan and is on the run for his life. When campaigner against Forced Adoption, Kellie Cottam was locked in a psychiatric ward and refused the drugs they were forcibly injected into her, meanwhile Free Festival organiser, Phil Russell, after being committed and drugged, came out barely able to walk or talk, a vegetable almost, dying soon afterwards, (his death was never fully explained). Campaigner “Lance” describes psychiatric wards as “gulags”.
Of significance is that after being threatened for attempting to expose the PRU horrors in 2004, Paul O’Callaghan and Alexander Forbes registered the British Unicorn Party (the electoral commission rejecting normal names) and campaigned for at most 10 weeks over a 7 year period. The PRU Hospital and Authorities ignored them. Within 7 days of 3 copies of the Public Report going out Paul was arrested for “harassment” for promoting his political party policies. Only a month later was he charged with a “malicious communication” – issuing the Public Report……
The Key Implications Of This Case Are (firstly for democracy/constitutional):
1.That unelected Judges & Psychiatrists can decide WHICH political party policies an electorate can vote on, which also demonstrates, in addition to the evidence in the said Public Report, psychiatrists are a threat to freedom of speech and thought. (this is despite being registered with Electoral Commission, having members, big Manifesto and constitution)
2.The Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Magistrates/Judges can arrest, prosecute and find guilty party leaders for promoting (in the AVERAGE WAY!) policies, on the false grounds it is “harassment”.
3.By denying a political party the use of the ballot box it gives party members no choice but to launch (or at least incite) a coup against parliament/Government as it would be the ONLY way said Party can obtain power to implement it’s policies. Theoretically this risks civil war (one could imagine the headline, “Judge Tries To Incite Civil War”!) or more realistically civil disorder at elections for preventing a Party from taking part using the ballot box.
4.By suppressing a commissioned Public Report by Judge, Crown Prosecution Service, Police and psychobabblist it is absolute proof of democracy (the right to choose which policies we want to vote for or not, ion addition to freedom of speech) is now dead in the UK!
5.By suppressing a Public Report by hounding the primary author it means ANY Public Report commissioned by a pressure group, charity, a genuine Think Tank (if they exist), can be suppressed on the grounds it is a “malicious communication” and the author(s) prosecuted.
6.By blocking a political party from having medical policies to end this epidemic of negligence, it means families who have lost relatives through medical negligence and can’t get justice (and worse been prosecuted for trying to expose their plight), have no where to channel their anger into legally trying to bring the Doctors to justice (through helping the Party set up health centres for victims and have Doctors legally punished, so instead take the law into their own hands, their anger becoming rage which then provides the Authorities to increase security around Doctors….
7.Locking up a leader (co-founder) of a political party )(however small) makes that person the UK’s first political prisoner in the full meaning of the term, in decades, making Britain no better than the old Soviet Union or modern China.
8.All this confirms the Public Reports conclusions: that the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Judges are ALWAYS biased in favour of white negligent Doctors and against those who campaign for treatment or justice for victims of Doctors negligence.
9.That there is a conspiracy to suppress another Mid-Staffs Hospital Scandal, this time at the PRU, so to ENABLE the closure of Lewisham Hospital which the PRU is to partly replace, (which South London Healthcare Trust boss Matthew Kershaw was over seeing).
10.There is a conspiracy to suppress an epidemic of medical negligence due to Drs attitudes as exposed in the Report.
11.That there is a conspiracy to conceal the evidence that Drs DO lie in medical records and letters about what they and a patient say and do during a consultation (just compare the Drs notes to the covert recordings), the CPS declaring and Magistrates/Judge agreeing covert recordings of Drs are SUDDENLY harassment when there is no such law on this.
12.By prosecuting someone for “harassment” specifically because they covertly recorded their Doctors being negligent in consultations, then for Judges and Magistrates to agree with this, when there is NO LAW which says everyone else can be covertly recorded but NOT Doctors, then refusing to view the very same evidence to prove the recordings were justified., proves the Public Report finding correct: that Judges and the Crown Prosecution Service are always biased in favour of Doctors. The CPS claimed the recordings, (with images from the recordings on policy sheets as proof of what we revealed was true) was itself “harassment” yet accused Paul of giving “false information” about Drs!! There is nothing in Law which says it is illegal or harassing to covertly record Doctors but OK to covertly record anybody else. Grant and Binney Clarke have recently covertly recorded nurses without their knowledge but the Sevenoaks police and CPS haven’t arrested and prosecuted them for harassment. Prosecuting Paul was so to cover up video recordings of a hospital manager admitting to “We make complete cock ups on a REGLAR basis” and “60% of my patients never leave with a confirmed diagnosis”, showing managers knew how bad their hospital was but did nothing to stop further suffering and death there, another Mid-Staffs Hospital scandal, something the hospital were desperate to cover up.
13.That the whistle blower (co-founder of the Party), having had 20 years of his life ruined by Doctors (9 of those years intensely requiring nightcare rendering his Mum seriously chronically ill, until he found the mild medication to ease his symptoms) instead of being respected for his work (with additional ill health of ear noises caused by neglected polyps) is now to be locked in a psychiatric ward to be tortured.
14.His mother has lost their home through the financial debt she got into just for fighting to get him treatment. The nightcare he needed has resulted in symptoms of fiobremalyga and symptoms of bowel cancer as her immune system was so run down. Now Paul has had to flee for his life, his landlady has terminated his flat let and his Mum taken his belongings into her broken flat which can now be declared a fire hazard and the land lord will throw it all out. Meanwhile Paul is homeless.
15.For Paul he has balance organ damage which the Doctors refuse to investigate the extent of and polyps causing ear noises in recent years. Anti-psychotic drugs (for writing pumped into him creates vertigo/balance difficulties. Increasingly Paul has been caring for his Mum (when his vertigo is not worse or ear noises back), putting on her shoes and socks and on and off chairs because she is in too much pain to bend. In the past 6 months she has collapsed whilst sitting on the loo, Paul’s cousin (who has sclerosis of the liver and is also very ill, not having been given long to live) having been there to help her. Without Paul there will be no one to care for his Mum. June Venters only cared about pointing her finger at his Mum when adding further restraining Orders stating, “And I’m ;looking at YOU, Mrs O’Callaghan” (there is a witness to this).
Re-learnt To Walk To Join Police – But Instead To Be Jailed & Killed
The fact that Paul O’Callaghan re-learnt to steer himself properly without a stick so primarily to join the Police yet is still framed by Bromley Police shows how deeply involved the Police are in this conspiracy, breaking down his cousins door to search for Paul. . In comparison when fights at the Farwig Pub occur in the same street as his cousin lives in, Bromley Police “understand” why someone punches someone else, sympathizing with the attacker, so take no action. But 50 officers can line that same street to catch a whistle blower who never acted illegally, to protect a lethal hospital!
Railway author Paul would like nothing better than return to railway writing, once his organ damage is investigated so accurate treatment be I.D., given £1.6 million in compensation (it was half before arrested) to set up his Unicorn Retreat Centre for medically neglected, (see facebook) and ‘cos of police interference, let Paul join, having re-learnt to walk (steer) properly to join Police as, ironically, Paul was in 2013 to hand leadership of British Unicorn to co-founder Alex Forbes who commissioned and directed Paul as to the sort of recommendations the NHS Justice Group wanted. Healthy Alex now has more party responsibility.
Despite being able to be locked up for 2 years for fleeing Court, Paul had to flee as, having ruined 20 years of Paul’s life, the Drs and their acolytes wanted not just ruin the rest of Paul’s life, but kill him as documentation showed they want to section him for a year and pump him with antipsychotic drugs (Paul will refuse to take the medication but as has happened to campaigner Kellie Cottam, he will then be forcibly injected with drugs), vegetating and killing him. This is because Paul found in the commissioned Public Report that not only was psychiatry and psychology not sciences, but with the courts and Police, suppress freedom of thought and speech and cover up medical negligence.
Once Paul has his organ damage extent established, compensated with £1.6 million (double what it was before Lisa London) to establish his retreat centre for the medically neglected, Paul will return to just writing about railways. He is NO radical – he wants a quite, healthy happy life
Paul O’Callaghan has had 21 years of his life ruined by purposeful medical negligence, suffering from horrific nightmarish symptoms for first 9 years then, having found his mild medication for the worst symptoms, has continued to suffer chronic symptoms due to the continued neglect of his organ damage. Now he is to be placed in a locked psychiatric ward and tortured, possibly to death, by antipsychotic drugs in a locked psychiatric ward because he dared expose his case and others. Unlike the victim, Offender Lisa London has had a relationship, has the career Paul wanted but which she has abused, and has 2 children. Lisa didn’t have to re-learn to walk to apply to the Police. Her colleague, Offender (DS) Paul Craig, disgustingly protected her (and thereby the conspiracy to protect the PRU) when he had Paul arrested and the Crown Prosecution Service launch another prosecution of Paul for petitioning for him to join the Police and to replace Lisa London who would be imprisoned in Holloway Prison for perverting the course of justice.
Paul’s Nightmare in Brief:
Paul O’Callaghan’s being locked up for Party Policies: to help victims of another Mid-Staffs Hospital Scandal; to stop the epidemic of purposeful medical negligence; to class racism as a Serious Mental Illness; to stop Forced Child Adoption; and for co-authoring a Public Report on the epidemic of and causes of medical negligence. Paul O’Callaghan has had 20 years of his life ROBBED by purposeful medical negligence (Drs covering up each others negligence caught on covert recordings “you seen too many”) and for legally campaigning for treatment and compensation by co-founding the tiny British Unicorn Party, was sentenced to being electronically tagged, pay Court costs and a Restraining Order in 2013. He Appealed the verdict (not sentence) in 2014 but, instead of Charges thrown out, Judge Venters not only upheld the verdicts but (“very rare and unusual” to increase sentences in Appeals) wants Paul in prison/mental hospital for co-authoring the Public Report and having Party policies for the electorate to vote on and ordered Paul be psychiatrically assessed (the Public Report found psychiatry and psychology exists not just to commit and cover up medical negligence but, to condition and control society, suppressing freedom of thought and expression). Despite obeying the Restraining Order he’s still going to ‘prison’! There is an OFFICIAL CONFLICT of interest: Venters set up a Warlingham Pro-Bono legal & G.P. surgery combined with Drs’ Hinkes and Cohen explaining why ‘it’/she said “wanted to put a stop to this” (prevent victims of PRU Hospital lying ‘drs’ being saved and object to negligent Drs being called “evil”. His Carer’s body’s has been devastated due to the drs. (since bowel cancer signs ETC) Imprisoned so physically damaged & on-going, medically neglected Paul O’Callaghan will be beaten or killed and in Mental Ward pumped with lethal drugs first, for having policies; Britain has become a TRUE fascist state AND akin to modern China..
Paul’s endured constant rocking ETC vertigo for 20 YRS ‘caused’ by organ-damage ETC, Drs REFUSING to investigate the extent to protect their predecessors’ negligence. For 10 years Paul also suffered ‘vibrating’ vertigo (the physical sensation of laying on a see-saw moving at high speed, real genuine torture), sparking his vision to swiftly vibrate etc side-to-side. Until he found a mild medication which had even been PURPOSELY withheld from him by the LYING Drs. “none exist”. Mum had to provide the night-care+(which was caused by his Mum says, “the pathologically lying sadistic drs.’ evil) etc. he needed ,battling to endeavour to acquire treatment primarily to stop his “torture”, which ‘finished’ my body ‘engulfed’ etc. &forced out/‘lost’ my house”. After 13 yrs of additional torturous ear noises, polyps were discovered ‘be’ the ‘cause’ but, he had, to quote a Dr “seen too many Drs already” (‘who’ had neglected to look for even polyps!) so his polyps were NOT to be removed. PAUL is the one suffering distress & ALARM – NOT the so-called ‘Drs’..: Paul has been battling to get a medical investigation into all damage and thus get accurate treatment for 19 YEARS. Paul suffers from constant rocking vertigo (having not experienced physical stillness in 19 YEARS) and car engine sounds and physical vibration in the left ear, caused by the medical negligence by Drs. For 9 years, Paul suffered attacks of vibrating vertigo (like laying on a see-saw moving at high speed), sparking his vision to violently shake side to side. In 1994, when a tuning fork test on his ears (where the balance organs are) was done it caused him intense pain so the ENT Dr (A Salama) performed the test on himself, stating the test did not cause him pain so the test should not cause Paul pain! G.P.s & hospital Drs used psychology to dismiss the “indications of a viral infection” (lumps on his head and white patches on chest) as caused by “no siblings and no father”, to refuse to investigate the extent of organ damage and treat the torturous symptoms so to cover up the ENT Drs & each-others negligence. A Homeopathic Dr found Paul had vestibular neuronitis, a physiotherapist confirmed he relied on his vision more than he should (ignored by Drs) and medical examiner (not a Dr) found he had paresis of the inner ear, yet Drs denied any medication as he did “not suffer enough” (!) and lied there was no medication to stop the symptoms when a commonly prescribed treatment did exist. After sufferers answered questionnaires Paul found medication, Serc to ease suffering, then years re- learning to steer without a stick. Paul’s Mum lost their home from the debt she got into to get him treatment. Paul suffer torturous ear noises caused by polyps the Drs refused to remove as they say Paul has “seen too many Drs”. In 19 YEARS Paul has YET to receive an MRI or CT scan of his ears (balance organs)!!!!!!! This is because the Doctors cover up each others medical negligence, which was why the covert audio and later videotaping of the Drs was done to prove this. how little or much he does of a day increases the speed and strength of the rocking sensations. If he don’t do anything, then he won’t sleep hardly and the profound vertigo will substantially increase, etc. naturally.. Thus, Paul has to do some activity but, the right activity if possible inc of various lengths, etc; hence, the different types of voluntary work (2009-’11) showed doing just at till work (e.g. SITTING for 2/3 hrs.) made his vertigo worse at night as opposed to two afternoons during the week e.g. doing some carrying, some walking about, some sitting (a recycling charity) (although inc. of back pain etc…), and, as well, still can’t do too much re the vertigo, as can go, ‘giddy’, etc.! Some nights, whilst laying on right side/semi on front, his balance seems to ‘jam’ (get ‘caught’) and begin to go into vibrating vertigo (which the serc usually suppresses). Being too active during afternoons helps cause this. When walking to shops (particularly after a really bad night of ear noises keeping him awake more than usual etc) he goes ‘giddy’ (on some occasions still having to turn back), he can’t steer straight, veering off to left, etc Indoors (usually) and outdoors, head can go ‘woozey’ (giddy sensation restricted to head etc) Sitting in a chair feels like he is bobbing about in a boat. In bed difficulty still laying on right and laying on back, as these positions amplify vertigo strength and speed which drs have refused to investigate. Standing is of course worse: feels like he is in a lift going up and down.. If vertigo is slightly stronger than usual, he is not able to wash up. The problem with preparing a meal is the rapid bending down to an oven, turning to the kitchen side, then back to the fridge etc – the quick turning causes giddiness. Judge June Venters wants to put Paul (described as “heroic” by the public) in a prison or mental ward like this
After finding no-one wanted to know about his plight, Paul tried blowing the whistle with his own news sheet on the PRU Hospital, but Bromley police on orders of hospital management and security boss Mike Musto hounded him, so hid then with others formed the British Unicorn Party, a democratic meritocracy: that upon achieving 100 members all members elect the Party leadership. Any member can stand providing they have the merit of experiencing continued hardships. The constitution allows for any member to submit a policy of their own, including personnel policies of their own plights on any subject, providing it does not contradict existing policies. After 2005, when finances allowed (on average 2 weeks a year, not in 2008, 9 or 11) British Unicorn promoted policies to get registered Bromley voters to join Party so the Party could stand candidates at local council elections, sign nomination papers so candidates could stand as M.P.s and fund our Party.
In 2012 the PRU Hospital local WPC Lisa London with her puppet PC Phillip Bradley drove to Eastbourne (Paul had fled there in 2005) to arrest him on the grounds he’d “harassed 2 of the Drs at the hospital!!! Neither corrupt cop investigated if the Party had members, interviewed the Party Secretary, asked for our Manifesto or Constitution and didn’t even make the mistake of assuming we had to be registered with Electoral Commission (we were, including in 2009 until we found out a Party only needed to be registered when standing candidates under the Party name). WPC Liar lied to the Crown Prosecution service our Party was, “not real”.
Hospital boss Matthew KERSHAW (“the Axeman”) was closing Lewisham Hospital on grounds PRU was a good hospital so needed the truth about the PRU covered up. The Crown Prosecution Service ignored her corruption, as they wanted a Public Report, “Health Charter” suppressed as it exposed how the CPS and the Courts ALWAYS protect NEGLIGENT Doctors, prosecuting and locking up the Doctors victims (or relatives) for campaigning for treatment. Paul was key contributor to this Report, (his case shows how Dr after Dr will neglect a patient so to cover up their predecessors negligence the recordings show how abusive and lying Drs are. At Greenwich Court his solicitor failed to call witnesses and left 99% of evidence on his desk whilst the 3 magistrates would not stop the Court hearing because the “doctors are already here”! Paul was crucified in Court of course, then Judge Nigel Dean had Paul fined and electronically tagged, effectively for campaigning for promoting his own Party’s policies in leaflets along roads picked at random. Between July 2013 and October 2014 Paul obeyed his immoral Restraining Order by not promoting health policies in case it “alarmed or distressed” Doctors, something the Venters didn’t know existed until after her verdict. The only thing which happened between those dates is that the British unicorn Party adopted a policy to stop the other epidemic of Forced Child Adoption and to class racism as a Serious Mental Illness (4 days after promoting the latter but 2 months after issuing a petition to replace Lisa Liar, Paul was accused of harassing her when the petitions never entered her borough. Neither of these policies were mentioned of course in the Court). Protecting London so to protect the PRU was DS Paul Craig. In Court, Paul explained that the British Unicorn Party was promoting health policies, including in Bromley to attract local residents to join the Party so we would have Bromley Borough registered voters as members who could stand at council elections so to be councilors, take control of the Bromley and use it’s funds to set up a health centre for PRU victims, (another Mid-Staffs type scandal hospital the Authorities are trying to cover-up). Paul described how it would have MRI and CT scanners, run by radiologists who would inform, not Drs, but Homeopaths, Herbalists and Osteopaths what they found. His was the prime case for justifying this. Covert recording Doctors committing verbal abuse, lying to him about treatment and (when compared to their medical reports about the consultations) proved Doctors lie in medical reports. Unlike Binney Clarke of Sevenoaks who covertly recorded nurses and media covertly record lots of people, the CPS opted to claim Paul had harassed the Doctors by covertly recording them (!) then claimed Paul was lying about what two Doctors had said when the recordings would prove otherwise.
During Appeal, Offender Dr Jennifer Quirke DID lie, justifying the covert recording. In consultation she lied, “THERE ARE NO DRUGS TO TAKE AWAY THE SYMPTOMS” and doctors can’t improve “A LOT OF THESE SYMPTOMS CERTAINLY NOT WITH MEDICATION”. Of course there was Serc which Paul later revealed had eased the symptoms. She lied she would never refuse to treat a patient for fear of litigation when in fact she had told Paul’s G.P. she wouldn’t treat him ‘cos she feared litigation, (Paul’s barrister failed to show her the letter/ challenge her on this). She lied Paul just moaned about previous negligent Drs when Paul was telling her to put together like a jig saw puzzle all the facts and symptoms so to identify the extent of the organ damage so accurate treatment could be prescribed, but she refused only offering psychobabble and no serc (Venters would not view the whole video (just 3 minutes) to listen to what 1st dr had REALLY said). She claimed it was irrelevant that Paul had been already diagnosed! Offender Dr Goldingwood told lies, including he recommended Paul see Linda Luxon, when in fact it was dr Riorden Eva who did this in a letter to Dr Iris Reuter (Paul’s barrister failed to produce this letter/challenge the 2nd Dr ). At Appeal Judge Venters (with a magistrate Offender Burtwell following Venters’ lead)) restricted covert recording of 20 minutes of just one Dr to 3 minutes (at 3.01pm) The CPS guy claimed Paul was obsessed with the Drs, when Paul after exposing them in 2004-5, only had Policy Sheets issued 2 weeks in 2006,7,10 and 12 and was a co-author of Public Report (again legal) he’d been reluctant to do. Offender Venters voiced she didn’t see the point in letting the Party Secretary Alex Forbes (to prove party real and the Public Report commissioned through him) or Paul’s mother speak (to back Paul up as witness to the consultations), but relented only allowing both to speak for 3 minutes. Yet, she let 2 Drs and a security boss speak at length. Paul says a UK FBI would stop Police conspiracies with others. For Venters with such Dr links to be appointed to Judge Paul, shows this conspiracy to put Drs before patients runs very deep.
The other reason for Paul’s persecution was a Public Report, Health Charter, commissioned by the NHS Justice Reform Group (led by Miguelle Cuebells and Ann Reeves) and Alex Forbes the Public Report, established a common pattern through medical negligence cases, that: Doctors CHOOSE to neglect patients due to prejudices, neglecting, persecuting and even killing patients; psychology and psychiatry are NOT sciences but modern types of condition and control, which Doctors use to commit and cover up negligence; Doctors are able to commit these horrors as the Crown Prosecution Service, Police and the Courts always protect negligent Doctors (even when they kill) but arrest, prosecute and find guilty and lock up the negligence victim or (usually) their relatives for campaigning for treatment or justice (google David Glass case for example); the General Medical Council only strike off negligent Doctors who are not white (hint of racism); that patient charities, AVMA all refuse to help victims of medical negligence, the latter breaking their remit in this so claiming charitable status fraudulently; that 100s of M.P.s looked the other way on this issue. The conclusion: if epidemic is not addressed, patients or surviving parents will take so-called law into their own hands, killing Doctors and anyone who got in their way to protect Drs, and bomb medical union conferences, Police Stations, massacre security staff at Court Houses whilst trying to kill Judges, magistrates and juries (if the latter’s aren’t killed outside Courts), lure into a trap and destroy a Police Fire Arms Unit. Having had their child murdered by Doctors who are then protected, the parent prosecuted by the CPS for trying to get justice, it is quite feasible for a distraught parent to copy suicide bombers and drive an oil tanker into a hospital. Paul received instruction via Alexander Forbes for various parts of the Report how to satisfy the requirements of members of the NHS Justice/Reform Group.
In the section proving an institutionalized bias of CPS and Courts ALWAYS protecting negligent Doctors was this example: When Doctors attempted to kill 12 year old David Glass (who had survived other bouts of serious ill health) by pumping him with diamorphine, his family had to fight the Drs, hospital security and Police to pull the diamorphine from the boy to save him, the CPS opting to prosecute the family, not the Drs for attempted murder. Judge Shawcross insured much of the family’s side of events was diluted, got his guilty verdict and locked the family up! The Report recommended that in such situations, if the victims (the patient’s family) killed the Drs, security staff, Police Officers in saving the patient or the Judge and jury out of revenge for such a prejudiced verdict they should be pardoned. June Venters should have thanked Paul for exposing this bias so it could be tackled to prevent destruction of Court Houses, but gasped at this Reports conclusion when Paul defended it in arguments with the CPS fool! This reinforced the Public Reports conclusion that Judges, like Venters, are biased and showed she lied in interviews claiming to be interested in “Social Justice” from a “young age”. She has the view of all Judges: patient’s must respect negligent Dr or be punished. Paul said, “Stalin would be proud of June Venters”. In another case it showed how Drs used psychology and psychiatry to commit medical negligence, having the perverted Mental Health Teams cover up the negligence, when Doctors refused to investigate the obviously physical disease of Sophia Mirza, opting instead to claim it was mental, having a Mental Health Team (including psychiatrist) and police take her away from home and health regime getting her better, torture her in a mental ward, reversing her recovery killing her.
Paul’s Mum lost her home due to the cost to stop Paul’s genuine nightmarish symptoms. The night care ran down her immune system leaving her with pleurisy and symptoms of bowel cancer. PRU Drs like David Goldingwood did nothing, leaving Paul to suffer horrific symptoms now to be jailed for exposing him so Dr is ‘upset’, 9 years after his exposure, just after the Public Report came out exposing the PRU hospital linking a covert recording by Paul of a hospital manager admitting the PRU horrors in 2003, then did nothing, allowing preventable suffering and death.
Paul Appealed the verdict (not sentence) in 2014 but, instead of Charges thrown out, Judge Venters not only upheld the verdicts but (“very rare and unusual” to increase sentences in Appeals) wants Paul in mental hospital for co-authoring the Public Report and having Party policies for the electorate to vote on and ordered Paul be psychiatrically assessed (the Public Report found psychiatry and psychology exists not just to commit and cover up medical negligence but, to condition and control society, suppressing freedom of thought and expression). Despite obeying the Restraining Order, he’s still going to ‘an asylum. There is a CONFLICT of interest: Venters set up a Warlingham Pro-Bono legal clinic & G.P. surgery combined with Drs’ Hinkes and Cohen explaining why ‘it’/she said “wanted to put a stop to this” (prevent victims of PRU Hospital lying ‘drs’ being saved and object to negligent Drs being called “evil”. On her facebook she is linked to a Dr for Virgin Health. Imprisoned so physically damaged & on-going, medically neglected Paul O’Callaghan will be killed in a Mental Ward pumped with lethal drugs to death at least, for having policies; Britain has become a TRUE fascist state AND akin to modern China.
The only thing which happened between the initial and Appeal trials is that the British unicorn Party adopted a policy to stop the other epidemic of Forced Child Adoption and to class racism as a Serious Mental Illness (4 days after promoting the latter but 2 months after issuing a petition to replace WPC Liar, Paul was accused of harassing her when the petitions never entered her borough. Neither of these policies were mentioned of course in the Court). Protecting London so to protect the PRU was DS Paul Craig. In Court, Paul explained that the British Unicorn Party was promoting health policies, including in Bromley to attract local residents to join the Party so British unicorn would have Bromley Borough registered voters as members who could stand at council elections so to be councillors, take control of the Bromley and use it’s funds to set up a health centre for PRU victims, (another Mid-Staffs type scandal hospital the Authorities are trying to cover-up). Paul described how it would have MRI and CT scanners, run by radiologists who would inform, not Drs, but Homeopaths, Herbalists and Osteopaths what they found. His was the prime case for justifying this. Covert recording Doctors committing verbal abuse, lying to him about treatment and (when compared to their medical reports about the consultations) proved Doctors lie in medical reports. Unlike Binney Clarke of Sevenoaks who covertly recorded nurses and media covertly record lots of people, the CPS opted to claim Paul had harassed the Doctors by covertly recording them (!) then claimed Paul was lying about what two Doctors had said when the recordings would prove otherwise.
The Public Report Recommendations to AVERT massacres of Doctors and their protectors (which Venters wants “to stop”) now policies: Drs to lose legal right to deny patients available treatment or medical investigation (e.g. scans) but patients to gain legal right to order Drs to do these actions. All hospital facilities (e.g. scanners which radiologists read the results of for Drs) to be available for Homeopaths, Herbalists and Osteopaths who will gain legal right to override Drs misdiagnosis (with a patients consent). That General Medical Council committees are stripped of Doctors and replaced by victims of medical negligence, Homeopaths, Herbalists and Osteopaths. Cranial-Osteopaths gain the legal right to prescribe antibiotics); maths ‘A’ Level replaced by Human biology ‘A’ Level as requirement to train as Doctors thereby allowing Working-Classes to join the killers profession (having found blatant Discrimination is a motive for medical negligence). Psychology and psychiatry outlawed and their official practitioners taken out of society. That the Crown Prosecution Service is replaced, it’s current prosecutors held to account for their prejudices. All G.P. and hospital consultations to be openly recorded depriving Drs of their ability to twist and lie about what was said, when writing their medical reports. Negligence victims imprisoned for killing negligent Drs, their supporters, CPS prosecutors, Judges or bombing the BMA or psychobabblist conferences, will be released from prison
In the section proving an institutionalized bias of CPS and Courts ALWAYS protecting negligent Doctors was this example: When Doctors attempted to kill 12 year old David Glass (who had survived other bouts of serious ill health) by pumping him with diamorphine, his family literally had to fight the Drs, hospital security and Police to pull the diamorphine from the boy to save him, the CPS opted not to prosecute the Drs for attempted murder, but instead prosecute the family. Judge Shawcross insured much of the family’s side of events was diluted, got his guilty verdict and locked the family up. The Report recommended that in such situations as this and others, if the victims (the patient’s family) killed the Drs, security staff, Police Officers in saving the patient or the Judge and jury out of revenge for such a prejudiced verdict they should be pardoned. June Venters should have thanked Paul for exposing this bias so it could be tackled to prevent destructions of Court Houses, but gasped at this Reports conclusion when Paul (as co-author) defended it in arguments with the cps PROSECUTOR. This reinforced the Public Reports conclusion that Judges, like part time Judge Venters, are biased and showed she lied in interviews claiming to be interested in “Social Justice” from a “young age”. She has the view of all Judges: a patient’s must respect negligent Dr or be punished. She has ordered a psychiatric report on Paul and intended to lock him up on 1st December, just like writers in the old Soviet Union were and modern China are. Stalin would be proud of June Venters. In another section it was shown how Drs use psychology and psychiatry to commit medical negligence, then have the perverted Mental Health Teams help cover up the medical negligence. One case detailed was about Doctors refused to investigate the obviously physical disease of Sophia Mirza, opting instead to claim it was mental, having a Mental Health Team (including psychiatrist) and police take her away from home and health regime getting her better, torture her in a mental ward, reversing her recovery killing her.
Now, with constant rocking vertigo due to organ damage, ear noises caused by polyps, found Serc medication himself, re-learnt to walk properly, 20 years of life ruined (9 years 6 days a week on average imprisoned at home) and campaigning legally and producing a Public Report, Paul will be tortured and killed in a Mental Ward, so the conspirators escape justice.

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On the run: Paul to be jailed as a political prisoner (and tortured to death) for party polices will be UKs own Nelson Mandela and Yulia Tymoshenko. Alex Forbes.
The Party has a policy to avoid executing anyone, whilst at the same time giving victims families and victims the recognition that the crime would deserve the death penalty if that in itself wasn’t a bad act: this policy is intertwined with the party’s policy on introducing a Written Constitution. This addresses the issue of execution which the Party follows: Whilst it will be law for an elected Judge to state that for the most horrendous crimes execution by hanging should be the penalty (such as conspiring to help Doctors kill patients), the perpetrator can immediately plead for Forgiveness for the specific crime they should be executed for so will be automatically spared the death penalty and given a real life sentence instead. Therefore, the victim or victim’s surviving relatives have it recognized that the perpetrator committed a crime justifying their execution but no one gets executed because that to can be regarded as evil and often innocent people are executed. Any perpetrator who wants to martyr themselves by refusing to ask for Forgiveness, will clearly have lost their self-preservation instinct so will be declared insane and put into a common sense asylum until their self-preservation instinct returns for them to plead.
Paul says: “I don’t want to be a heroic whistle blower or campaigner. I just want to go back to writing railway books and be a Police Officer”.
Paul is just a railway author and practices yoga, not a ‘professional’ campaigner, writing railway books to raise money to develop a retreat centre for the medically neglected (see facebook, Unicorn Retreat Centre & Sanctuary) which he would initially purchase with compensation money from the Doctors for negligence victims offering Alternative and complimentary medical services with radiologists offering MRI & CT scanners, all funded once open by New Age, drama and TV production workshops. The entire proceeds from his first railway book he donated to Chloe Laslett’s Fight For Sight campaign. Once he had his career and accurate treatment with a Supporters Association running the retreat centre, he would quit British unicorn Charter Party handing it fully to Alexander Forbes (who, with the NHS Justice Group, commissioned the Public Report). Now, with constant rocking vertigo due to organ damage, ear noises caused by polyps, having found Serc medication himself, re-learnt to walk properly, 20 years of his life ruined (9 years 6 days a week on average imprisoned at home) and campaigning legally (with political party) and helping produce a Public Report, Paul will be tortured and killed in a Mental Ward, so the conspirators escape justice.
That was the Justification for the Primary Purpose of the Ashram involving the medically neglected and whistle blowers. Now here’s the Justification for the Ashram’s Radical News Centre:
Unicorn Ashram’s Radical News Centre Justification:
Justification For Radical News Centres for the Voiceless:
The media are institutionally biased on certain issues, boycotting reporting on such issues even when provided with absolute proof (covert audio and video recordings and documentation) that the issue is real and accurate.
My first justification is the biggest scandal of all: Britain’s media are covering up an epidemic of something terrible, but the Court Restraining Order prevents me telling you what it is in case it “alarms or distresses” NHS employees (who are not the victims of this epidemic – far from it). What I can say is, is that the media ignore whistle blowers of this epidemic (like me) leaving whistleblowers to be persecuted (arrested, gagged and tagged). As a result the media, since 1999 at least, have been responsible for allowing this epidemic to result in the killing and torture of patients, by allowing those causing the epidemic the freedom to carry on denying patients who don’t fit with the prejudices of those causing it, treatment and in some cases persecuting the patient to death.
In the old Blueprint, before the Retraining order was imposed I was able to tell you who killed the son of Barry Suddell, Jay, but now can only refer to them as the “killers”. Barry tried to fight back for justice by starting a poster campaign advertising the killers had murdered his son. BBC Newsroom South East (the forerunner of BBC London and Edited by one Sandy Smith who later edited both BBC London and Panorama) interviewed Barry on camera about his campaign. However, the interview was never broadcast due to either cowardice of the BBC journalists at being possibly sued if it was broadcast (the official excuse) or/and because staff at the BBC wanted to protect the killers.
The pro-killer bias in this case can be blatantly found in Zoe Morris who reported for her Evening Standard paper, that Barry Suddell attempted to start his campaign, but only asked for the killers version of events, so got her facts wrong. Morris did not bother to even inform, Barry Suddell of her article. He only learnt of it when it was published, and shot down to his daughters local school to pick her up before anyone else could tell her of this without preparation. The Evening Standard later claimed they would report Barry Suddell’s side of the story but never bothered to ask him.
When Zoe Morris reported her tissue of lies, I offered the recordings of the profession the above said killers came from, committing harm on purpose upon me, but she ignored it. She was only interested in portraying dead patients relatives in a bad light and portraying killers as saints.
The second justification Radical News Centres for the Voiceless: is My case.
I am one of the lucky victims of the Drs compared to others as the others were murdered by the Doctors and their cases ignored by the media. However, my case dominates this Justification because of my undercover tape recordings prove, but the restraining Order by Judge Nigel dean of Bromley Mag courts means I can’t tell you what the recordings prove as it could “alarm or distress an NHS employee” and if it does so I will be put in prison for 5 YEARS. What I can say is the media have REFUSED TO LOOK AT OR LISTEN TO.
I repeat that: The BBC, ITN, all current affairs programmes and local, regional and national press, have all refused to look at and listen to the covert video recordings.
In 1994 I was struck by a virus hitting my balance organs causing me torturous symptoms. I have been battling for treatment and compensation for 19 years, having co-founded a political party in 2004 to do this legally and to take control of councils in London to set up health centres for the medically neglected. It was this policy and the evidence justifying this policy, which was deemed “harassment” and “conveying a malicious message” (including for helping produce a Public Report). I suffer from constant rocking vertigo caused by balance organ damage (paresis of the inner ear). In the past 2 years I have been tortured by a vibrating Middle Ear muscle/bone caused by polyps. I appealed to the public on the back page of the British unicorn policy sheet to write to the authorities to get me treatment. Now political parties and other health campaigners (e.g. Julie Bailey) can be convicted of harassment for their campaigns!!!!
My Mum and I have been trying to get the Drs to get them to investigate the extent of balance organ and ’typical’ brain tumour symptoms/GBS since the 4th July ‘94; financial cost has been that we have lost our home due to the debt Mum got into funding the campaign etc for my treatment but, far worse is, that the drs have robbed us of 19 YEARS of our lives (HALF of mine and 1/3 of Mum), spending most time imprisoned at home; night care needed etc finished her health, yet, all the time, there’d been commonly prescribed Serc medication to ease my suffering which the drs alleged on cover recordings didn’t exist!… Now I face being imprisoned for trying to get treatment and help others, for which I have been called “heroic”. If I name two of the Drs I will be put in prison: The Following is by Alex Forbes:
Background: From 1994 Paul had to endure attacks of vibrating vertigo, sparking attacks of shaking vision, when trying to sleep and when awoken from sleep by vibrating vertigo, which is akin to laying on a see-saw moving at high speed. Attacks occurred like this as Paul’s brain relied on his vision much more for balance than it should have done, as the balance organs (inner ears) ETC damaged by a serious brain infection. All Drs would ask him is: “Do you have a father living at home?’ And’ “Do you have brothers and sisters?” but because Paul had neither they used this answer to bizarrely claim this was the cause of his torturous symptoms – including. visible proof on back of head ie glands which rise when a viral infection is present – & white patches across chest ETC). A different G.P. practise was little better, sending him back to the original G.P.s but made an appt. for an ENT Dr: Negligence, Paul says, since has perpetuated to protect the original E.N.T. Dr’s etc negligence in ‘94 after his tuning-fork test on Paul’s ears caused immense pain – but this original ENT Dr then performed the test on his OWN ears and as he did not suffer pain said Paul should not be in pain! & referred him to a ‘Chest’ ‘Dr’ for- an ENT abnormality. Subsequently, the Chest Physician, Drs P. (Moorfields in 1995); W.P.H. (Orpington 1996);second ENT Dr D.G. (PRU, 2000); Neurologist Dr I.R.(Bromley hospital 2001); Dr L. L. (National Neurology, 2002) and J.Q.(PRU, 2003) have all refused to investigate extent of the balance organ and possible neurological etc damage so accurate treatment could not be prescribed, in order to protect the original ENT Dr S.A. and the those Drs already protecting S.A.. A Physiotherapist confirmed Paul’s own self diagnosis that he is more reliant on his vision for balance than he should but, Drs L.L. & J.Q. refused to take account of her Report, L. L. actually stating on hidden camera that she didn’t think Paul suffered enough to warrant medication ignoring a Homeopath who identified Vestibular Neuronitis, plus the G.B.S and encephalitis symptoms other negligent Drs noted but did nothing about.
The symptoms: When SUDDEN attacks IN SLEEP occurred he’d yell for help terrified as his ‘vision’ moved side-to-side at high speed and his body physically feeling as if it was vibrating side to side etc. (his Mum gave up various opportunities, etc to care for him) and had to rush to him to hold him upright (floor felt and appeared to be moving) so Paul could pace for various lengths to stop the attacks (re-balancing the inner ears). His Mum sat with him for hrs ’til his ‘balance’ was strong enough for him to TRY closing his eyelids to sleep. She would fall ‘asleep’ sitting up, her sleep pattern too was devastated over the years Paul was denied treatment, so her ‘health’s’ collapsed: e.g. lifting knife/ fork to feed him, read to him, wash him over year/s,: unable to look at pictures , ‘listen’, lay, etc., hardly able to go out, bus was ‘torture’, etc but had to lay down on his left side for 2 to 3 hours after to ‘rest’ which was impossible properly. He still can’t wear strength of spectacles he should have as they increase the vertigo strength at night – Paul wears spectacles, ALSO denied!, weaker in strength. Following a massive attack in 2000 (had PRU ‘Drs’ given him Serc by then he wouldn’t have been so disabled) his Mum had to constantly survive and left him reliant on a walking-stick to steer with etc for the next 6 years; moving house! to get a G.P. to help but, it wasn’t until the 4th G.P. practise that he found a G.P. willing to prescribe him Serc…
When Paul blew the whistle himself in 2004 with his own news sheet in his local borough and other parts of Greater London, the media completely ignored him, even when alerted to a Drs/Police witch hunt to catch him and lock him up.
From 2004 until June 2013, Paul continued trying to get the media to report his plight.
In 2012, when promoting our health centre policy in his former local borough, which was revealing it’s justification with Paul’s evidence, the Drs had the local police arrest Paul and lie to the Crown Prosecution Service that our Party was “not real” (see Health section for details). As a result Paul was convicted of “harassment” and “conveying a malicious message”. The covert recordings to obtain the proof of what the Drs were doing was also deemed “harassment”, meaning now that any journalist who carries out covert recordings can be convicted of “harassment”! Still the media refuse to report Paul’s plight.”.
The reason for this is because the recordings prove that Doctors commit harm on purpose, lie in their medical records about what is said and done during a consultation with a patient and verbally abuse patients. Overall it shows how Doctors commit harm on purpose. In addition, Paul had caught on covert video a hospital manager revealing horrifying statistics. This showed the hospital management knew how bad their hospital was. Subsequently, the management have allowed Drs to go on causing the suffering and deaths of those patients. Paul had the proof that the hospital in question was another Mid-staffs Hospital scandal, so the Drs, hospital management, Police and Crown Prosecution service conspired to pretend our Party was “not real” so to cover up the evidence that can bring the hospital staff up on manslaughter charges, (see Health Section for details). The media (in particular at this point in time, BBC South East Today, BBC London both of which serve the hospitals remit area) refused to report this scandal leaving the Orpington/Sevenoaks area residents in grave danger (details below).
The transmission of these recordings at the relevant points would have devastated the Doctors, costing them their legal rights to decide who should and shouldn’t receive treatment and be ability to regulate themselves, because, to put it simply, the Doctors could not be trusted with patients. In fact the Doctors would have been rightly vulnerable to a Homeopathic takeover (having another medical profession regulate the Doctors). The journalists did not want this to happen.
In addition, the fact that 600 M.P.s (Parliament), the Health Department, dozens of law firms, AVMA (led by Peter Walsh who journalists like Jon Snow view as being the patients watchdog), Liberty (led by Shami Chakrabarti who the media swoon over) had also refused to become involved, would, if exposed, expose them as helping the Doctors commit harm, fraudulently claiming to help those they didn’t really help at all.
The media reaction to protect the Doctors legal rights is because the media and most Doctors are all posh, and often have relatives who are Doctors. Many Doctors and journalists would lie that they are Middle Class but their posh “R” sounds in words where no R should be pronounced gives them away. To be a news reader or reporter you have to say “yuerrr” instead of year. In other words, emphasis the “R” in words like year but also, now (“narl”) and fire, (“farre”). It doesn’t matter if your English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish, or from abroad. It doesn’t matter if your white, black or Asian. You have to come from the upper classes of your country of origin.
Most Upper Classes call themselves Middle and Working Class, (pretending to be Working Class by deluding themselves that dropping their “T” in words will make them sound Working Class).
Why is the Social Class an issue, we hear you (particularly journalists) say
Firstly, most people experience CONTINUED hardships, because most people in Britain are Working Class. The best way of understanding continued hardships is to experience them, as study is a poor replacement to experience. Then the seriousness and importance of the hardship(s) is made clear and thereby is news. Secondly, a lot of continued hardships of the working Classes are inflicted by the Upper Classes who govern Britain and dominate the so-called ‘professional classes’ like doctors. The last thing these Upper Classes want are for the Working Classes to discover the extent of the said suffering and rebel against the Upper Classes in Authority.
Hence why the media condition the masses into believing what is news as not being news, and what isn’t news as being news: ‘Approved News’ (any critic of Authority who is interviewed on TV news is either established as being very mild in their criticism or are frauds, not really representing the people or objectives they claim to represent. Just look through our Health and Law sections and you’ll guess who we mean); politicians arguing in the House of Commons; Public reports by Official bodies; entertainment news; celebrity lives. Accidents are reported as Authorities can wriggle out of them, whilst foreign news is reported and so being abroad, most Working Class people won’t react to it.
Increasingly, journalists believe they can understand society (as they lack the experience because they’re posh) by taking a psychology course! Of course study can never replace experience and psychology is a fantasy science (see our Social Affairs Policies). Hence why news readers wave their arms about like they’re about to suffer a breakdown. They introduce live reports by saying, “Lets talk to…” when obviously the viewer can’t speak to them, (so either the journalist is insane or they have been conditioned to speak like that for psychological reasons). And of course, general psychobabble speech is through out the media: “positive and negative” to mean various emotions; “sense of” as in “sense of achievement” and “sense of community” don’t mean actually achieving something or experiencing community, but an illusion of these, so people “feel better” when they haven’t actually achieved or experienced anything.
History Of Cover Up By The Media To Protect Doctors – The KEY Justification For The Radical News Centres:
I can reveal here that since 1999, TV reporters, newsreaders, producers and Editors have been helping Britain’s killers (who I can’t name) to go on neglecting, persecuting, abusing, maiming and killing patients at will. Journalists including Victoria MacDonald, Sophie Hutchinson, Liz McKean, Liz Wickham.


Picture1 Picture2

The Proof That Newsreaders Can Not Be Trusted On Any Issue.

Worse Than Phone Hacking

Picture5 PictureD5


AUSTIN PictureF5 PictureC5

Austin,                                      Etchingham                              Wark

PictureG5 PictureX5 PictureO5

Paxman,                                           Robinson,                                           Walsh


The REAL NEWS TONIGHT: TV Newsreaders and reporters have been involved in a conspiracy alongside the Authorities and Parliament, to allow said killers profession to go on committing harm on purpose, for the past 12 years. If YOU have lost a relative due to medical negligence it would have been prevented had it not been for these TV preaching journalists. The TV newsreaders reporters and producers/Editors are responsible for negligent killers profession being able to neglect, maim and kill for the past 12 years. Had these journalists exposed the recordings of how said killers commit harm on purpose, the evil killers would have been then too scared to carry out their terror for fear of exposure resulting in changes in the law. The reason for this cover up is simple: when victims of medical negligence and their surviving parents discover negligence is inflicted on purpose they would rightly take revenge on the killers profession, the media want to prevent this the killers profession losing the legal right to deny patients treatment; those in this profession and TV media are of the same Social Class (posh), having relatives in the killers profession.

BBC PANORAMA claim, “When the world won’t listen, Panorama will and Exposing The stories That Need To Be Told” Panorama are lying! The ORIGINAL Conspirators, who are guilty of allowing the killers profession in London To Go On Committing Harm On Purpose For The Past 12 YEARS was BBC Panorama’s Fiona Campbell AROGANTLY “filing” undercover recordings of said profession committing harm on purpose as, “a comment” on one of her own programmes (letter below) BBC journalist, “Claire” (below right) was secretly recorded admitting it was a “fact” that her boss, Sandy Smith (editor of BBC LDN and Panorama) had indeed “covered up”.  Campbell was joined in this conspiracy by: Channel 4 News Victoria MacDonald (below) and her Editor James Grey; BBC Panorama’s Jeremy Vine and now Tom Giles; BBC TV News’ Fergus Walsh, Charles Tremayne and Mike Lewis of Tonight, Channel 4’s Dorothy Byrne of Dispatches; Liz Wickham of London Tonight and BBC’s Emily Catto (who was punished by NSE outside broadcasts being wrecked), Donal MacIntyre, Michael Crick, Shaun Ley Mark Mardell and Gitto Harri, Karen Allen and Sophie Hutchinson.  In 2008, newsreaders such as George Aliger, Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce, Mark Austin, Mary Nightingale, Julie Etchingham, Jon Snow, Jeremy Paxman Gavin Esler, Kirsty Wark covered up these recordings as did, Michael Crick, Nick Robinson, Liz McKean, James Lansdale, Newsnight’s editor Peter Rippon, ITV News’ Lucy Manning, Emma Murphy, and Lawrence McGinty. BBC Watchdog and the mind numbing One Show have also covered up this evidence. In 2011 Moorland sanders also covered up this evidence. Independent production companies CTVC (a Christian influenced company!), Rare Day (which has one James Purnell ex-M.P. on it’s management) and Tenner Films also all ignored my request to help him produce a programme about my case.

12 1231234 12345

First the public funded BBC (Public paying BBC To Help said killers profession Abuse And Murder Them!):
The BBC (and ITN) continue to discriminate against employing Working Class people as news readers and reporters. The BBC and ITN are the worst offenders of discriminating on who to employ when it come to an applicants Social Class.
My case proves that journalists can NOT be trusted to tell the truth because they’ve been offered evidence of a news story which effects most people (Working Classes), yet they have covered up this major news story, in favour of ‘Approved News’.
The media are biased in deciding what should and shouldn’t be news, even refusing the evidence of secret tape recordings/video recordings, proving what is said is true, without seeing the evidence, because they don’t want the British people to rise up and because the Upper Classes close ranks.
Here is how they did it:


213 214 215



Above: Letter From Emily Catto; Fiona Campbell; Sandy Smith; Donal MacIntyre



I had tried to get help from solicitors, pressure groups, (for publicity pressurising doctors) local press and TV journalists in making the killers profession prescribe treatment. However they chose to cover up my case, leaving me at the mercy of the said killers profession, as most of them are posh like those in said profession (all the TV reporters are posh as they pronounce YEAR as “yuerrr”, (the posh person’s pronunciation) despite dumbing down by dropping their T’s), so the posh close ranks. Here’s how they protected the said killers profession:

THE BBC: It took me some time, but I managed to put the recordings of those in the said killers profession on to a video tape with narration about my case and documentation. It should have won an award for someone SO acutely ILL to do. Instead, BBC PANORAMA producer Fiona Campbell chose to “hold” on to tape and documentation “filing” it as a “comment”!! So instead of “Exposing The Truth” as Panorama claim, they COVER UP THE TRUTH! Panorama has refused to give back the tape!

I approached BBC NEWSROOM SOUTH EAST health reporter EMILY CATTO with the tape etc. She would not expose the said killers profession discrimination etc because SHE herself had never EXPERIENCED discrimination by the killers profession (she wouldn’t have done-she’s posh) allowing her personal experience to interfere with her ‘journalistic’ judgement! So on my behalf the people of BRIXTON were interviewed about my case. All condemned the discrimination by doctors and the BBC cover-up, saying that if they couldn’t trust the BBC then they couldn’t “respect” the BBC journalists. The interviews just about the killers profession were then sent to Catto, but her boss/Editor SANDY SMITH wrote back defending Catto’s decision. During the 2001 general election campaign N.S.E. did weekly interviews with 3 different residents of Hazelbourne Road, Balham, to gauge their reaction to the election campaign. The road was flooded therefore with sheets about how N.S.E. had covered up my case /discriminating profession of said killers, appealing to the residents NOT to co-operate with the programme. The following broadcast N.S.E. were only able to interview 1 resident who they’d already interviewed and the next week the interviews were relocated. Catto vanished from reporting duties… After BBC Newsroom South East became BBC LONDON, Sandy Smith remained Editor.

I visited a BBC London function at Brixton library to (with hidden camera) try again to have my case broadcast. BBC journalist, Claire (below, who gave no surname) approached me; it was explained to her (with proof) how Catto had covered-up my case and peoples anger that it hadn’t been broadcast and Panorama’s cover-up. Claire spent some time defending the BBC. She went on to claim that the new health reporter, Sophie Hutchinson, could go and make her own recordings of those in the said killers profession committing discrimination! If the BBC employed proper journalists they would know that to prove a people in said killers profession commits harm on purpose such as discrimination they would need co-operation of a G.P. to refer a Working Class journalist, who also does not meet with the those of said profession’s prejudices, to the said profession. Plus, the BBC don’t employ genuine Working Class (like me) reporters (regardless of sex or race). However, BBC London DO TRANSMIT home recordings of non-medical assaults (e.g. Police attacking a suspect) and even killer profession’s security camera footage of PATIENTS attacking health staff, which as with no sound could be ‘rigged’. (Ironically, Claire said my recordings could be “rigged” as the BBC had not done them themselves, yet mine HAVE audio with documentation proof etc). Yet not my recording of one of those of the killer profession trying to assault me, or the amount of verbal abuse I recorded were giving me. The media moan that M.P.s are out of touch with reality – yet it’s the media who are!
Therefore, patient’s recordings of the killer profession will NOT be transmitted yet health staff recordings of patients WILL be transmitted. THIS PROVES THE BBC TRUST HEALTH WORKERS MORE THAN PATIENTS when they should trust both equally!!! THE BBC IS BIASED.


If my recordings were of Police they would have been broadcast like other peoples recordings have been.
She conceded eventually that Smith would have the final say, proving the recordings would again be covered up. Another excuse: “We (BBC) can’t go around slandering” the killer profession YET – it’s the killer profession who slandered me!…Her next excuse was that, “We can’t transmit what you’ve done” and “YOU CAN’T GO AND BUG PEOPLE”!! So now victims of discrimination can’t tape record secretly being discriminated against. Who the bl**dy hell do the BBC think they are to state this?!!! Claire admitted that Smith DID cover up the recordings: “You can keep hassling Sandy about the FACT that he covered up”. She patronisingly put her arm around my Mum and claimed she was interested in my case because she had a “medical science degree”, which is clearly worthless. When Ms. Claire finally realized she was being video-taped she accused me of “slyness” yet, had I not taped her I would have no proof of these statements. Had Claire thought about the fact that the killer profession had been successfully recorded she would have realized she was MEANT to see the camera (it was only when the item the camera was in was held up to shoulder height for 3 whole minutes, after a while of her not noticing, and asking a question knew would get her suspicious), because I wanted her to report back to Smith the recording and send him into a rage. If she had known all the time about the camera she would not have hung her boss, admitting he had covered up. I later described Claire as “all beauty and no brain”.

BBC national news (e.g. BBC Six O Clock Gar-Gar News) their Robert Hall and Fergus Walsh’s colleague, Liz Green and Newsnight ignored the video. Donal MacIntye admitted that I had “experiences of discrimination in the NHS”, but arrogantly decided on behalf of the whole BBC: “I do not think it” (the evidence) “ is right for the BBC”. BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine, WHO THINKS Haywards Heath is in Surrey) Show ignored my case… Watchdog put the phone down.

The British Unicorn Party propose that the new state broadcaster, Anglo-Celtic Broadcasting, will be staffed by genuine Working Class people, particularly in News and Factual programming. No posh or Middle Class person will be allowed to join A.C.B. The justification for this is that the BBC (and ITN) only employ posh person’s as news readers and reporters. Not 1 journalist behind a microphone appears able to say “YEAR”, saying “yuerrr” and “yerrr”, which is how posh people pronounce year.

A more serious issue caused by the BBC (and ITN’s) posh policy is that as BBC journalists make journalistic judgements based on their own experience (as Emily Catto did with my case), it means that BBC journalists will not believe a news story unless they have experienced it. Posh people and Working Class people have different experiences in life (e.g. poverty and discrimination) so reporters are required who are Working Class. The BBC won’t employ such people as reporters, so a NEW news and factual programming broadcaster is required. . It’s wrong for any broadcaster to discriminate against employing people who come from a particular social class background.

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I approached ITN CHANNEL 4 NEWS’ health/social affairs reporter VICTORIA MACDONALD. She rejected the tape without explanation, according to her underling Kate Kingsmill! Her editor JIM GRAY ignored my protests. In January C4 Newsreader John Snow said on the BBC (yes the BBC not ITN) that we live in a “perfectly free society”. Idiot. Few people would agree with “perfect” and his own MacDonald proves we don’t. Other ITN news’, ITV News and Channel 5 News were approached but they ignored it. Channel 4 DISPATCHES’ Sarah Jarvis, on behalf of DOROTHY BYRNE (now head of Channel 4’s News & Current Affairs) stated how they were “most concerned” at my plight but, “regretted” that I was, “not the sort of case with which Dispatches deal” yet; – the health profession and discrimination are the cases which Dispatches featured… Dispatches however, choose to investigate/harm the animal rights groups who rescue animals from torture labs. So Dispatches not only help the killers profession harm patients but, also animals. Jarvis let slip that she had been in contact with Kingsmill. Catto knew MacDonald had been contacted and Panorama. So is there a conspiracy? I approach STEVE BOULTON but he ignored me. He’s since produced programmes for Dispatches, unsurprisingly. TONIGHT WITH TEVOR MACDONALD’s Deputy Editor MIKE LEWIS replied that I should go to the Citizen Advice Bureau! Had he bothered to watch the video he would have learnt I had tried that. He sarcastically told me their address was “in the ‘phone book” as if I was so stupid! I wonder how many times a year Lewis gets punched in the head? Mum then wrote to Lewis’ boss CHARLES TREMAYNE: he congratulated me on his, “remarkable achievement in putting together such an analysis by himself” but claimed they get so many similar cases to mine that he couldn’t report my plight. So Tremayne is a liar or the Tonight programme have covered up other recordings of the killers profession committing discrimination?! Their Fiona Foster (on one Tonight show) snapped at priest Joanne Jepson as to where her evidence was that the killers profession were pressurising women to abort cleft pallet babies. My case PROVES Foster’s show are not interested in evidence of the killers profession’s abuse.

LONDON TONIGHT’s LIZ WICKHAM (described by Alaistair Stewart as one of their “finest” reporters-don’t say much for the rest) would not help because solicitors Leigh, Day & Co. wouldn’t help, stating that I should ACCEPT THEIR ASSESSMENT”! i.e. accept doctors discriminatory denial of medical help; give up like she would/’just curl up and die’; weak masochist! Good job I didn’t listen to this pathetic female who’s’ journalistic’ judgement is decided by solicitors’ actions otherwise I wouldn’t have Serc! Like BBC reporters, Wickham has reported on patient verbal abuse and physical violence yet-she would not broadcast the recording of one of those of the killer profession attempting to assault me. All TV journalists go on about violent patients, but NEVER stop to question the killers profession to discover if they INCITE the violence. I wrote 3 times a year a medical negligence news journal and discovered that SOBOR patients, particularly parents of a patient, have become violent when the patient (e.g. Child) is being medically neglected, which is later shown to be the case. In July 2005 L.T. chose to interview the head of the establishment causing my suffering for his establishment receiving 3 stars! Twenty Twenty Television produced with a Manchester media college a 2 part programme about ward rage, but never bothered to discover if sober patients were being incited. Their Claudia milne refused to report my case showing Twenty Twenty were biased in favour of the killer profession. I warned (via hMum) BBC’s James Westhead in 1997 that doctors negligence would increase patient violence- I’ve been proved right). Incidentally, I did approach them but 20, 20 replied it was “not something we wish to pursue”. Biased.

Broadcast journalists go live to where nothing is happening, are trained in body language (if interviewees put their hands in their pockets the camera operators may have a breakdown) and use psychobabble speech (ask people how they “feel” for their opinion instead of what they think). They arrogantly describe what happens to them as what happens to everyone, when many people are too poor to have the lifestyle/background a journalist has (e.g. taught history in


many can’t afford to learn to drive). If they at least employed Working Classes as reporters etc they wouldn’t need to waste millions of licence fee holders money on a journalist training college.

ALL broadcast journalists are posh (so have never experienced continued hardships), just like the killer profession- so the posh close ranks.

Since the above events the following TV journalists have also covered up the recordings: Michael Crick, Shaun Ley Mark Mardell and Gitto Harri, Karen Allen and Sophie Hutchinson. In 2008, newsreaders such as George Aliger, Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce, Mark Austin, Mary Nightingale, Julie Etchingham, Jon Snow, Jeremy Paxman Gavin Esler, Kirsty Wark covered up these recordings as did, Michael Crick, Nick Robinson, Liz McKean, James Lansdale, Newsnight’s editor Peter Rippon, ITV News’ Lucy Manning, Emma Murphy, and Lawrence McGinty

In 2009 a “Viewer Liaison” issued a statement on behalf of one of the moron newsreaders stating, “we sympathise with your circumstances, but unfortunately we can not assist you”.
In 2011, BBC Panorama’s Editor Tom Giles covered these recordings up, as did Moorland Saunders at ITN. I began again appealing to independent production companies to help me produce a documentary on my case, but was ignored by Rare Day and CTVC (Emma Roach). Nick Ferrari (LBC) wrote he couldn’t report it because “this isn’t something I’m going to be able to follow up” because it wasn’t a “news topic of the day”! Er yes it was – recordings proving dangerous the killers profession were practising.

11 1111 11111 111111

Above: Bromley Real News; Local press Staff Refuse To help; NewsShoppers Lying front Page & The Colour Of The Envelopes Reporter Simcox Thought More Important Than Evidence Of the killer profession Being A Threat To Patients

Here is a report on how the News Shopper lied about my case. Despite doing the same thing as Parkes, who received Bromley Police support for his condemnation for car thieves, Parkes and his reporter Richard Simcox, ran a load of lies about what I said in Real News, when they were “inundated” with calls from readers who were “concerned” about my evidence, whilst the Hospital Trust called in the Police to jump on me.

Simcox lied when he said I had accused the killer profession of trying “to rob” me of 10 years of my life, when I WROTE the killer profession HAD robbed me of 10 years of my life and were continuing to. Simcox also lied that my REAL NEWS was a “rant” when it was an appeal for help and was exposing the danger Bromley residents were in (e.g. Su Lawrences statements of “complete cock ups on a regular basis” was totally ignored (preferring to report the colour of the envelopes some of the Real News’ were delivered in and the video recordings were NOT described as evidence to back up what I was saying/catching the doctors/health officials committing negligence/cover up, but simply as “images of (killer profession) which appear to have been taken with a video camera”).
Parkes lied when he said my “allegations are obviously made up” when I clearly have recordings to prove I was telling the truth.

Parkes then lied, “ We are not in the business of covering things up” when I had written to Parkes many times for his paper to run my case and my Mum had gone to Parkes’ offices many times, even getting up a petition to help me get treatment which the papers journalists would not even look down at, let alone report it! Plus, a video recording of members of the public condemning the health money going on yobs instead of hospital referrals like mine, was given to the NewsShopper (involving it’s Rory Cavanagh and Nichol O’Neil who described my condemnation of the previous cover up of the petition as an “unfair” allegation against the paper!) who ignored it and Parkes ignored my correspondence to give back the tape.

Despite doing nothing different in how I condemned the doctors in my case to how Parkes had condemned car thieves and got the local Police Chief’s backing publicly at a public meeting, the Police, rather than support me, hypocritically launched an “investigation” into REAL NEWS but found it’s legal so then tried to shut me up and grab the recordings. After News Shopper reporters were knocking on my house, questioning the house sitter, asking him if he knew where I was so they could give me a present (pathetic attempt to find me) Mum rang the phone number the reporters gave the house sitter and spoke DIRECTLY to Parkes who claimed there had been a “misunderstanding” and wanted to talk to me. If true he’d put that he’d lied on his front page and told the truth. It was no doubt an attempt by Parkes to set me up and save his career (e.g. have a court injunction served on me back then). Complaints to the Press complaints Commission were made but they were no official use, and the News Shopper owners officially ignored my complaint to them. In addition, the Met Police were complained to as well who officially ignored the complaint about Dillnutt.

However: initially after releasing further Bromley Real News’ with a new front cover exposing the News Shoppers lies, Andrew Parkes took a lower profile and Simcox was removed… At winter it was discovered 2004/5 Police Chief Dillnutt was replaced by an Acting commander. Simcox became spokesman for Bromley Council. In September 2006, Andrew Parkes packed up being Editor, after I had issued a Final Notice to the local killers profession and health officials that British unicorn Party would become operational if they did not co-operate. In the same week Watkinson was removed
2013 Update
As related at the start of this Justification, I was arrested and charged with two counts of “harassment” and two charges of “conveying a malicious message” as part of the Authorities to stop our Party promoting political party policies (e.g. our health centre) from helping the victims of lethal quacks. I was put on trial in June 2013, the solicitor bizarrely leaving 99% of my evidence back in Eastbourne on his desk, only telling me in Greenwich he would not present any of it. Neither had the solicitor even arranged for my witnesses to testify. Paul was unable therefore to prove his information (e.g. quotes by hospital managers and Drs) was true. The solicitor had not looked at any of the evidence, making him incredibly lazy. Within the context of this case, one has to wonder if it wasn’t laziness which motivated the solicitors extreme incompetence, but he had been persuaded by others to mess up my trial.
Following my rigged trial, Eastbourne Gazette/Herald (news editor Dave king is a magistrate, creating a conflict of interest) published lies opted now out of the blue to take an interest in my plight solely so they could hurt me: A freelance reporter was in the court room and when I left, the freelancer took my picture, then lied to the Herald that the photo was taken when I arrived (of course the freelancer wouldn’t know what I looked like until the court room). The Gazette published the lie that my Party’s policy sheets, “included false information” which were quotes of Drs I videotaped covertly and stated in the Policy Sheets that the quotes were from there, and stilled images featured from the recordings to prove the recordings were real. On 18th June these lies by the freelancer were published in the Gazette. I submitted my evidence to the Gazette/Herald proving he was telling the truth, but the Herald repeated the lies.:


The “included false claims” lie by the Herald. The recordings proving the claims were true which the Herald ignored. Dr Quirke on hidden camera
The Herald repeated the lies in the sentencing hearing, where I was banned from circulating anything exposing the Australian neurologist and second ENT Dr, electronically tagged under House arrest from 8pm to 6 am for 10 weeks, charged £300 for Court costs and banned from entering the Bromley Borough. Worst of all from issuing anything which could “alarm or distress” an NHS employee, which means I can’t promote our (his own Party’s) health policies as they are all about brining Drs under patient and Homeopathic control, which Drs can claim “alarms and distresses” them. This is what effects this blueprint.
Thus, for promoting policies, a Party leader in modern Britain (not Russia or Iran) will be jailed for FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!
The media still don’t want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBC Panorama & South East Today Implicated In Cover Up!
CONSPIRACY TO Put Sevenoaks Residents In Danger

1234 aa aaaa

Recording of local one of my perpetrators with her manager which Polly Evans & John Adamson who covered up the evidence with ALL other BBC NSE reporters. Fiona Campbell’s Panorama letter.
l issued letters and press releases to BBC national news, BBC regional news’ BBC South East Today and BBC LDN), BBC Radio Kent, London Tonight, Meridian Tonight, the Evening Standard, Sevenoaks Chronicle, Metro, Panorama, Dispatches, Tonight, ITV News, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News. Full list below.
In addition, back in Autumn 2012, I sent the Chief executive of the killers profession (but since March 2013 in charge of cut backs at Brighton and Haywards Heath hospitals) a copy of a Public Report Health Charter, as it gave the details and implications of my case. Instead of offering compensation for his staff in both Bromley and Greenwich (who have ruined mine and Mum’s lives since 1994) Kershaw had the Crown Prosecution Service charge I with “conveying a threatening message”/”malicious communication” for sending out the “namely 152 page document Health Charter”!!!!!! The reason for kicking I after overcoming so much was, I contributed my case to, structured and issued copies of the Public Report, which simply set out it’s Investigation, Findings (that if the killers profession aren’t made accountable parents of dead negligence victims might bomb hospitals etc) & Recommendations about it’s subject: the implication is, that now authors of Public Reports (individuals like Sir Robert Francis,‘ Think Tanks’ like Centre for Policy Research and charities like the Peabody Trust, Barnardos and the Fabien Society ) can be charged with conveying a threatening message if it distresses those who belong to the profession their report is criticizing. So David Nicholson, CEO of the NHS, can have Sir Robert Francis Charged with “conveying a threatening message” because the latter’s Report into Mid-Staffs Hospital scandal did not meet with Nicholson’s approval. The Public Report exposes an epidemic of medical negligence and how the judiciary and parliament have looked the other way or actively helped killers profession persecute their victims. The CPS is exposed for continually refusing to prosecute killer/Drs but quick to prosecute the relatives of dead negligence victims for campaigning for justice, the David Glass case being the prime example. Now the CPS has sunk even lower into the gutter by prosecuting an actual negligence victim for trying to acquire a basic human right to access to medical help/treatment, plus compensation proving the Public Report correct: the CPS is immensely biased in favour of doctors. Kershaw is now running Brighton and Hayward’s Heath Hospitals where, if he sticks to past behaviour and his nickname by NHS staff, he will wield his axe and close a hospital.
The Public Report Recommendations were that the killers profession could no longer be trusted with the legal right of denying or forcing treatment on patients or to regulate themselves; that MRI scanners, blood tests and x-Rays are facilities which should be shared with Homeopaths, Herbalists and Cranial-Osteopaths (the latter also gaining the legal right to prescribe antibiotics); that all those of the killers profession. should be under Homeopathic control & maths ‘A’ Level replaced by Human biology ‘A’ Level as re- quirement for applicants to train as the killers profession thereby allowing Working-Classes to join the killers profession (having found blatant Discrimination is a motive for medical negligence).
The recordings have been sat on by BBC Panorama (producer Fiona Campbell “filing” the recordings) and BBC ‘South East Today’ for months, leaving the residents of Bromley, Darenth Valley, Knockholt and Sevenoaks in danger from the establishment which caused my suffering and killed others. This is despite that, not transmitting the evidence whilst they can, will mean after the Court rules against me(as Courts always protect negligent doctors) IF any REPORTER uses or a newsreader (such as Polly Evans) introduces a report using covert recordings they can be ARRESTED and charged with “harassment” and “conveying a threatening message”!
As of August 2013, the media continue to refuse to look at, listen to and report the evidence of a young man (me) who’s had 19 YEARS (half my life!) ruined by Drs, the proof the killer profession commit harm on purpose, lie and verbally abuse, a Party Leader and Co-Founder convicted of “harassment” and “conveying a malicious message” for democratically just leafleting roads at random for promoting political party policies.
If this doesn’t justify our Radical News Centre, nothing will.
I conclude this second Justification with the names and year dates (where possible) of ALL the journalists, newspapers, magazines and programmes who have covered up this evidence against the killers profession since October 1999:
The ORIGINAL Conspirators, who are guilty of allowing London killer profession To Go On Committing Harm On Purpose For The Past 12 YEARS was BBC Panorama’s Fiona Campbell AROGANTLY “filing” undercover recordings of the killer profession committing harm on purpose as, “a comment” on one of her own programmes (letter below) BBC journalist, “Claire” (below right) was secretly recorded admitting it was a “fact” that her boss, Sandy Smith (editor of BBC LDN and Panorama) had indeed “covered up”. Campbell was joined in this conspiracy by: Channel 4 News Victoria MacDonald (below) and her Editor James Grey; BBC Panorama’s Jeremy Vine and now Tom Giles; BBC TV News’ Fergus Walsh, Charles Tremayne and Mike Lewis of Tonight, Channel 4’s Dorothy Byrne of Dispatches; Liz Wickham of London Tonight and BBC’s Emily Catto (who was punished by NSE outside broadcasts being wrecked), Donal MacIntyre, Michael Crick, Shaun Ley Mark Mardell and Gitto Harri, Karen Allen and Sophie Hutchinson. In 2008, newsreaders such as George Aliger, Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce, Mark Austin, Mary Nightingale, Julie Etchingham, Jon Snow, Jeremy Paxman Gavin Esler, Kirsty Wark covered up these recordings as did, Michael Crick, Nick Robinson, Liz McKean, James Lansdale, Newsnight’s editor Peter Rippon, ITV News’ Lucy Manning, Emma Murphy, and Lawrence McGinty. BBC Watchdog and the mind numbing One Show have also covered up this evidence. In 2011 Moorland sanders also covered up this evidence. Independent production companies CTVC (a Christian influenced company!), Rare Day (which has one James Purnell ex-M.P. on it’s management) and Tenner Films also all ignored my request to help him produce a programme about his case.
Newspaper Reporters Who Covered Up The recordings In 2011:
1.Alison Little, Deputy Political Editor, Daily Express,
2.Ben Griffiths, Sunday Mirror,
3.Jon Ungoed – Thomas & Maria Woolf, The Sunday Times,
4.David Brown & Nic Fildes, The Times,
5.Mr Tim Rayment, The Sunday Times Magazine,
6.Paul Revoir, TV correspondent, Daily Mail,
7.Sophie Borland, Health Reporter, Daily Mail,
8.Laura Armstrong, The People,
9.Patrick Wintour The Guardian
10.Helen Carter, The Guardian
11.David Arronovitch, The Times,
12.Richard Ford, Home Correspondent, The Times,
13.Soraya Kirshtwari, The Times,
14.Danny Finklestein, The Times,
15.Ryan Salby The sun
16.Jamie Pyatt The Sun,
17.Katherine Griffiths, The Times,
18.Domonic Kennedy times
19.Daniel Brown, The Times,
20.Roland Watson, The times,
21.Sean O’Neill The times,
22.Eva Simpson, The Times,
23.Jane Martin The guardian
24.Caroline Davies, The Guardian
25.Kirsty Scott The guardian,
26.Mark Sweeny, The Guardian
27.Sandra Laville The guardian,
28.Vikram Dodd, The Guardian
29.Ben Quin the Guardian
30. Peter Walker, The Guardian
31.James Robinson The guardian,
32.Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian
33.Roy Greenslade again, The Guardian
34.Tom Clark the guardian
35.Amelia Hill, The Guardian
36.David willetts, The Sun,
37.Tom Newton, The Sun,
38.Tom Wells, The Sun,
39.Emma little, Health Editor, the sun
40.Jason Beattie, The Daily Mirror,
41.Martin Fricker, The Daily Mirror
42.Rachael Bletchly, The Daily Mirror
43.Paul Robbins, The Star,
44.Katherine Rushton, Telecoms, Technology & media correspondent, Daily Telegraph,
45.Mark Hughes, Daily telegraph,
46.Christopher Hope daily Telegraph
47.Holly Watt, Daily Telegraph,
48.Robert Winnett, Deputy Political Editor, Daily Telegraph
49.Nigel Nelson The people,
50. Nick Dorman, The People,
51.Andrew Gregory, The Daily Mirror,
52.Mr Simon McGee, The Sunday Times,
53.Ms Lynn Barber, The Sunday Times Magazine, Times Newspapers Ltd,
54.Mr Richard Smith & Mr Danny Buckland, The Daily Mirror,
55.Jo Macfarlane, Medical Correspondent, Mail on Sunday,
56.Jill Sherman, The times
57.Emma Loach CTVC
58.David Cohen, Evening Standard
59.Nick McDermott, Daily Mail
60.Sarah Bosley, The Guardian
61.Stephanie Flanders, Newsnight
62.Leo Regan, Rare Day
63.Fred Attwell, metro
64.Andrew Porter, Political editor, Daily Telegraph
65.Tim Shipman, daily Mail,
66.Vicki Lesley, Tenner Films
67.Michael Savage, The Times
68.Jeremy Lawrence, health editor, The Independent
69.Andrew Grice, Independent,
From January 2013, the latest journalists to leave readers, listeners, viewers ion danger:
(one third of names of journalist written to are missing, e,g, of The Sun and The People):
The amount of journalists ;listed below is about a tenth of journalists contacted since October 1999, but ignored my appeals. It’s such a high proportion of journalists who LOVE the killers profession that much, making journalism the most corrupt profession in Britain.
BBC TV & Radio National News: Dominic Hughes (Health BBCTV News based in Salford studios); Chris King and Vicky Scott ((Production Co-Ordinator) (all at BBC radio 4’s You & Yours. Peter Marshall, Catrin Nye and Adam Livingstone (all BBC Newsnight
LBC: Tom Cheal & Daniel Freedom
Channel 4 (for Dispatches): Siobhan Sinnerton (commission editor at Channel 4 for Dispatches););
Channel 5 News;
Sevenoaks Chronicle: Editor
Private Eye; Max Clifford associates:
Staffs: Robin Scott & Pippa field (Staffordshire Newsletter); Keith Harrison (Express & star, staffs);
The News Shopper (Greenwich and Bromley): Mark chandler (the Greenwich News Shopper);); Heloise Wood (Bromley News Shopper)
The Mercury (for Greenwich & Lewisham): Hannah Walker & Kate Gould, Mandy Little (reporter) and Henry Ellis, (news editor)
The Observer: Mark Townsend (Home Affairs Editor), Jamie Doward, Tess Reidy and Daniel Boffey (Policy editor) Toby Helen and Andrew Rawnsley
The New Statesman: Laurie Penny, Sophie Elmhirst, Rafael Behar and Jason Cowley
Daily Mirror: Luke traynor, Lucy Thornton, Adam aspinall, Jason Beattoe, Judy Broadbent, Tom Pettifor, James Lyons Melisa Thompson, Andrew Gregory (health), Brian Reade, Tom McTagar (political correspondent)
The Guardian: Josh Halliday, Patrick Butler, sarah Bosley, Peter Walker, Patrick Wintour, Randeep Ramesh Owen Boycott (legal affairs), Sandra Laville Alan Travis, Denis Campbell (health reporter, contacted 3 times over past 6 years).
Socialist Worker newspaper: Sarah Ensor, Sian Ruddick, drew MacEwan, Judith, Orr, Sadie Robinson
Metro: Nicole Le Marie, John Higginson, sam Smith, Tamarta hinson, Viki-Mariew Cassou, Mark Molly, sarah Gelly and Matt Champion, ); Aidan Radnedge.
The Times: Sean O’Neill, Fiona Hamilton, Billy Kenber, Richard Watson, Michael savage, Frances Gibb (Legal Editor), Ben Webster & Dominic Kennedy, Lucy Bannerman, Martin Barrow, Laura Pitel (the Times);; Chris Smythe (health reporter)
The Sunday Times: Hannah Summers, Nicholas Hellen, Jack Grimstone, Sarah – Kate Templeton (4th time in 6 years!) (Health editor)
Daily Mail: Steve Doughty (Social affairs), Louise Eccles, Vannesa Allen, Tamara Cohen, Liz Thomas, Jason Grove, Hannah Sergeant (also a research fellow at Centre for Policy Studies); Jenny hope (Health reporter), Sophie Borland (health reporter).
Evening standard: Martin Bentham, Nicholas Cecil, Mark Howie, Richard Godwin, Justin Davenport, david Churchill, Lucinda Vaughan, Susannha Butter, Mark Blunden, Joseph Watts (Political correspondent) Sophie Goodchild (Health) & Lindsay Watling Kiran Randhawe (health reporter) ; Alexander Wynich, Emer Martin, Tom Harper and Simon Freeman.
Daily Telegraph: Tim Ross (political correspondent), Robert Winnott (political editor), Peter Dominicizak (political correspondent), Clare Carter and Rowena Maso, Victoria ward, Christopher Hope, tim Ross, Claire Duffin, Martin Evans
Sunday Telegraph: Patrick Hennesey, Andrew Gilligan, David Barrett, Jason Lewis (Investigative Editor)), Ben Leach, Laura Donnelly (Health).
The Independent: Sarah Morrison, Jeremy Lawrence (the Independent and i)
Sunday express: Lucy Johnstone
ITV News: Richard Pallot. Lawrence McGinty (science and health) and Sue Saville (Health editor) at ITV News);
Channel 4 News: Andy Davis (reported on Mid-Staffs scandal for Channel 4 News
At BBC South East Today: Yvette Austin (Social Affairs), Lynda Hardy, Colin Campbell (Home affairs), Nicola Hasler (video journalist), Caroline Faraday, Jon hunt, Bryony Mackenzie, Chrissie Reidy, Claudia Sembezies (also part time actress), Juliette Parkin, Ian Palmer, Sara Smith, Rebecca Williams, Ceri Perkins, John Adamson (a big cheese producer), Polly Evans, rob Smith and . Plus, Editor of Inside Out (south East) Linda Bell.
At BBC TV London News: Paul Curran, Katherine Carpenter, Ms Riz Latel, Alice Bhandhalerami, Mr Asad Ahmed and Victoria Hollins Andy Richards (series producer of Inside Out – London
At BBC Sussex: Danny Pike, Alison Ferns, Sarah Gorrell, Mark carter (Deputy News Editor) and Angus Moorat (News Editor).
At Meridian Tonight: Malcolm Shaw, Charlotte Wilkins, Phil Hornby, Stacey Poole (health) and Andy Dickenson.
At Sovereign FM newsroom (based in Splash FM, Worthing):
ITV News London: Piers Hopkirk & Glen Goodman; Simon Harris
Brighton Argus: Tim Ridgeway, Bill Gardner (also failed to pass my guff to a drama facilitator) and Kimberley Middleton (who stupidly said to my Mum on hearing of my arrest, “what does he expect if he slanders” (killer profession) when it isn’t slander as I can prove it is true by the recordings). Stupid posh girl! Siobhan Ryan (Health reporter) covered up my plight a few times.
The Eastbourne Herald produced the only report on my plight but in the manner which didn’t portray me as the victim, refusing to report my side of my suffering, repeating the lies in their Eastbourne Herald which they ran in their Eastbourne Gazette. They were supplied on both occasions with biased account by a freelancer (middle aged, creepy note taking freelancer who the News Shopper’s Andrew Parkes wouldn’t even touch!!!) and the News Editor who has refused to report my side, despite he and ALL his news reporters receiving the Press releases (prior to my receiving a restraining order) is Dave King, also a MAGISTRATE (creating a conflict of interest). His reporters who have covered it up are: Laura Sonier, Julie Northcott, Annemarie Field, Russ Perkins, Juliet Perry and Joanne Smith. Their boss is editor In chief Keith Ridley.
Third Justification for Radical News Centres for the Voiceless::
Another Report The NEWS SHOPPER Covered Up

As referred to earlier Jane Meek and Claire Perry of Bromley Health Authority refused me a specialist hospital for 1 out-patient’s appointment because of “finite resources”, (when I could afford it privately the hospital then said I could only attend by NHS appointment – when they knew about his negligence!). Bromley Community Health Council (C.H.C.) confirmed I was not the only one denied referral to this hospital. B.H.A. said my funding would “compromise higher clinical priorities”. In 1996 Meek & Perry spent “finite resources” instead on the Cray Youth Radio project (£1,700) to reduce youth crime, alcohol and drug addiction (people who MAKE themselves ill, unlike him) by encouraging the youths to play at Cray Radio instead of crime. Instead youth crime rocketed. Claire Perry’s successor Michael Kerin claimed the project had been “evaluated” and found to improve mental health and “reduced drugs misuse”. Another of Perry’s successors, Jackie Spibey, said that Cray Radio was “likely to result” (so she didn’t know for certain) “in lower levels of smoking and alcohol use”. Neither would offer any evidence to substantiate their claims. Meek’s/Perry’s £1,700 was to fund a “feasibility study”(to ask the yobs if they wanted a high-tech radio station) according to Melanie Nock of what is now Community Links, Bromley. Kerin, asked as to what he meant by “an initial £1,700”, past this question about what he said to CLIVE UREN. Both in letters and in papers, BHA/ Perry had always admitted to funding Cray Radio. Uren however said, “Bromley Health Authority has not provided funding for this initiative”. His colleague Dr. Angela Bhan admitted, “Our predecessor organisation B.H.A. funded a feasibility study for the radio station back in 1996 and paid £1,700 to the project”. Uren is now Bromley Primary Care Trust boss….

THE NEWSSHOPPER covered up a petition of 100’s of names to have health funds spent on patients instead of Cray Radio, the reporter refusing even to look down at the list, (instead reporting on petitions with NO signatures)! Mum with a friend on camera conducted interviews with Bromley shoppers. All condemned the funding, e.g., “Bromley Health should spend the money on having their heads examined”. The video recording was covered up by the NewsShopper and Editor Parkes has refused to give it back (theft?).

CONFUSION CRAY YOB RADIO: fighting vertigo in 2001 I interviewed St. Paul’s Cray and Orpington people with a micro. recorder and microphone to discover if youth crime was down. It had actually risen since Fusion, Cray Youth Radio went on air, possibly appearing as a reward to yobs: Mr. Reeves said, “It’s awful round here but it (Cray Radio) hasn’t done much good. That’s a dead cert”. Mr. Butler: “I would say it has failed” (to reduce youth crime). 2 women arguing with youths motor cycling on recreation ground said youth crime had, “trebled, trebled” pointing at the youths and saying “they know all about crime, youth crime” to which 1 replied, “Yeah”. Another youth turned out to be a Cray Radio D.J. (confirmed later by Cray Radio). The women were too scared to give their names. There was a lot more condemnation. The News Shopper had reports about youth crime surrounding a report on Cray Radio where it’s manager Shelia Smith said the area was quieter when on air-the paper did NOT challenge her on this.

I requested, very ill, an interview with Cray Radio, so to produce a report to pressurize the health authority into giving me a hospital referral. After waiting the 2 weeks in which a publicly funded body like Cray Radio had to reply within, I visited Cray Radio with a friend on camera. We arrived when Smith and Daniella Hammond, youth worker, were on air (not the youths!) who on hearing of our arrival broadcast how “exciting” it was a “television crew” had arrived. Hammond came out and requested the camera be turned off on hearing why we were there. Then when Smith came out Hammond bundled her through a side door before she came to speak to us. Smith said, “You’ve got youth questions so you need a youth worker”, yet Hammond admitted “Shelia has got it (Cray Radio) up, I’m just a worker here”. Hammond attacked the camera. Clearly there was confusion about who was responsible. They refused to answer any questions. 48 hours later suddenly Bromley Youth Agency who operated Cray Radio replied, claiming to have contacted the Police, (they never did because they knew they were in the wrong) accusing me and my supporters of “trespass”.

I again interviewed local people, angry at Cray Radio’s refusal to be accountable: e.g. Mrs. Joan Coney said of Smith and Hammond, “So they don’t do a proper job?! This is not a holiday. I don’t think they should be on the air at all. They should be off their arses and they should actually do something for the kids. If nobody’s going to it why are we paying for them. What are they scared of in not talking to you? What are they scared of! God knows what they do. Just boost their own ego’s”. Tony Morris said that if they were “spending public money, they should be accountable”.
I sent his findings to Capital Radio’s Help A London Child (who had given Cray Radio £3,500) who decided not to wait for Cray Radio to fill in a Project Report Form but contacted them immediately. People decided to boycott Banardoes on hearing they funded Cray Radio (Banardoes gave a “no comment”). Locals accused the News Shopper of having “something to hide”.

From 2002 till April 2004 the NewsShopper boycotted reporting on Cray Radio, going from supporting appeasement for yobs to launching Shop A Yob and now back to supporting an ‘appeasing yob project’. The Kentish Times did report my mother’s criticism of the project, but then boycotted criticism.

Meanwhile Cray Radio offered now to be interviewed but without Smith and no recording. So no interview was conducted. Bromley C.H.C.’s Chairman Patrick Parker (who went on to be on the board of Bromley Hospitals Trust) gagged Cray Radio being debated at a public meeting despite it being on the written agenda. Association of CHC Chairman Peter Walsh said, “the vast majority of CHCs do a good job as local NHS watchdogs”, so implying that Bromley CHC didn’t maybe? The name Peter Walsh has since come up with AVMA. Maria Goldenberg of the Community Care Protection Group, who claims to campaign for more patient beds did not reply to my letters. Her colleague Sue Sullis told his mother at the PCT meeting where she was gagged, that her son’s letter was “nasty” (I had asked Goldenberg if her group accepted if the said killer profession purposefully neglected patients, like I was). Goldenberg did not reply, yet continues to appear on average in the local press (particular K.T.) every 3 weeks, yet Sullis defended Goldenberg by saying she had an ill husband. They held an illegal stall he discovered in Orpington. If Goldenberg wanted more money for beds why did she not demand the £1,700 be put into more beds? When Bromley Youth Music Trust faced loss of council funds they did not demand Cray Radio’s council funding, despite being informed of all of the above.

Cray Radio no longer lets Smith give the press interviews and a youth DJ who I pointed out was too old to be a youth (Davina McFayden, 26 who thinks the Isle Of Sheppey is in London) has retired

During the first half of 2011, the British Unicorn Party prototype Policy Sheet began circulating to the press media and homeless charities. As related in section 2, Iain Duncan Smith M.P. had covered up the evidence that Doctors denied patients treatment so preventing the patients from working and instead requiring benefit to live on. Sinful Smith is now attempting to force these same medically neglected patients back into work without treatment by denying them benefits, in the full knowledge that without support from their medical Doctors patients won’t receive any recognition from DSS (DWP) Doctors (as the undercover recordings of DSS Dr W.M.C. Allan and various tribunals prove). Unable to pay the bills, the medically neglected suffer a loss of heating and eventually their homes. The Channel 4 Newsreader Jon Snow was offered the my case with the recordings and DSS/DWP element, but ignored it. Then, in 2011 Snow lied on a Dispatches show that he has cared about the homeless and revealed he was involved in at least one homeless charity. Two homeless charities were featured in the programme. Kay Boycott, Campbell Rob and Bill Rashleigh, all received the prototype policy sheet featuring Jon snow and covering letter. Thus, during the first half of 2011, the said prototype policy sheet was issued, specially adapted to reveal on it’s page 4 how Jon Snow had protected Sinful Smith’s campaign to force the medically neglected on to the streets. The two charities on Snow’s programme were sent copies of the Policy Sheet. In 2011 Tom Giles of Panorama and Moorland Sanders of Channel 4 News and ITV’s Tonight show, also covered up Paul’s case.
Then, on the 3rd October 2011 Jon Snow presented a Dispatches programme entitled, Can You Trust Your Dr? The programme team had secretly recorded just some G.P.s being simply negligent, and how the G.M.C. had failed to deal with these Drs. Not abusive, and certainly no evidence of committing harm on purpose. It was hyped as this great programme. Yet in reality, both Snow and the Dispatches team had been covering up recordings proving Doctors are evil and out of control and how widespread the policy of protecting Drs goes (the day Jon Snow bashes Liberty and his Shami is the day pigs fly). They know the net on their activities to help Drs neglect, persecute, maim and kill is closing in on them. So Snow and Dispatches did this pathetic attempt to save their skins. But it doesn’t change the fact that for many years Snow and Dispatches have been responsible for allowing Doctors to neglect, persecute, maim and kill patients. So too late Snow.
Fourth Justification for Radical News Centres for the Voiceless:: General Justification
Other Facts (Non Medical) About The Media Not Being trustworthy:
Reasons Why TV News, Current Affairs & other factual programmes Can’t Be Trusted/are like old cinema news reels!
1.TV /radio newsreaders/reporters ignore reporting facts about why news events happen choosing instead to be obsessed with how those in the news “feel” about the event happening to them. This is an insidious way of conditioning the public to accept that feelings are more important than facts in the news.
2.The BBC and ITN have an employment discrimination policy whereby, only white, black, Indian and Arab people who are posh, (who pronounce YEAR the posh way as “yuerrr”, female newsreaders also pronouncing, showers, as “shaRers”), become newsreaders, reporters and present and produce of FACTUAL programmes, even on gardening and countryside. Thus such person’s don’t have any empathy with the suffering of the Working Classes, so their news stories are ignored. This is why so many news and factual programmes have reporters and newsreaders whom arrogantly describe their education as being experienced by the majority of their viewers, and falsely portray Working Classes as having equal job opportunities as other Classes: e.g. poet Ted Hughes is reported as “Working Class” (as has Melvyn Bragg and the late Edward Heath have been described!!!) yet his parents owned their own house and a shop in the 1930’s. To be working class is to have continued hardships, growing up in terrace housing, council houses or tower blocks (if you’ve had a home at all). The last thing the ruling aristocracy class want are Working Classes becoming reporters and newsreaders because of their own experiences of continued hardships, would report the extent of continued hardships (real news) in Britain, instead of political mud slinging and celebrity gossip.
3.The TV newsreaders and reporters wave their hands and arms in exactly the same manner whilst talking because they have been trained (fact BBC has employed at least 10 psychologists to teach this) to do this, in a bizarre belief that they will be trusted more by their audience, (as one great investigative journalist says, “the pigs are airborne again”). In addition ever wondered why TV newsreaders like Hugh Edwards, George Aligier and Fiona Bruce and others introduce a live report (where nothings usually happening, wasting license fee) with the phrase, “Lets talk to…”? It’s not that they’re mentally ill deluding themselves their audience can also talk to the live reporter: it’s because it will condition/delude the audience that they have an influence on what the newsreader asks the reporter, (which is usually scripted and dumbed down). They can’t cope with emotional speakers, only ‘parrot’ speaking idiots.
4.The official media only repeat what the Government, their servants, (the Police, official enquiries, Doctors, psychobabblist etc) and the main political parties tell them, justifying the accusation that reporters should be called repeaters. This has the effect of making the public believe only what officials (those qualified/conditioned) say and to ignore any evidence contradicting such official statements, which may leak out.
5.The media claim Barack Obama proves any American can be U.S. President. Rubbish! Obama is an 11th cousin once removed of George Bush. Bush is a 13th cousin, once removed, of Prince Charles. All but 1 of the American Presidents has been related to the British and French royal families… Next time you hear Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman claiming any American can become U.S. President, remember, he’s talking rot.
6.When the Authorities clash with protestors, the broadcast media becomes a mouthpiece for Authorities, being far too trusting of them. In Brighton recently, protestors clashed with Police, the media believing the Police that a “hardcore” element of protestors were at fault. Now it’s emerged that the plain clothes Police/security had waved their I.D. cards to pass through Police lines, begun throwing bottles at other Police and encouraging others to do so. Only when they were recognised as police did they scarper back through Police lines, showing their I.D. badges, (the Police recruitment criteria is geared up to letting in criminals, with 4 convictions and more). The IPCC automatically denied this event to be true. Of course.
7.BBC Newsroom South East reported protestors protesting by eating vegi-burgers outside McDonalds, as “rioters”!!!
8.The ITV teletext service is ceasing to be after December 2009, as owners Associated Newspapers say it is loss making. Thus, the state (Govt) controlled BBC Ceefax service will be the only text news service left. This comes as people are turning more for text services for news instead of gar-gar TV newsreaders.
9.The media treat psychologists as if they’re experts in society when they are not.
10.In the 7th March 2010, in the Mail On Sunday You magazine, reporter Jane Gordon described the BBC TV One Show as “the new current affairs programme”.

Remember: If there is evidence contradicting an official news repeaters report, don’t trust the report.
Many, many peoples campaigns are ignored by the media, when the latter’s are not lying about the campaigners. BBC London lied (caught on secret camera) that they couldn’t transmit the secret recordings of Doctors on the grounds they only transmit undercover recordings produced by the BBC. In truth BBC London had transmitted secret recordings of various Working Class professions (including Police) getting up to no good. More recently, on 26/2/07 Jeremy Vine (Of Brackenbury Village, Hammersmith) appealed he would, “Love to hear your views… or any stories on the NHS”. This is a lie as they just “file” audio recordings of Doctors committing abuse as a “comment” on their own programme (I have the letter proving it). The Editor is Sandy Smith, the man who covered up the recordings with Emily Catto (see below) as her Editor on Newsroom South East. A BBC London reporter admitted (caught on hidden camera) that it was, quote, a, “fact that he covered up”. In truth they don’t want to know about recordings of Doctors committing medical negligence, verbal abuse and lying, across London. They just cover it up.
The media are dumbing down; on ITV (ITN) News (according to Private Eye) journalists have been told to obtain comments on news issues from celebrities! The head of Channel 5 news and current affairs has ADMITTED that PERFORMANCE skills are the most important issue of T.V. journalism, whilst the conviction of a journalist is regarded as a “problem”! This combined with the fact that role play is now used in journalist courses, explains why people who have tried and failed at acting so to become famous, try and succeed in becoming T.V. journalists (and it`s not restricted to T.V.). Corporate media will NOT transmit recordings of discrimination made by victims of discrimination. The media will only broadcast recordings of discrimination if it is of certain professions but not others: One such programme which claims to give people a panorama of news, “exposing the truth” actually cover up recordings of discrimination by “filing” the recordings as a “comment” on one of their own programmes: All T.V. newsreaders/reporters are posh (despite dumbing down their speech to patronisingly appeal they think to the Working Classes by dropping their “t”s in words they still say “yuerrr” instead of YEAR –only posh people say “YUERRR”).posh people have not experienced CONTINUED hardships and persecution so can’t be experienced sufficiently to be journalists. Local press cover up mass criticism of projects funded by taxes which the local public don’t approve of. In some cases corporate media will try to harm organisations which try and prevent animals being harmed. Columnists in newspapers can be failed actors or don`t know the difference between the C.I.A. and C.I.D. Journalists arrogantly assume that everyone has had the same life\up bringing as they have had despite them being posh (e.g most often in education). Journalists now ask people how do they “feel” about a news issue rather than what do they THINK. Journalists use psychobabble words like positive when they could mean any number of things, confusing people. Corporate media twist facts like reporting that people standing outside a McDonalds burger shops eating vegieburgers as a type of protest are “rioters” (Newsroom South East produced by one Sandy Smith…). Real news about people and animal suffering is ignored whilst news that is not real news is splattered in the press, radio and T.V. The media ignore links between news stories. Journalists no longer go out looking for news, but simply react to reporting on official events. They will produce not one but 3 reports on the same issue and T.V. journalists will report live from somewhere where nothing is happening, (this has got so bad that Private Eye have launched a small column to this). Television current affairs no longer expose a news story but react to existing news which has already been reported. The corporate media could facilitate the easing of suffering people endure but the media are obsessed with psychobabble crap. The media are obsessed with the feelings/emotions of people and who were even dead long before the reporter was born, yet allege that they know the dead persons emotions in factual programmes.
In fact WHY are the media obsessed with such persons emotions, when it is their thoughts which are relevant? As usual the media are under the psychobabble cult influence. Idiots! The media produce Docudramas where actors re- in-act factual events, adding speeches they couldn’t possibly have known had happened, so to pander to the morons of society (who can be found in ALL social classes). As psychobabblists have invaded the media it is quite likely that they have claimed that they have determined the subject persons mind by evaluating their behaviour (basic psychology), as if they knew them! Yet it is Common Sense that everyone is a unique individual so their unique mind/Being at the time of taking a course of action will not automatically be the same as the state of mind of another person taking that action.
Update: B.B.C. T.V. reporters are being trained in hand gestures for when they are reporting for the news, (apparently having “open hands, palm towards camera and then point at a graphic” is to make viewers think they are “included”! Psychobabble language and rubbish) instead of being told to report real news. The B.B.C. have even sent a stylist (at licence fee payers expense) to Paris to dress a reporter.
The media are as disgusting as much as the doctors are. The T.V. and radio (corporate) journalists could not only stop the suffering of the medically neglected, by exposing the doctors, but of many others experiencing suffering of all kinds inflicted on them by others. The media prefer to report news on official events and rubbish (celebrity/Royal/politicians arguing and clashing in parliament which is not news as that is what they are paid to do, sadly), whilst people suffer when publicity could stop the suffering.
When a large religion suppresses the human rights of half of it`s followers and sacrifices animals for ritualistic reasons, the media describe it as a culture. When that same religion is slightly suppressed by military dictators the media report that this is a suppression of human rights. The media dances with fire. The B.B.C. were in 2003 going to issue directives to news editors as to when health reports should be discontinued so not to panic the public! This decision came at the same time as the Kings Fund (an organisation Patients First were monitoring with concern over it`s influence on society and we , (Chartsis) want obliterated) published the report, Health In The News. In this report the Fund claims that whilst health problems like Aids are under reported, news stories like the concern over the M.M.R. vaccine are over reported. If any form of facts can be deduced from this it is that if an official body complains about the amount of coverage a subject is receiving then that coverage is the right amount or even that that coverage should be increased. Patients First are of the opinion that M.M.R. is a risk because of the doctors obsession to undermine any criticism of it and doctors are not trusted by Patients First as the Drs are such arrogant purposefully neglecting, lying snobs. The report claims that as the result of interviews with so-called health professionals (doctors, not Homeopaths) find that specialist journalists do a good job (confirming our co-founders experience that health reporters cover up recordings of doctors committing discrimination), but claim that editors hype up health reports to make them dramatic. The B.B.C. has announced an online project “iCan” to allow people to set up mini-local news issue web-sites on the B.B.C. online system though those against freedom of speech are concerned that it will give people the ability to make insensitive rants, so this project maybe restricted immorally.
If people had TRUE freedom of speech to say what they wanted (short of inciting violence) on any issue and to tell the world about their experiences (e.g. in the mainstream media) then there would be less frustration in the world so less violence by those wronged by authority. Instead the authorities gag them, inciting them (possibly on purpose) to violence, claiming some are mad and need counselling, (psychobabblists are the puppets of authorities and are too cowardly to take on the authorities on this issue).
Commercial ITV have reduced services over the past two decades, regional news services, being reduced more and more. For example in the South the three local news programmes (for the Newbury area, the Solent area, and the Kent/East Sussex area) have been merged into one news following closures of smaller news centres in Newbury and New Hythe, whilst the main studios in Southampton have been replaced by a small newsroom and single studio in Whiteley for the local news for all three areas. Meridian, is now part of a single ITV company for England and Wales, thus ITV is much easier for Authorities to control. Meanwhile, local services have been increased by the BBC, breaking up the old Newsroom South east into three smaller regional news progrmmes. The BBC is state funded and easier to control by central government, so local services are easier to control than the commercial (private company) ITV. This situation is also happening to commercial radio, The GCAP radio group (a result of a merged Capital radio and GWR radio groups) have been converting the commercial radio station’s they own across Britain, into Heart FM, leaving only one or two opt out programmes for the local stations to provide! Across all five Network channels, news subjects are dumbing down, and current affairs programmes are concentrating on consumer affairs, and consumer programmes are now increasing. In 1993, the satire news show, The Day Today, had a joke advert that BBC Question Time would feature an entertainer (Boy George). Only a few years later this happened for real. BBC South East Today, like other news programmes, try and make a non-news story sound like important news by having a live report from where nothing is happening, (in South east Today’s case,. Continuously a reporter reporting from Tunbridge Wells railway station for reports about local railways generally, when the BBC South East Today studios are directly opposite Tunbridge Wells station! What a waste of money. The media, still hang on the every word of psychobabblists, treating them as Experts in society, when they are just fantasists, (e.g. South East Today interviewing a psychologist).
In addition, local county councils have started their own online (internet) TV channels, featuring soap operas , as well as promoting the council, funded by council tax payers money. This includes Kent, Hammersmith & Fulham, Devon and Lanarkshire councils! Councils have been issuing their own newspaper rags for decades, (e.g. Greenwich Time with the Mercury newspaper in 1989/91) and Mayoral rag (The London Paper).
Example of Cover Up: The World Trade Centre Attacks etc

1. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for civilian aircraft control. North American Aerospace Defence Command (Norad) is to protect USA and Canada from air attack and is based at the Peterson Airbase and INSIDE Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.
When the FAA loses contact with a civilian aircraft, the FAA’s procedure is to contact Norad.
Norad claims they will detect a missile launched anywhere in the world as Norad controls the tracking and surveillance technology for guiding troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Remember these facts…
2. In 2000, the FAA alerted Norad 125 times about aircraft which the FAA had lost contact with and Norad then scrambling F-16’s to investigate. On the 11th September 2001 this was not done until it was too late!
Norad lost the hijacked planes, lost Flight 77 for 40 minutes, despite ordinary radar being able to track it, before it (supposedly) crashed into the Pentagon, (the wall it hit having only just been reinforced, creating a hole with it’s light weight nose cone, the building only collapsing at this spot later).
3. The terrorists who hijacked the planes would have known how quickly Norad would scramble fighter planes in 10 minutes to hijacked aircraft, after the planes (flights 77 and 93) had taken off from Boston Airport as far as the Mid-West of America, and only them bizarrely, were they supposedly hijacked (!!!) and flown back east to hit the Pentagon.
Even more bizarre for terrorist behaviour, was that the hijackers waited until the plane was over middle America to then hijack the plane and have longer to fly when the Authorities were already on alert for hijacked planes being used as missiles, as the World trade Centre had by NOW ALREADY been hit by the other planes!!!!
4. It took the FAA 24 minutes to tell Norad about the first plane being hijacked (similar delays with the other 3 planes followed!)!!!!
5. It’s a fact that the official version, that fighters were scrambled in response to the 11/9 attacks, was only announced a week AFTER the attacks. Top military chief, General Richard Meyers told a Committee Hearing on the 13th September 2001, (2 days later) that the order to scramble the fighters was only AFTER the Pentagon had been hit. This is an incredible admission!!! The Boston Globe newspaper on the 14th/ 15Th September 2001, reported that Norad had DENIED planes had scrambled before the Pentagon was hit. Then on the 18th, Norad changed their mind, saying planes were scrambled. Our idiot media just accepted this change in version of events without question!
6. The total number of passengers and crew capable on all four aircraft totalled 726, but on the planes which were hijacked their were in total, less than 270 (70% reduction). No passenger had an Arabic name (as the hijackers were supposed to have).
7. The 2nd plane to be hijacked was Flight 175. At 8.41am Air traffic control asked the pilot if he could see the 1st plane which had been hijacked, Flight 11. The pilot of Flight 175 replied that he could. Just 30 seconds later Flight 175 was hijacked, the hijackers turning the plane off it’s scheduled route and it’s transponder signal switched off, just like had happened with Flight 11. According to relatives who were phoned by passengers on the hijacked aircraft, the hijackers took control of the plane with box cutters and knives, and this we know was in just 30 seconds!!! Pull the other one!
8. Just before Flight 93, (the 4th plane) which the passengers tried to get control of from the hijackers and supposedly caused it to crash in Pennsylvania, another white mid-sized lear jet was seen flying around in an erratic fashion by witnesses Susan Mcelwain, Dennis Decker and Rick Channey. The Cleveland air traffic Control Centre later gave a, “no comment” when asked if there was another plane in the vicinity at the time of the crash! A New Hampshire air traffic controller ignored a ban on speaking to the public, stating, “an F-16 fighter closely pursued Flight 93”. The Mayor of Shanksville related how 2 people (one of whom was a Vietnam war veteran) he knew heard a missile being fired, before they saw Flight 93 come down, as if a missile had been fired.
9. The fighter planes scrambled were from bases much further away from the New York/Washington area, than closer ones.
10. In relation to the London Bombings this is the most important evidence linking the 11/9 attacks and London bombings:
Various training exercises for fighter pilots (who were based at Airbases close to New York and Washington…) were underway on 11th September 2001, one of which was called Operation Vigilant Guardian, which was about hijacked planes being flown into buildings! This meant that the radar screen was full up of both fake hijacked planes and the real hijacked planes, sowing confusion as to what was real and what wasn’t, slowing response time. Norad’s Lt Col Dawne Deskins, upon hearing of the real hijacking of Flight 11 said, “it must be part of the exercise”, (source Newhouse News Service), as did other military leaders. This so-called co-incidence of terrorist picking such a day for a terrorist attack would again be repeated in London… Only a fool/TV newsreader would still think it was a co-incidence.
11. Vice President Dick Cheny Wanted Pentagon Attack!
With Cheny in a bunker, after the New York attacks, was Norman Mineta, Secretary of Transportation. A young man, Mineta said, kept relaying to Cheny how far a plane was, (e.g. “50 miles away” etc) and when the plane was 10 miles away, the young man asked Cheny, “Do your orders still stand?” Cheny snapped back, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?” Next the plane (the 3rd hijacked plane, Flight 77) hit the Pentagon! This was when Norad claim to have lost track of Flight 77. Mineta did not know what orders Cheny had referred to, but in hindsight it appears to mean not to shoot the plane down, but let it smash into the Pentagon, (if it were a plane – some claim it was a missile as there was NO WRECKAGE of a plane, not CCTV footage of the plane and the light weight nose cone could not even punch a hole through the Pentagon, causing that section around the hole to LATER collapse. More of this below). The missile defence system protecting the Pentagon was NEVER used….
12. An Earlier Planned 11/9By American Military!!!!!! (and important to remember for later)
In April 2001, 4 months BEFORE 11/9, James Bamford (a former ABCTV producer for their World News Tonight) was working on a book called, Body Of Secrets. During his research he discovered a plan entitled Operation Northwood of July 1062. Under Lyman L Lemnitzen the chosen US army general who was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Northwood document proposed that the US Government/military carry out attacks on the USA (!!!) and frame Cuban leader Fieldel Castro as the culprit, as the justification for invading Cuba (sound familiar?).
The proposals included blowing up an American ship; murdering astronaut John Glenn during the first attempt at putting a man (Glenn) into orbit; people gunned down in American streets; terrorism in Washington and Miami; and conduct funerals for mock victims; amongst many other horrors.
Interestingly, it also proposed to use US Air Force fighters dressed up like a Soviet Union MIG fighter to attack shipping; harass civilian aircraft and destroy a US military drone (remote controlled) aircraft. One part of the Northwood report stated, “An F-86 properly painted would convince air passengers that they saw a Cuban MIG”. A US fighter pilot would also pretend to have been shot down, with fake wreckage to find in the sea. The then Defence Secretary, Robert McNamara, presented (!!!) these evil proposals to President John F. Kennedy. These proposals were eventually rejected, (and JFK assassinated).
There was also a proposal in Operation Northwood to fake the shooting down of a civilian airplane by a Cuban fighter so to get support for a war on Cuba: The real plane, supposedly, shot down would in fact be a CIA plane with selected passengers under aliases!!! Over Florida, the plane would be replaced by a remote controlled plane to fly on to Cuba, (the real CIA plane having landed at an airforce base) whilst the Drone over Cuba would be remotely detonated to explode, after a fake Mayday message of being under attack had been sent.
This point has relevance to 11/9/01 attacks as the wreckage and witnesses accounts of the aircraft crashing which were hijacked doesn’t match the aircraft which took off from Boston and were supposedly hijacked.
The hijackers were supposed to have learnt how to fly the airliners at a Flying Club using a little one engine Cessna!!! Admiral Colonel Donn de Grand Pre was so suspicious of this claim by the Authorities he got together with military and civilian pilots (including a Captain of both fighter and civilian aircraft) to discuss the technical side of the hijackings. None of these experienced pilots were impressed by the hijackers learning to fly airliners by training on a little Cessna. The Cessna teacher has revealed that the hijackers had been, “next to useless” in flying these tiny planes.
A). One experienced officer pilot said, “I seriously question whether these novices could have located a target dead – on two hundred miles removed from the take-off point – much less controlled the flight and mastered the intricacies of 11 FR (instrumental flight rules) – and all accomplished in 45 minutes”.
B). An Air Force Officer who flew over Vietnam in bombing attacks, told the Colonel, “These birds (planes) either had a crack fighter pilot in the left seat or they were being manoeuvred by remote control”.
The flying schools piloting instructor said the teaching of the hijackers showed they were, “next to useless” and, “It was like Dumb and Dumber. I mean they were clueless. It was clear they weren’t going to make pilots”.
Our thick and stupid TV reporters and newsreaders don’t question how such “clueless” and dumb hijackers managed to control whole air liners. Nor do they question that the lead hijacker, supposedly a fundamentalist Muslim ready to kill himself for his religion wasn’t even a practising Muslim and was a drugs runner (more of this below)!
Some say that mobile/cell phones at such a high altitude and speed can’t work. Some investigators say the calls made from the plane used Voice Recognition Technology and would explain why one victim, Mark Bingham, ranf his mother saying, “Mum. This is Mark Bingham” instead of, “It’s Mark”…
Stan Goff (ex-Special Forces Sergeant, turned investigator) said of Flight 77: “Now the real kicker. A pilot they want us to believe was trained at a Florida puddle-jumper school for Piper Cubs and Cessnas, conducts a well-controlled downward spiral, descending the last 7,000 feet in two and a half minutes, brings the plane in so low and flat that it clips the electrical wires across the street from the Pentagon, and flies it with pinpoint accuracy into the side of this building at 460 nauts. When the theory about learning to fly this well at a puddle-jumper school began to lose ground, it was added that they received further training on a flight simulator. This is like saying you prepared your teenager for her first drive on 1-40 at rush hour by buying her a video game. It’s horse shit! There is a story being constructed about these events”.
Today BBC News practise a form of journalism called “storytelling”….
13. Remote controlled aircraft you think is rubbish? Here’s the facts:
As stated earlier, in 1962 the US military had remote controlled/drone aircraft. In 1959 Norad had General Dimanee F-106 Delta Dart fighters (not just drones) aircraft. These Detla Dart’s could be started up, flown off, flown into combat and land ALL BY REMOTE CONTROL in 1959!!!!!!! (Source, Quill Magazine article by Alan Staats in February 1998).
By 1998, the technology existed to also override and fly a hijacked aircraft (aircraft are now run by computer: “On board digital command and control and display systems” on an airliner “can easily share data with, and accept commands from the ground control stations”).
Little input beyond the initial command to enter safe return flight and the ultimate destination are needed. Commercial air liners are operated by computer today. The flight plan is uploaded into the aircraft computer software (e.g. FMS) by direct programming or a disc. At certain distances of the journey the computer will adjust the plane’s cause, changing the direction.
14. Now, YOU have the knowledge that the American Government and military have already planned to massacre Americans so to start a war, that the hijackers were next to useless at flying tiny planes and that remote control aircraft have existed since 1959, (and since 1998 can be taken over by remote control from the ground), lets take a look at what happened to the four supposedly hijacked aircraft.
When the four aircraft were lost to air traffic control and their transponders went off, that was when the remote control system actually switched on:
15. Flight 175, (the 2nd Plane):
. The 2nd plane to be hijacked was Flight 175. At 8.41am Air traffic control asked the pilot if he could see the 1st plane which had been hijacked, Flight 11. The pilot of Flight 175 replied that he could. Just 30 seconds later Flight 175 was hijacked, the hijackers turning the plane off it’s scheduled route and it’s transponder signal switched off, just like had happened with Flight 11. According to relatives who were phoned by passengers on the hijacked aircraft, the hijackers took control of the plane with box cutters and knives, and this we know was in just 30 seconds!!! Pull the other one!
In fact the computer programme had changed course, being over ridden and closing down all radio communications.
When Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Centre, witness Mark Burnback of Fox TV reported to WCBS TV how Flight 175 definitely did NOT look like an air liners: “There was a blue logo on the front of the plane. I did NOT see any windows on the side” (!!!!!) “It was not a normal plane that I’ve ever seen at the airport”. The interview on WCBS was NEVER repeated, unlike other interviews… Even more bizarre, an aircraft engine found at the corner of Church and Manning roads in New York from one of the 767 planes (the two to hit the WTC towers) was in fact a type used on 737 planes! Nila Sayadevin, an airline pilot of 20 years said the engine found at the World Trade Centre is a CFM – 56 which is not utilized on Boeing 767’s”. Retired Col George Nelson of the US Air Force also believed the airliner of Flight 175 had been replaced, that it was, “not a commercial airliner”. The planes were substituted for other air craft.
16. Flight 77 (the 3rd Plane) and the bizarre destruction of the Pentagon:
Many investigators (but not our idiot/official media) have found that Flight 77 did NOT hit the Pentagon, but a Drone did instead:
When the Pentagon was hit the object hitting it created a hole of 9 feet in the building where it entered the structure, and through the building over a distance of 310 feet to create another 9 foot hole on the other side. Only after 20 to 30 minutes did the remaining structure around the hole collapse.
It’s the image of the collapsed building the media (BBC, ITN) like showing, but never the actual first 20 minutes after the impact, when there was just a 9 foot hole. The original 9 foot hole was not big enough for a plane to cause, according to Major General Albert Stubblebine. The nose cone of the 757 plane (Flight 77) is made of carbon-fibre (similar to fibre glass). To tear a 9ft hole in the Pentagon and go through it to the other side the plane would need a metal nose cone to puncture through stone façade and two exterior concrete and brick walls.
A man could smash a fibre glass nose cone in 15 minutes, yet this cone was supposed to smash through stone and concrete.
Our TV newsreaders are not so stupid as to not understand this contradiction, which means they are consciously ignoring this fact opting to perpetuate the lie of 11/9/01m (or are they that stupid, as the newsreaders like George Aligiar, Fiona Bruce and Huw Edwards seem to think the viewer can talk to reporters live on TV, when these newsreader introduce a live report by saying, “Lets talk to…”).
Yet bizarrely the Authorities claim there is no evidence of the plane as it disintegrated on impact, yet a fibre glass nose cone smashed through the walls. Durrrr! Of the 80 surveillance cameras, only two recordings have been released and both are useless as to showing WHAT it was which hit the Pentagon.
If a 757 plane had struck the building then anyone standing 6 feet away would have been sucked in to the engines, (contradicting an official (and possibly only) witness, Frank Probit). Cars outside would have been destroyed but they were not. The grass outside the Pentagon was not even burnt! Because the 757 flew just 20ft off the ground supposedly, an airline pilot, with the Colonel group earlier, said that it was not physically possible. Only a Global-Hawk (remote controlled) was used, not a plane. A psychiatrist (why a psychobabblists?) and former naval officer revealed there were NO Arab bodies recovered for the Autopsy amongst the bodies supposedly from the plane, (he got this information through a Freedom of Information request.
The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology found: 189 killed. 125 Pentagon employees and 64 plane passengers. The American Airlines had a list of 56 persons on board and yet there was a figure 58. An air traffic controller (Danielle O’Brien), at Washington Dulles Airport saw on her radio a very fast moving blip, too fast to be a commercial airliner, which then turned swiftly in a manner she thought only a fighter could (360 degree turn) away from the White House and instead hit the Pentagon.
16. Flight 93 (the 4th Plane):
This was the flight which passengers are reported (via the alleged last phone calls) to have tried to seize control off and caused it to crash in Pennsylvania. By now the military could have shot it down and it was officially obvious that the hijacked air craft were being used to attack buildings. The Authorities deny they shot it down. Some say, well maybe they did to protect others, just when the hijackers were being defeated. And this is the cover up. Well, HOLD ON. The evidence, like that at the Pentagon and WTC, is much more strange: Where was the wreckage? When Pam Am flight 747 was blown up above Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988, there were large parts of the plane scattered. Yet, when Flight 93, the largest piece of wreckage were only as big as a phone book!!! There was just a small crater And why wasn’t the grasses beyond the crater burnt fully, as there was plane of unused fuel (600 gallons!) still on the plane when it crashed?


THIS is the picture the media suppress of the hole in the Pentagon wall of concrete and stone a plane supposedly made
with it’s fibre glass nose cone (!), straight through the building,



The first tower collapses as if blown up. BEFORE it collapses, puffs of smoke emerge from the windows, just like a demolition job.
I). The clouds of dust when the WTC fell is an obvious trait of demolition of buildings, because the power to smash everything into dust can not be done by a building collapsing naturally. Multiple explosion can produce such clouds of dust.
J). Just before each building collapses, as the TV footage shows, puffs of smoke bellow out of the windows. This is what happens between explosions going off and a building collapsing, during demolition.
K). Jerry Russell Phd (with a Masters Degree in Engineering) pointed out that if (as he says there is still no case of it ever happening) a building were destabilised by an aircraft hitting it, the structural failure, “at the point of highest levered stress, near the bass of the tower, the tower would have fallen over like a giant tree in a forest windstorm”. He had maths to back him up.
So, if the planes had brought down both twin towers, they would both have toppled over.
L). William Rodriguez, a WTC janitor for 20 years, had been in the basement of the North Tower when the aircraft hit it. He helped many people to safety and was honoured five times at the White House that is until he began to tell everyone what he had heard, bombs exploding in the building.
The 9/11 Commission headed by Henry (Hands soaked in Blood) Kissenger then Kean, (which Cleveland resigned from) heard Rodriguzes testimony, but left it out of their Report.
There are many more accounts of hearing explosions like bombs, going off , and here are some:
Paramedic Kevin Darnowski: “I heard three explosions, and then… tower two started to come down”.
Battalion Chief John Sudnik: “We heard… what sounded like a loud explosion and looked up and I saw tower two start coming down”
Fire fighter Thomas Turilli: “…it almost sounded like bombs going off, like boom, boom, boom, seven or eight times”.
Fire Fighter Joseph Meola, “…it looked like the building was blowing out on all four sides. We actually heard the pops”.
Fire Fighter Craig Carlsen: “(We) heard explosions coming from…the South Tower…There were about ten explosions…we then realised the building started to come down”.
Paramedic Daniel Rivera: “It was a frightening noise. At first I thought it was – do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear, ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop?’ … I thought it was that”.
18. BBC Involved In 11/9 Attacks:
Now here’s the evidence of BBC involvement in not just the subsequent cover up, but actually on the day of the attacks:
Next door to the two twin towers was a neighbouring 47 story building, called Building 7, which also collapsed.
A). Six months BEFORE the WTC collapsed, it’s new owner, Larry Silverstein increased his insurance for the building. When building 7 collapsed (regularly over looked by media since the 11/9) he recovered $861 million. A year later, September 02, on a Public Broadcast Service programme, Silverstein admitted he had been told the building was so damaged they wanted to, quote, “pull it” – a term for demolishing a building by controlled explosion. He has SINCE stated he meant something else by this “pull it” phrase, but has not said what else he meant!
B). At a public event in Texas in 2007, Senator John Kerry, answering questions, admitted that as he knew it, Building 7 was demolished by controlled demolition.
C). CBS newsreader Dan rather said of the collapse of Building 7 was, “reminiscent of … when a building was deliberately destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down”.
D). An Italian TV documentary has footage upon which there is the sound of explosions going off before Building 7 collapsed.
E). Indira Singh, told American radio that, a volunteer civilian Emergency Medical Technician whilst setting up sites for the injured, the Fire Dept had said, quote, “We’re going to have to bring it down”.
E). Kevin McPadden, a seek and rescue volunteer (ex-Air Force Special Operation) was working at the Red Cross operation Centre: “They said you know you’ve got to stay behind this line because they’re thinking about taking this building down, they’re not sure if it’s stable or not, so they are holding a line off because they have the knowledge that something is gonna happen. Well, they pushed us back a little bit… a couple of minutes later they started coming down…people started coming back out to the street, I watched five New York City buses jam packed with people wanting to do search and rescue, head down there towards Building 7 – people walk out into the middle of the street to see these people off, like bon voyage and right then Building 7 came down”.
F). The BBC (like CNN) were given ADVANCED notice of Building 7 collapsing, 26 minutes BEFORE it collapsed!
The BBC reporter Jane Standley (not bothering to look behind or know which building she was talking about, not believing the evidence in front of her – typical BBC journalist – an idiot) reported IN FRONT of Building 7 that it had already collapsed (what a berk!).
What’s important here is not Jane Standley behaving like a typical TV reporter, but the fact that somebody had told the BBC (and CNN) that Building 7 had collapsed when it hadn’t. The obvious explanation is that somebody thought it had been demolished already so let the cat out of the bag by having the idiot media told it had collapsed, before it actually did collapse.
When asked about this stupid report by Standley, the BBC stupidly claimed that all of it’s recordings of 11th September 2001 had been “lost” in 2007 (!!!), and that the BBC stated that accusations of being involved in a cover up were “ridiculous”. Yet, as you have already seen, the BBC News and Panorama programme have covered up recordings of London Doctors choosing to commit harm, Panorama even “filing” the recordings as a “comment” on one of their own shows!!!
The BBC have never revealed who informed Jane Standley of the collapse of Building 7.
G). It takes weeks to organise the explosions in a building for it’s demolition, yet Building 7 fell just hours after the attacks.
H). Andreas Von Bulow, a former German Defence Minister and intelligence expert, claims Building 7 was the command centre to co-ordinate the attacks on the WTC. A command centre definitely existed on the 23rd floor, opened by Mayor Rudolph Giulliani, ($13 million), for responding TO terrorist attacks!
I). after 11/9/01 Mayor Giulliani sent in fire fighters and others were sent on to the WTC site so to clear it up, when the Environmental Protection Agency already had said the site was lethal from the WTC remains (toxics air from asbestos). He wanted the stock market reopened. So much for him being the Hero Mayor.
19. Professor Stephen Jones of Brigham York University has conformed this is the evidence of thermate and it’s derivative, which is used to cut through pillars and steel:
Jones says the yellow molten metal with white ash or dust floating away from the WTC was the, “signature” of thermate being used.
“Thermite had to be planted in the building, which of course implies directly an inside job”, Jones said.
20. No Arab names were on the passenger list appeared, yet the FBI listed 19 hijackers and their photographs.
21. Of the 19 alleged hijackers, 7 were found to be ALIVE afterwards, (the FBI then changed their lying to claiming the terrorists used aliases). The American media were stupid, when told this by a Truth Investigator from the Isle of Wight, by asking him, “What did the terrorists do? Use a parachute?”, trusting the Authorities instead of evidence.
22. So much was destroyed at the WTC site, yet a passport of one of the terrorists was found. The BBC automatically believed this find because the source was the FBI. Just like with MI5, MI76, the police etc, the BBC did not question the FBI’s account because the FBI was official Authority. How stupid can you get?
23. Further so-called ‘evidence’ turned up, such as lead hijacker, Mohammed Atta’s baggage, which SOMEHOW wasn’t put on the airplane he ‘hijacked’. It had all the items the Authority needed to claim it was a Muslim terrorist attack: a copy of the Koran, simulation procedure for flying Boeing 737 and 757 aircraft. Atta’s passport…; Pardon!!! How on earth
Did Atta board Flight 11, his plane, without his passport to pass through the security check! Whoops. The conspirators have screwed up again. In addition, why would he need all that baggage when he was about to kill himself? Idiot plants like this would repeat themselves at the London bombing.
24. There is a mass amount of evidence proving that the CIA and it’s Pakistani version, the ISI, work together in drug smuggling, so I won’t repeat it all here, (the Bush family are heavily involved in it). In Florida two flight schools, Huffman Aviation and the Florida Training School, were bought by two Dutchmen, Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruthof. The training schools were based at Venice Aipror in Florida. The airport has a reputation for the little aircraft involved in drug running. On the 25th July 2000, the Lear jet of Huffman Aviation’s joint owner, Wally Hillard, was the subject, to quote the local Orlando Sentinel newspaper, of, “the biggest drug seizure in central Florida history”. At this time learning supposedly how to fly a little Cessna airplane (so to supposedly learn how to fly a giant airliner!!!) was Mohammed Atta, the supposed leader of the hijackers. He is supposed to have never been seen by Rudi Dekkers after late 2000 according to the latter, but just 2 weeks before 11/9/01 witnesses spotted the two men meeting. The FBI chose NOT to investigate Dekker’s lie, (it has been alleged that the FBI didn’t investigate because Dekker was working for the CIA – according to journalist Daniel Hopsicker, who wrote the book, Welcome To Terrorland: Mohammed Atta & the 9/11 Cover Up In Florida.). Remember Jeb Bush, brother of moron George W, was state Governor at this time.
Atta also had a girlfriend, Amanda Keller, who was a stripper and lingerie model, (someone a fundamentalist Muslim like Atta was supposed to be, would not have). Atta also drank plenty of alcohol, ate pork chops, snorted cocaine and swore about God. Keller told Hopsicker that Atta was full of cash due to his role in DRUG RUNNING.
Basically, Atta was no fundamentalist Musklim. Keller said, “These guys had money flowing out of their ass. They never ran out of money. They had massive supplies of cocaine”. Whenever they ran out, they would go to the flight school.
Atta was no fundamentalist Muslim. He was a drugs runner, enjoying the profits of his crimes. A nasty piece of work, but not a terrorist. He was also expendable…
25. There is even a witness accounts which suggest Atta and his companion, Abdulaziz Alomari, NEVER even boarded Flight 11. At Portland Airport both supposed hijackers boarded their airplane to Boston from where they would catch and hijack Flight 11. A CCTV camera is supposed to have caught both men catching their first plane at 5.45 am on 9/11/01 so to catch Flight 11 at Boston at 7.45 am. That’s leaving it tight. A delay in the plane from Portland airport would mean they would miss their connection at Portland, and they left the hotel at 5.35am!
26. At the US Airways check in, the ticket agent Michael Tuohey, was told by the FBI agents that the CCTV camera at his desk which recorded him checking atta and Alomri, was NOT working for weeks. Yet for weeks nobody at the Check In had told Tuohey that it was out of action.

27. On the Portland Airport security CCTV (a CCTV camera which was actually allowed to work), it had not one but two, YES TWO, different times and date: the one the FBI referred to read 05:45 am, which was bizarrely put ACROSS the MIDDLE of the screen, blocking the view. The second time on the screen, at the bottom of the picture, showed a different time, which was 05:53, showing therefore that Atta had just 6 MINUTES, to catch his flight so to commit a hijack!

Two times on the recording(!), the lower one the correct one, which
The media slice off when showing this recording!
28. The media, when showing this CCTV footage, like to MISS OUT the date and time at the BOTTOM of the screen, so only showing the time and date which was WRONG. Thus, the BBC, ITN CNN etc can not be trusted again.
29. The original tapes at the airport were obtained by the FBI and have since disappeared. The head of Security At Portland Airport was Ruth Dudley who said she DIDN’T know why there were two times on the screen…
30. OFFICIALLY most powerful men in America lied about where they were when the 11/9 attacks took place:
A). Acting Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, (military), Richard Myers claimed he was in a meeting with Georgia Senator Max Cleland on Capitol Hill. Hill supposedly not leaving until the Pentagaon had been hit by the third plane at 9.38am. Air traffic control had lost touch with the first plane (Flight 11) at 8:14 and Norad officially informed at 8:40 am. At 8:46 am Flight 11hit the World trade Centre – Nobody supposedly told Myers. YET, at 9:10 am, 30 minutes BEFORE he is supposed to have left this meeting with the Senator, Myers was part of a teleconference with Richard Clarke (author of the book, Against All Enemies which exposes Myers and Rumselfed (see below) lies) – a counter terrorism expert for Bush at the time. So, Myers lied about himself being unaware of the Attacks (as he claimed to the press) until he came OUT with the senator. Why??????????
B). Donald Rumsfeld, Defence Secretary, claims he was working in the east side of the Pentagon when it was hit. He wasn’t warned that the plane was coming, when, as referred to earlier, Dick Cheney had already been informed (hiding in a shelter) at 9 am. According to Richard Clarke, Rumsfeof was also part of the teleconferencing at 9:10 am so WAS aware of the plane en route to Washington, (with lots of military officers around Rumsfeld and Myers). What a liar!
C). Dick cheny, Vice President (and some say the REAL President, just like Bush Senior had been as Vice president to Ronald- No Brain-Reagan) claimed he didn’t leave hos White House office until 9:30am when he dramatically told the press that was when the security staff grabbed him and bundled him to the basement bunker. This move was witnessed by official photographer David Bohrer just after 9 am. Another big liar.
D). George W Bush
Officially the Brainless One wasn’t informed of the first plane (Flight 11) until he arrived at the school he was visiting that morning. Bush told a town meeting (on the 4th December 2001) at the Orange County Convention Centre in orlando, that he saw, on the school TV, the footage of the first (yes first – not second plane) plane hitting the WTC. Bush thought the pilot was terrible! Then he went to the classroom to read the story about a goat from a book he held upside down…
Fact: There was NO live footage of the first plane hitting the WTC. Recorded footage (by two Frenchmen making a programme about the New York fire dept) only emerged later.
In fact, back at 8.35 am, whilst Bush was on route for the school Sonya Ross, an Associated Press reporter received a phone call from a colleague informing her that a plane had crashed into the WTC. So naturally Bush would have been told by now as he had constant contact with the military. This he confirmed to ABC TV reporter John Cochran BEFORE going into the school. Cochrane told TV newsreader Jennings on ABCTV that he had seen Bush’s Chief of staff, Andy Card, whisper in Bush’s ear BEFORE leaving FOR the school (where famously Card would whisper in Bush’s ear again). The reporter asked Bush if he had anything to say, “about what’s happening in New York” and Bush said he would. So Bush lied when he said he didn’t know about the first plane hitting the WTC until he was in the school.
The Cover Up of 11th September 2001-10-27
33. Excuse for Bush not returning to White House: On 12th September 2001, a White house Spokesman claimed they had evidence that Flight 77 was targeting the White House and Bush’s aircraft Air force One. Bush’s Spin Dr., Karl Rove, told the press the Secret Service had evidence which confirmed the terrorists knew of Bush’s “procedures and whereabouts”.
Yet Bush used air Force one after the school visit without fighter protection. On the 25th September this claim was withdrawn, CBS Evening News saying the call about the evidence, “never happened”. Most newspapers ignored this exposure of lying. Typical Media.
The 9/11 Commission set up to investigate the 11th September 2001 attacks was of course a White Wash
34. The Commission found it was, “not clear” to them who attended the teleconferencing, and could not be certain the conferencing was under way before 9:37am when the 3rd plane, hit the Pentagon. Didn’t they ask Rumsfelf, Cheny or Myers? Of course not. To do so would expose their lies about where they were.
35. The account of Cheny’s behaviour as told by Norman Mineta was left out of the final report by the Committee.
36. Senator Cleland was on the Committee when he should have been a witness to the Committee as he had been a witness to the true whereabouts of Myers. Cleland resigned from the Commission saying, quote, “It’s a scam. America is being created” and that the Bush Government “knew a whole lot more about these terrorists, before September 11th than it has admitted”.
37. The Commission was originally headed by the evil Foreign Secretary of America during the 1970’s, Dr. Henry Kissinger who gave approval for coups galore (e.g. in Chile in 1973). Even the New York Times suggested he had been chosen, “to contain an ——– the Government had not wanted”. But Kissinger, due to his reputation of evil being known to so many, (officially due to him not wanting to disclose his interests in one of his companies so to prove there was no clash of interest) was replaced by Republican Thomas Kean, (ex-New Jersey Governor) as Chairman. Kean, like his follows members was closely related in work to the Bush Government.
The Commission Report was written not by the Commission but by their executive staff, led by Phillip Zelikow (very close to Bush Advisor Condi Rice). It was Zelikow who decided what went into and what stayed out of, the final Report, one staff member claiming “Zelikow is calling the shots”. He had 75 staff working under him. It was his doctored lying, omitting, Report which was issued. Cover Up.
38. American Intelligence Specialist and ex-prosecutor for the American Justice Dept John Luftus, told American television that the alleged mastermind of the 7th July 2005 London Bombings (on 3 Tube trains and a bus) was a double agent, working for British Intelligence.
His name is Haroon Rashid Aswat. In 1999, Aswat was attempting to establish a terrorist training school in Seattle, for which the Seattle Justice dept wanted top prosecute him, but the Justice Dept HQ told the Seattle staff to leave Aswat alone as he worked for British Intelligence.! As Loftus said, “What’s really embarrassing is that the entire British police are out chasing him,, and one wing of the British Government, MI6 or the British Intelligence Service (MI5) has been hiding him”!!!
39. Peter Power, Managing Director of crisis management company, Visor Consultants, is a former London Met police official working, working with the Anti-Terrorist branch.
Just hours after the London bombings he told BBC Radio this incredible information, showing that the planners of the 11th September 2001 attacks were the SAME planners of the London Bombings:
“At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now…we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don’t want to reveal their name but they’re listening and know it”
What obvious reasons? Who are they. He should have been forced to name them. Oh but of course the Police haven’t investigated the bombings for real (see below) and there is still yet to be a Public Enquiry!!!
Power continued: “And we had a room full of crisis managers for the FIRST time met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from show time to quick time thinking and so on”.
It was only AFTER Peter Power gave this interview (and not investigated since by our moronic media) that the Met Police revealed the London Bombings were simultaneous – thus copying Powers training exercise to the letter.
Whoever hired Power and his company to conduct this exact bomb exercise based on where the exact real bombs 3 Tube train bombs went off, should be investigated, (just like whoever picked the exact training exercise and the day it was undertaken, for American Fighters to train for dealing with hijacked planes, on 11th September). Of course neither the idiot media nor the official Authorities have investigated this!
In fact, the fact that the real terrorists attacks of 11/9 and 7/7 were carried out on the actual days the role play attacks occurred should have rung alarm bells at the BBC, ITN and national press. But STILL (!!!!!!) they do nothing!!!
40. Who REALLY Bombed London?
The actions of the alleged London bombers also don’t add up for fundamentalist Muslims who are trying to kill themselves:
A). The 7.40am train from Luton they were alleged to have caught, was cancelled.
B). To have missed the 7.40am train meant the alleged bombers were TOO LATE to be in London to have detonated the bombs went off. When it was pointed out to the Authorities that the train had been cancelled, the Authorities only THEN, announced the alleged bombers had caught an earlier train, (but provided no proof of this).
C). They paid for a parking ticket which would allow their car (3 of them had driven to Luton from Yorkshire) to stay in the station car park for 7 days…. As if they expected to be back to collect it in 7 days!).
D). Then they bought return tickets to London, as if they expected to return.
The footage of the alleged leader of the bombers, Hasib Hussain, boarding a bus, was not in use, and neither the CCTV camera on the bus working, despite bus company officials later stating that bus CCTV cameras are regularly checked and maintained.
F). The description of the bus bomber’s clothing did not match those of Hasib Hussain.
41. There was no trace of the alleged dead bombers bodies, not even their DNA (!!!!!!!!), yet their documents to prove they were there, survived the explosions!!! Interestingly, the documents of one of the bombers were found in three bomb locations!! Our media have ignored this obvious fact, Frank Gardner, the BBC’s so-called Security Correspondent only commenting it was “strange” the documents were with them. If Frank Gardner was a real journalist, he would investigate this (and all the other facts) and not dismiss it as, “strange”! And where’s the DNA evidence and CCTV footage that the bombers actually reached London, Frank?
42. The Authorities, Police and idiot media claim the bombs were inside the back-packs the alleged bombers were carrying IN the trains, causing the explosion to go from inside the train, out of the trains.
Bruce Lait from Cambridge and his dance partner Crystal Main, were the only ones in their carriage close to the bomb but not to suffer serious injury.
Mr. Lait told the Cambridge Evening News about what happened when the Police arrived:
“The policeman said, ‘mind that hole, that’s where the bomb was’. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was UNDERNEATH the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don’t remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag” Unlike BBC and ITN idiots, the Cambridge Evening News actually realized what Mr. Lait’s revelation meant: “This suggests at least one of the bombs (referring to Mr Laits train) “may have been planted either on the track or on the undercarriage”. A sensible journalist at last!!! Conclusion here: the alleged bombers were at least not alone in the bombing of of the train. BBC Newsnight have repeatedly interviewed the SAME female victim of the bombing because her mind is closed to the true facts, but of course Newsnight ignore Bruce Lait’s account as does their regular interviewee. As the BBC News were involved in the destruction of Building 7 on 11/9/01, could BBC Newsnight be involved in the London bombings, or are they just stupid?
There of course has been NO Public Enquiry (and if there were, all these facts would be ignored, David Icke and Bruce Lait and the Israelis not called).
Had the BBC, ITN etc actually investigated the true facts of 11th September 2001 they would have found the Authorities claim of who did it was a fabrication, and that the attacks were an inside job.
As, the true evidence of the timing and method of the London Bombings is the same as the 11/9/01 attacks, it is very likely, that the same persons behind the London Bombings were the same behind the 11/9/01 attacks, thus if the media had investigated the real facts of 11/9/01, they would have exposed the real culprits, preventing them from bombing London.
Who Rules Britain: Not Who The Media Claim:
The BBC and ITN newsreaders and reporters, along with the radio and national press journalists, follow the official line that the elected Government runs Britain along with the House of Commons and house of Lords (voting on policies).
Total fabrication.
The main political parties are all controlled by the SAME people/organisations, and the electoral process and control of who the media reports on, ensures that no smaller parties, uncontrolled, can suddenly sweep into power, not even being able to gain a single seat. There are different levels of control, each organisation on that level controlling the one(s) below.
Level 1: (The official political groups).
Consists of the Round Table group through which these other groups co-operate through: the Bilderbergers Group (USA/Europe based); Club of Rome; Royal Institute of international Affairs (UK); Trilateral Commission, (USA/Europe/World).
In these groups, supposedly and officially, just Think Tanks, are business, political, military, royal/parasite and banking leaders who claim they attend these clubs just to have informal chats. Lie.
All the groups have two leaders: one for the political level and one for the religious level. Through both levels the people in control are of royal blood.
1.The Round Table dictated UK Policy in Iceland, Palasteine and Israel (1917 – 1945) and helped create the League of nations, it’s successor the United Nations, IMF and World trade Organisation. In addition, it started the Boer War in 1896 (not 1899). It also helped start both World Wars.

2.The Bidlderberger Group is the most well known group (which is attended by both American and British politicians (e.g. Kissinger, Peter Mandleson, Lord Carrington (a Knight of Malta)).It was created by Lord Victor Rothschild family and Dutch royal Parasite Bernhard, who had supported the Nazis. The heads of NATO and WTO are only appointed with Bilderberger approval. Tony Blair was invited to attended his FIRST Bilderberger meeting just a year BEFORE he became Labour Leader (which was following the convenient death for him of John Smith). Hilary Clinton is one of the American leaders who attends, just l;ike Geoffrey Howe and Peter Carrington controlled Margaret Thatcher who’s privatisation policies of the 1980’s was what the Bilderbergers wanted, (they and their friends buying up what was state controlled). When Thatcher resisted the Bilderberger plan of creating single European nation state, they got rid of her.

3.Chatham House: The chief Parasite is the patron and it’s members are classified, even though it receives tax payers money, (e.g. via the defence and Environmental Dept). It is very well connected to the British Intelligence services and the Parasite family. It is used by it’s members etc to plan globalisation so to avoid parliaments.

4.Council on Foreign rtelations: Almost every American President has been a member of it, since 1921. Helped create the UN and the League of Nations as well.

5.Trilateral Commission: created by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1973. It’s founders planned it to work towards creating a world government. Brzezinski wrote in 1990 that Europe, with central Europe and eventually Russia, should form a single nation. In the late 1970’s the CIA, Brzeznishi needed, began funding the mujahedain so to INCITE the old Soviet Union to invade, creating a Vietnam style war for the Russians. Bzezenski defended this by stating it was better to have the Taliban causing terror in Afghistan than allow the Soviet union to continue. Brzezinski is the man today who controls Barak Obama (who uses Nazi NLP to sell himself) and has admitted to funding the training of terrorists. Brzezenski children had run both the Republican campaign and the Democratic campaign. His daughter worked in the media.

6.Club of Rome; Set up in 1968, it’s like the others in structure, and officially claims to be just a Think tank, but also includes ‘scientists’ amongst it’s members.. It’s specifically about the environment.

7.Then there are the tax exempt organisations, off shoots of the above groups and these are usually labelled Foundation and charities. They receive the public funding to help those persons or groups which will further world fascist control. So, if scientists refuse to endorse rubbish science they don’t receive funding and the same applies to historians and schools.

Level 2 Control:
Out of the ancient Mystery schools of Babylon, sumer and Eygpt, came the religious secret societies who’s members are also members of the level 1 political societies already described.
Instead of being split into two levels, there are many levels of knowledge in EACH of these Level 2 groups. Freemasons believe the highest level is the 33rd degree. Wrong! There are higher levels, reached only those of the Parasite bloodline. Most freemasons NEVER reach beyond the first 3 degrees. The freemasons consist of two types: the Scottish Rite (with 330) and the York Rite (10 degrees).
1.The Knights Templar was established in the 11th century in France, adopting the St. George flag from Georgia, (formerly part of the Khazar empire). The black and white square of a Masons Hall are around Police hats. Founded partly by the St Claire/Sinclair family (parasite bloodline). The first 9 Knights and in 1118 in Jeruslem lived in the site of Solomons temple. From 1126 to 1129 the Templars increased rapidly (having a Papal constitution). When noble (parasites) joined, they had to give up their lands and wealth to the Knights Templar (such land gaining place names with the word “temple” in them). The Templars would blackmail and lends money to their targets so they could control them when their targets got into debt. The Knights templar’s national H.Q. was in High Holborn in the London Temple, (still known today as the Temple where the Crown offices are located). When the French King moved against the Templars in France to seize their wealth in paris, most of the wealth was removed before he could get hold of it. The surviving Templars fled to Scotland, aided by the Sinclair family, where they would re-emerge as the Scottish rite of Freemasonry. Others fled to Portugal and created the Knights of Christ, one of their members being Prince Henry, who had a sea captain, Bartolomeo Perestrello, who became a Governor. It was the latters daughter who married Christopher Columbus, who then had access to the Knights ancient maps of the world.

2.The knights of Malta, (which were formed out of the Knights Hospitaler of St. John the Jerusalem who had fought alongside the Templars another group, control the International Monetary fund (IMF) and have permanent observer status at the UN. They stayed on Malta until 1834 when Napoleon invaded so they relocated to Rome. Today they are heavily involved in the banking system.

3.Today the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are very powerful, with 25,000 members in 112 nations. Like the freemasons there are many levels, so those lower down (the majority) don’t know what is really happening. Loyola, a founder, said the disciples should be quote, “well disciplined like a corpse” (or what we say today, like sheep). Satanic rituals, have been reported by it’s former members as active within the movement. A lot of the Nazi leaders were Jesuit educated, including Goebbels. And at the end of the war it were the Knights of Malta who helped Nazis escape Europe, but 8,000 Waffen SS were helped to move into Britain. Many world leaders are Jesuit educated.

The European Take Over
There are more secret groups in America (Skull & Cross Bones) and in Italy (P2), but let us now look at the lower level group which has been set up to take Britain into a United States of Europe: Common Purpose.
Part 1: The Path into Europe:
Dr. Kitty Little was a researcher into the corruption and infiltration within British Intelligence, having access to sources for over 50 YEARS. She had been a scientist, working for the Ministry of aircraft Production during WW 2, followed by work at the atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell.
In 1995. Dr. Little made a submission to the Nolan Committee on standards in Public Life, in 1940 describing an attempt to recruit her to the Communist Party at Oxford University. The Communists there infiltrated the local Labour Party study group, where the speaker at a meeting of this group outlined the plan to destroy the British defences, and to use an organisation, we now call today the European Union, to create a centralised rule across Europe. Those in this group Little attended, would infiltrate both Left Wing and Right Wing political parties, (right wing of Labour and Left wing of Conservatives), leading to a ‘fusion’ of the parties into a single central party. This is what later happened with the formation of the SDP (by politicians who were members of Bilderberger group and Trilateral Commission, like David Owen and Roy Jenkins), who then moved to join with the Liberal Party, creating the Liberal Democrats). Tony Blair then took his Labour Party from the left to the centre ground, and David Cameron has done the same.
As the speaker in 1940 said, anyone who offered a non-centralised view would be dismissed as extremist, (which is what is happening now). It of course helps if infiltration of the media has taken place.
Back in 1940, the speaker stated that he expected to lead a political party. His name was Harold Wilson, who became Labour Party leader on the death of Hugh Gaitskell (just like Blair did 30 years later on the death of John Smith).
Like his Tory opponent, Edward, Wilson was a Bilderberger member. Wilson, during a period when he was issuing libel writs left right and centre, was shown Kitty Little’s report for the Daily Express and rather than sue her as well as everyone else, he dismissed her claims by simply saying she had got confused with a Tom Wilson. Dr. Little went back to the Oxford Uni records and could find no Tom Wilson. She was not wrong. There is indeed further evidence to suggest Harold Wilson was a spy for the soviets, but other writers have covered that. Wilson supposed paranoia that he was being bugged, was not a delusion, but real it has been revealed. No wonder.
Both Wilson and Heath were servants of Lord Victor Rothschild in the 1960’s and 1970’s (somebody else linked to spying). Heath in April 1962 was the Lord Privy Seal in Harold Macmillians Government, when Heath told the Ministerial Council on Western European Union that, “ have decided that those who join the Economic Communities (EC, former name of the European union) as full members must also join the political union. I am sure that this was the right decision” (Command Paper 1720). In 1971, a foreign Office Memo warned, “…the Community is a process of fundamental political importance implying progressive development towards a political union”. Yet over the 1960’s and 1970’s, the People had been told the EC was just a Free trade Area. The Memo was suppressed for thirty years.
In Paris in 1972, Heath attended a meeting with French President Georges Pompidou (also a Bilderberger) and ex-employee of another Rothschild. Attending with Heath was his Secretary of state for Industry, John Davis. He reported back to the Monday Club group that Heath had agreed that Britain would run down it’s manufacturing industry, with London becoming the centre for finances, in the new Europe. The British Manufacturing industry was a main target for ruin, according to Wilson in 1940….
Heath in 1972 also gave up British sovereignty on the fishing industry, taking on the EU Common Fisheries policy, which has now ruined the fishing industry. Downing Street files, released in 2001, show that Heaths ministers opted to keep quite about the expected disaster the entry into Europe would have on the fishing industry.
Asked in a BBC interview in 1990, if Heath knew at the time of joining the EC that Britain was joining up to become part of a federal single European state, Heath admitted, “Of course, yes”. Further confirmation came from Sir Crispin Tickle, a heath negotiator on joining the EU, who said the implications on joining the EC (EU) was not to be talked about in public. There have been accusations that Heath was a Childs Abuser, but those issues are beyond the remit of this document.
The purpose of running down industries in Britain but not in other European countries is that each country will specialize in one industry and will be reliant on other parts of Europe for other industries, thus tying Europe together.
A bit like the creation of the morally correct Welfare State in Britain which has had the side effect of making people more reliant on the welfare State, which is now being privatised so private companies control welfare…
The Real Reason for Devolution:
To further bind the European nations into one single European state, the legal powers of national governments and parliaments are DEVOLVED. In Britain this has taken on the form of creating the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament. In addition, the northern Ireland assembly has started again. The English Democrats have been formed, with policies to create an English Parliament, whilst the Cornish (west Wales as it was once known) also want their own Parliament. The English Democrats are unlikely to achieve their policy of pulling Britain out of the EU, but by promoting their policy of an English Parliament will generate support for an English parliament. The media have been conveniently for the pro-Europeans reporting consistently how the Scottish M.P.s ion the house of Commons can vote on the affairs of purely English issues, but English MPs can’t vote on the purely Scottish Affairs because they are run now by the Scottish Parliament.
Part 2: Common Purpose
In 1988, a new group was established called Common Purpose. It is one of a number of groups in Europe which are to train the middle ranking officials. It has branches in many European nations. It trains ‘leaders’ of different professions, those finishing the courses are known as Graduates. These Graduates now work in our police services, Government, health services etc etc.
It was founded by it’s Chief executive Julia Middleton, who was also Head of Personnel Selection in the office of the Deputy Prime Minster, John Prescott. It was Prescott who had the job of creating regional assemblies across Britain, which were rejected by people in England. However, now there’s the English Democratic Party to try again where Prescott failed. (it’s a good bet the English Democrats are a Common Purpose creation). The Tavistock Institute is believed to be involved in Common purpose’s creation In Common purpose training, if an attendee doesn’t conform with the others, then the group is turned against them and they are isolated. If all ‘leaders’ are trained to think the same (be sheep) then the general public will follow suit. Just look at the way the public have dumbed down their speech in the past 20 years, everything is now either “positive” or “negative” which doesn’t explain what is really meant. According to expert in the Common purpose cult, by Brian Gerrish, the city of Plymouth is now under control of Common purpose. In addition, the Police Commander who had the innocent Brazilian technician murdered at Stockwell Tube station was Cressida Dick, a Graduate of Common purpose. The rules of the Chatham house group are used at Common Purpose.
The same centralising of nations are under way in America, Africa, the Pacific and Asia, so the world will only be one stage away of a World Government. For more information read, “The David Icke Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)”.
Justification For Serious Single Play Dramas on RNS Internet Channel:
Described further along is the internet TV channel the Radical News Centre will operate. One of the programmes produced, though limitedly, will be single (one off) dramas addressing subjects which the corporate media ignore not only through factual programmes, but also ignore by having the storylines in TV dramas about the same subjects over again. The Radical Theatre Workshop will provide the actors (see below).
Since the 1990’s, the actors on TV drama’s have reverted back to being overwhelmingly from Higher social class backgrounds, (partly due to the fees for University drama courses being too much for Working Classes to afford, and partly due to the closure of regional theatres for the direct way into acting. There is of course snobbery in the Broadcasters also). One BBC Review critic (a Muslim woman called ——–) let slip that if one, quote, “scratches beneath the surface” of the actors and actresses on Channel 4’s Shameless, one would find they were “posh”, (certainly the boy on it keeps pronouncing the word, year as “yuerrr” – the posh pronunciation). The RNC dramas would give priority casting to Working Class actors, giving them a chance to act on television. Political drama is also collapsing which is blamed on the lack of single plays. Single TV dramas used to spark serials, but now this only usually applies to sitcoms. According to actor Bernard Hill quality writers and actors use to begin in regional theatre then move on to national theatre and then radio and TV. He blames Margaret Thatcher for the loss of regional theatres by cutting their funding as to squash the access point to the TV industry, of left wing (as he puts it) writers and actors. The Authorities use the corporate media to condition the public into accepting their view on subjects, through drama, (e.g. in February 2010, on a Friday, the Dr. who exposed the dangers of MMR (to combat measles) had his methods of research denounced by the GMC; on the Sunday the BBC drama Larkrise was all about measles; then on the Monday the Govt campaign to promote MMR began.. Many people can only absorb facts from dramas, sadly. Dramas no longer educate, but just entertain. Middle Class Julie walters told the press in August 2012, “there aren’t going to be any Working Class actors. I think look at almost all the up and-coming names and they’re all posh schools”. It’s just a shame those Working-class kids aren’t coming through”. 7% of UK children go to private school and it is from this tiny percentage that most young actors are coming through onto TV, film and theatre, (e.g. Benedict Cumberbatch (whose mother is actress Wanda Ventham) who disputes he’s posh because he is not aristocratic when being Upper Class is separate to Aristocratic), Hugh Bonnerville, Rebecca Hall (who’s early theatre and film roles were directed by her father, Sir Peter Hall), Rupert Everett, Dan Stevens and Carey Mulligan. Ken loach commented, “It is sad that so many of the young leading actors and actresses coming from such a narrow social background. It emphasises the fact that this is a society based on Class and that privilege confers status”. Posh schools are able to have £13 million theatre and £12.5 million arts centres, which some performing arts academies can’t afford. In state schools nationally there are 25,000 students less taking GCSE drama than there used to be, (though this could be due to useless drama teachers obsession with Impro). With the £9,000 price of going on to uni to study, this puts further students off going to uni to do drama. Actor David Morrissey has said that if he were starting out in acting now he would not pursue it at drama college due to the price tag, (his father was a cobbler and his mother worked at Littlewoods, but this could be as a manager making him Middle Class). The RNC Reality Playhouse will re-launch the 1960’s dramas by Sydney Newman, which tackle issues the corporate media boycott, harking back to the 1960’s play, Cathy Come Home.
Justification for Demonstration Rehearsals
When demonstrations happen in a public place with, as well as without permission, there is often (but not always, which the corporate media ignore) physical confrontation with Police and security guards. Whilst these confrontations can be provoked by aggressive policing and even more aggressive security guards, the shouting and emotions of demonstrators can for some, certainly never all, demonstrators, is that it sparks aggressive behaviour, inciting police and security guards to move on them. The protest rehearsals would serve two purposes: Firstly, for demonstrators to practice being calm when manhandled by those Police Officers who are aggressive. The second purpose, is to practice self-control whilst demonstrating, keeping their emotions suppressed.
Location & The Site Layout
The Location would be preferably in the 1066 Country (Hastings-Rye-Tunbridge Wells-Eastbourne area), if finances allow, but the high prices of the south make this unlikely. So even having it in the Dartmouth/Totnes area is unlikely. Ireland maybe it’s home. Update: Ireland it WILL BE.
It will be needed to be located near a railway station. North and mid Wales is therefore more likely and is convenient in being more geographically central in Britain. There is a better chance of buying a place with lots of room and further neighbouring land to buy later for expanding to create a psychobabble free centre), (though buying an island in Scotland or a peninsular and developing a village free of psychobabble run society would be tempting)..
Before describing the development of the Centre and site, it will be helpful to understand where everything will be in relation to the main building. As it’s likely the site will be of rectangular in shape with the main building at the centre, in front of the front gate (entrance), but set back from them, and have out buildings to it’s rear, this description is therefore based on this likely site.
Upon arrival at the Unicorn Retreat Centre & Residency, a visitor would find the site, along the public road side, surrounded by either a wall or fence. However, to the left of the front-gated entrance a short one-way Bus drive would indent into the site for a bus to stop. Between the public road and this ‘Bus’ Drive would be a low fence and a lamppost with 3 lamps (based on the lamp in the painting, Last Bus by Peter Bradshaw). On the other side of the Drive would be a miniature version (just big enough to walk through) of the station building in the said painting. This would be the public road entrance to the site’s miniature or narrow gauge railway, (more details later). To the right of the building would be a short stretch of fence or wall separating the said building from the front gate entrance (where the said Drive rejoins the road). The fence/wall would be hiding from view from the public road, the main railway building (a miniature version of Bromley North), which those entering through the gates would pass on their left.
As mentioned earlier, Front Gate Station is to have two miniature buildings, one (based on Peter Bradshaws painting) for access to and from the public road and our Bus Drive, whilst the main building will be just inside the front gate on the left, based on Bromley North’s building. Both buildings will house the ticket offices, but only the miniature version of B.N. will give direct access to the miniature concourse, separating the said building from the 4 platforms, (with flapper destination board, above the entrances to the platforms). Ahead will be the driveway leading up to the Main Building. On the right a footpath goes off towards a Yarn Market building. Walking up the Drive, on the left and right will be grass, but with wind turbines on the left as well.
Crossing over a small track the drive ends in front of the Main Building. On the right of the Main Building, is a platform and shelter serving the track. To the left of the building, a footbridge leaves it’s first floor and curves 90 degrees in a curve to the left to enter a new eco-friendly built Contemplation Hall. The Contemplation Hall is at right angles to the Main building. A tower at it’s left end stands, with aerial atop. Beyond the Main Building are three sets of almshouses, joined together, with 2 sets joined at the end to the rear of the Main Building, thus forming a square yard in front of them and the rear of the Main Building. (Details of inside these buildings are in the Development Stages 1, 2 and 3).
The site area to the left of the almshouses and Main Building, beyond the Contemplation Hall, is for the production of fruit and vegetables, with Poly tunnels. To the right of the almshouses and Main Building, (a hedge separating this part from the front) is for Yurts, recycled small buildings, (e.g. old signal boxes) and tents for residents and visitors who want to live really simple. At the rear of the almshouses, the site would be split between growing fruit and vegetables and an orchard. In the back right hand corner of the site would be the compost and recycling area.

Running around the site would be a miniature gauge railway. The main terminus station being the one to the left of the front gate. The track would leave the terminus running along the left bottom boundary until the left bottom corner (where tracks would go off into rolling stock workshops in the corner), of the site where it will turn right. From here it would pass behind the Contemplation Hall (site of Meditation Halt), where as the track turns right another track comes in from ahead (Meditation Junction). The track, having turned right, runs beside the Hall, beneath the footbridge and in front of the Main Building, crossing the Drive and disappearing between hedgerows to the eastern edge of the site where it meets with a triangular junction (Yurt Junction) with a branch. The branch line track curves right joining with a spur track, to run down behind the Yarn Market to a terminus station.
The main track back at Yurt Junction turns left, joins with the other end of the spur track, (thus a triangular junction is formed), and heads along the right side of the site, passing yurts and Yurt Halt, before passing another hedge row and entering an orchard, where it splits, one track turning left by 90 degrees and the other track turning right by 90 degrees (a further track linking both these tracks at their respective bends, so creating another triangular junction, Bandstand Junction). The right hand track will enter the 3 platform Bandstand Junction station with carriage sidings beyond, and a short branch going off to an observatory made of mud at the far rear of the site. (on the map the Bandstand Junction and carriage sidings are mistakenly shown as Compost Siding and Witchy Hollow Halt), before heading along the rear/back edge of the site, (at the actual site of Witchy Hollow Halt where there will be Compost Siding, not as the map shows, which is where the carriage sidings). At the left/back corner of the site the track turns left, with a siding going off to the right running parallel to the track, (separated by the curving platform of Permaculture Halt), where after, the track runs along the left edge of the site to rejoin itself at Meditation Junction. Workshops would be added around the site where there is room (e.g. for keeping the two buses in).
The Courses: 1. Yoga (Hatha and then as many kinds as possible).
Caroline’s Cuckmere Yoga: Unicorn Retreat Centre (Unicorn ashram now) member Caroline performs yoga at Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex.
Yoga at Unicorn Retreat Centre (as separate and integrated with classes). Here Caroline Owens Cuckmere Yoga.

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Course 2: Body Conditioning By Christine Weedon

Body Conditioning will be taught at the I.H.C. Basic exercise in the fundamentals thereof e.g. stretch, etc. for people who haven’t had any or, even, only slight experience in such proper exercise throughout/during their life (i.e. not the highly privileged) shouldn’t practise – nor, really, attempt – the be-ginning of exercises in the ‘middle’ of a room – especially when it’s straightaway on the floor – because it’s potentially hazardous, even could be potentially dangerous… e.g. when perhaps suffering chronic physical disabilities/disease, etc. which have been continually medically neglected, e.g. back/pelvis/neck/feet/legs, etc. The whole point being of doing physical exercise is to STRENGTHEN one’s body, not to exacerbate it’s infirmities; one needs to LEARN HOW to use/move one’s body and limbs – ‘getting to know’ it which, obviously, would be a gradual process even if one has experienced a ‘taste’ of proper exercise at the bar prior thereto, e.g. one/two hrs’ pw for six months in teenage years only could be detrimental to the body in later life when having to, ‘start from scratch’ even when one is a born dancer – even of ballet. Basic disabilities and extreme pain, etc. which one has just had to ‘battle’ and ‘get on with’ throughout a life which have been repeatedly ignored/neglected/sneered or/ and laughed at by drs. can, for instance, in such circumstances, cause not only further undue pain – not only the ‘pain barriers’ i.e. ‘good’ pain, needed to endure for getting one’s body TO ENDEAVOUR to ‘stretch’ – but, consequently, ‘bad’ pain which, obviously could be extremely detrimental to the future ‘workings’ thereof, e.g. even when one has had the good fortune of proper dance and body conditioning teachers, when at one’s seemingly “fittest” and most “healthiest” not only can one’s back suddenly ‘go’ completely manifesting in having to climb on, as well as off, chairs and, hardly able to walk, etc. even when exuding such ‘fitness’! In addition thereto, it can have very embarrassing consequences when suddenly in between one can’t move at all when one desperately needs to, e.g. to the loo! Therefore, a bar MUST be utilized in the first instance, not only as a precautionary measure but, also, to strengthen the body in a GRADUAL process. It’s all very well – and, most reassuring to someone like myself when, after Gillian Gregory stands behind TRYING to, ‘hold one’s back up’ with her leg and knee so that my back doesn’t fall back on the floor when being unable even to just SIT thereon (!) and then, thereafter, being told to “show the others” (i.e. TRAINED ’dancers’ – so-called – who were ‘dancing’ for payment!) “how to do it’ i.e. DANCE!!… What a fantastic and born natural dancer Gillian Gregory (apparently she succeeded in actually TEACHING ‘twiggy’/a model to actually do a bit of tap… I take it that just showing her how to do it was insufficient… But, Gillian Gregory should’ve substituted the bar instead of her leg for the most basic of exercises; hopefully, she learnt from that and when she apparently went to America used the bar prior to the floor. Hopefully, she is still ‘kicking’ – metaphorically in addition to physically! Thank ‘God’ for Robin Winbow of ‘The Dance Centre’, Covent Garden as well, he showed how to actually use the back FROM THE BAR (i.e for the Untrained IN ORDER TO strengthen it, pivotal for anyone who wants and, especially, NEEDS to know how to get a frustrated almost useless body not only being a “born natural dancer” but, HOW to get it to work PROPERLY at it, as when one knows a TRAINED dancer (whether a proper actual dancer or not, like Fonteyn) when just seeing them walk/move, etc., like Felicity Kendall – who’s supposed to have never had any dance training AT ALL!! Like others have supposed to never have had!! Yet, as in ‘Gyms’ as well, so many of these, so-called, “professionals” don’t seem aware nor, even interested when asked about a bar being used even when there has been one, that not everyone have such a privileged background… Aerobics, I’ve discovered when at my most fittest, is potentially the most dangerous – when I walked out of my first and only one at the above-mentioned Dance Centre, the teacher came running out saying I should go back in, not listening when I said I couldn’t – it was too dangerous… Alain Dehay thereof was the most fantastic dancer though, I’ll always regret not going with them to a club when he asked me after looking so sadly down at me trying to do his exercises when, yet, I would just copy him immediately when he danced or, rather, ‘flowed’; he had it both, he was born to dance and had some training too, but he never used the bar; I tried once the other ‘dancer’ of the same T.V. show, ‘Bruno’ who was so useless I walked out, a mere beginner… Chrissie(Christina) Brooks ALWAYS too used marvellous moves on the bar, her lesson was THE PROPER body conditioning for everyone inclusive of beginners to footballers and Felicity Kendall. Even when, THE best of Arlene Phillips’ TEACHERs ‘came running’ up to me in one of few classes I was able to get to/pay for, saying, “Where did you learn to dance like that?” responding I just “did it” needed bar!

‘The Pineapple’ Dance Centre really only caters for the more advanced dancer, etc. i.e. at least the more, ‘practised’ pupil although, Sue Hession used to teach a form of yoga from beginners upwards, etc. there yonks’ ago; a warning therein though, one’s back can still ‘go’ with the most gentlest of bar exercise causing absolutely incapacity thereafter if one’s disabilities have been laughed at continuously by drs. despite one’s own determination and financial investment to try oneself to strengthen and heal oneself can end in so much more disability if mixed with continuous ADVERSE physical hardship and physical suffering, e.g forced continuous ‘hard men’s labour’ and walking/LUGGING miles, etc.

It never ceases to amaze me when, when gyms are touting for potential users, I request info re “have they a bar therein” – they always seem to stare as if one is mad! …
Of course, dance music is essential therewith, except for the quick laying-down of meditation in between for rest, like a real profess- sional like Robin Winbow used to practise. Any yoga teacher must be able to PROPERLY teach yoga like the unique expertise of THE greatest yoga teacher of all, Sheila Levene, at least for beginners, etc. She was such a genuine healer of physical pain, etc., under- standing the uniqueness of each individual’s body, together with their disabilities. Such yoga being SLOW, etc.

Courses in Guided Visualizations
Buddha Love, by Miss C. Owen (Star). Copyright Miss C. Owen (Star).
Make sure the room is comfortable and you won’t be disturbed. Wear loose clothing, have bare feet and remove your watch. Make yourself comfy (e.g. kneeling, lying on your back or sitting cross legged), close your eyes and take three deep breaths and relax.
You are standing on the shore of a vast lake, there’s hardly a breeze in the air and the water is still.
You notice a small rowing boat at the edge of the lake, you climb into the boat and find two golden oars. These are magical oars and will help you to find peace and still your mind.
You take hold of the oars and begin rowing. As you row you feel all your tension leaving your body as it flows down your arms into the oars out into the water to be cleansed…
If any thoughts arise let them flow down into the oars and out into the water. Keep rowing with every stroke becoming more and more relaxed and at peace…
You are nearly there. You see the small island getting closer and closer. As you approach the sun is shining as you near the embankment. You sense stillness in the air, a stillness that fills your very being.
Tie the boat to the mooring and climb out on to the island. The island is full of nature with beautiful flowers and trees.
There is a path which leads towards the middle of the island through the foliage. You follow it. Passed the trees and flowers, their heady sent smells divine, butterflies flutter passed you and birds sing happily in the tress.
You find yourself in a clearing and see there’s a small pond, the sun ripples on the surface. It is adorned with lily’s and lotus flowers. You sit on the embankment and watch as the peace envelops you.
Suddenly you notice the largest lotus flower in the centre of the pond starts to open. You sense there is something special about to take place. Petal by petal it opens up to reveal a figure and then you realize it’s Buddha. You are in complete awe as he emerges in all his splendid…
Buddha looks upon you and all your bad vibrational energy is washed away, you feel cleansed and new….
Buddha asks you if you are ready to receive love, you say yes. Buddha sends out a giant pink heart, it floats through the air towards you. As it reaches you, it absorbs you into it’s very being, uplifting your vibrations to unconditional and compassion, you are in the love, the never-ending vibration which is now. See your loving beingness expand out in all directions around the world like a rush of water touching all the souls around the world , filling every being with unconditional love as you over flow with love and compassion feel it shinning within you as bright as the brightest light, know that you will take it with you into waking consciousness. You and love are now one relax into it as Buddha has a personnel message of love for you so close your eyes and listen as this message is meant specially for you…
Now it is donned as Buddha bids you farewell.
You turn to the path and follow it back to the boat with the golden oars. Climb back in and row back across the lake, each row bringing you back to reality, back waking consciousness, back to the moment, back to the here and now. Open your eyes feeling refreshed and renewed full of love and compassion.
By Caroline Owen X

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Rainbow Star, by Caroline Owen (Star) Copyright Caroline Owen (Star)
Gently close your eyes and take three deep breaths and relax.
Picture yourself in a cosy little cottage sat in a comfy rocking chair in front of a warm open coal fire, you can feel the heat emanating from it as it warms and sooths you.
You stand up and walk to the window the curtains are closed so you open them. It is night time and the sky is full of sparkling stars, you feel compelled to go outside just to be closer to them.
You look to your right and notice a door next to the window. You put your hand into your pocket and find a key; you put the key in the keyhole of the door. It fits perfectly, turn it and the door opens.
The first thing which hits you is the sweet smell of the night air. You go through the door into a garden. It is night except for the light of the moon. You look up and see the sky is full of thousands of beautiful stars all different colours.
The first star you notice is red, the red star starts to grow bigger as it draws closer and closer. It is so close you can almost touch it. You reach out as it surrounds you and you are bathed in it’s glorious red light. Take deep breaths and breath in it’s pure red light, you and the red star are now one.
The second star you notice is orange. The orange star is coming closer; feel the vibrancy of the orange as it too surrounds you. Take a deep breath in it’s colour. You and the orange star are now one.
Now you notice the yellow star coming forward, it’s warm energy reaching out to you, surrounding you with it’s good vibrational energy. Take a deep breath of the stars yellow light. You and t5he yellow star are now one.
Now you see a pink star emerging from the night sky coming closer. Feel it’s pink loving energy encompassing you, surrounding you with loving pink light; take a deep breath of it’s pink light. You and the pink star are now one.
Next is the blue star coming out of the velvet night sky travelling towards you, coming closer, enveloping you in it’s blue light, beautiful blue all around? Take a big breath of blue light; you and the blue star are now one.
Next the purple star stands out, moving closer to you. You feel it’s energy becoming stronger as it surrounds you. Take a deep breath, breathing in it’s silky purple light. You and the purple star are now one.
Finally you see the violet star moving towards you. You feel the vibrancy of it’s energy as it complete surrounds you bathing you in it’s violet light. Take a big breath of it’s lovely violet light and know that you and the violet star are now one.
Now you are complete. All your chakras are synchronized and energized. Feel yourself glow with all the amazing colours. You are shining like a star.
When you’re ready head back through the door into the little cottage locking the door behind you/. Sit back in the rocking chair, the fire is dying down now but it’s still warm. As you rock back and forth in the chair you start to come back to the moment with each rock, refreshing and energizing you. Open your eyes feeling revitalized and bright.
Caroline Owen X

Golden Butterfly by Caroline Owen (Star) Copyright Caroline Owen (Star)
Find a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed, taking phones off the hook and settle yourself. Wear loose clothing, have bare feet and remove a watch. Cover your body with a blanket if the room feels cool. Know that this time is dedicated especially for you. Relax, close your eyes and take a slow deep breath, feel all the stress leaving you as you breathe out.
To help protect and prepare for this imaginary journey ahead you will need to do this simple breathing exercise:
Start with your feet, breath golden light into your feet. As you do so feel them relax and vibrate with a golden frequency.
Then take another breath, breathing in golden light into your legs. Feel them relax as they are nourished by this golden light.
Continue to breath in golden light until it touches your torso. Feel your torso completely relax as it fills with this divine colour.
Next breath the golden light into your chest, feel your chest expand as it filled with this beautiful golden energy.
Breath in again as it flows down your arms, feel your tingle as the golden light flows through them.
Take another deep breath breathing golden light up through your neck and into your head, then out through your crown chakra balancing your entire being, feel it radiate from within.
You are now ready for the experience which awaits you.
You find yourself in a dark cave all alone. You rise to your feet, still glowing and protected by the golden light. Looking up you see what looks like day light and hear the sound of water. You realize it’s a waterfall and the only way out of the cave. You head towards it.
This is a magic waterfall and has the power to wash away any bad vibrational energy, jealousy and prejudices you MAY have. You walk into it and stand under you feel the water cascading down, gently cleansing you of any bad vibrational energy till you feel brand new and completely at peace.
When you are ready step out of the waterfall still pulsing with golden light. You look around and see you are in a tropical rainforest surrounded by trees and amazingly coloured flowers. Hear the forest noise all around you it’s alive and teaming with life.
Breathe in and smell the deep heady sent which is the forest.
As you turn the corner you find a clearing, golden sunlight sparkles through the trees.
Look up and see a cloud of stunning butterflies fluttering around above you, you reach out inviting them closer. Suddenly they are all around you and you see they are not really butterflies but sylphs, beautiful fairies with intricate dazzling wings of all different colours. One is the same bright golden colour which surrounds you. She flies closer. You feel an instant connection with this golden sylph.
She speaks to your mind asking your name. You now have a telepathic connection with her. With your inner voice you think your name. She welcomes you to the forest and asks if there is anything that you would like to wish for? Take some time to consider this as it is important that you word it carefully.
When you are ready say with your mind, ‘fairy I am ready to make a wish’. The fairy says when you make your wish you must end by saying for highest good.
When you are ready to speak your wish with your inner voice ending with for the highest good.
The fairy flutters her wings, sparks fly ands golden fairy carries your wish up to the universe to manifest.
As the golden fairy disappears up out of sight know that your wish is granted.
You look around. The butterflies are gone. It is time to return to the reality of life:
Get ready to start counting from ten to one with each number becoming more and more awake.
Ten coming back, nine move your fingers, eight wiggle your toes, seven take a deep breath, six, five coming around, four prepare to open your eyes, three feeling fresh, two you are revitalized, open your eyes. You are back in the here and now.

Course 3: Radical Theatre Workshops
In 6th century Athens, theatre/drama was officially invented where the story teller was replaced by actors, acting out a scene as well as performing the lines, instead of a story teller describing the scene. All performers wore masks so to protect the actor from various public perceptions, including being treated like a God (not so shocking when you think of Ben Kingsly wanting everyone to call him “Sir” after he got his knighthood)!!! Theatre back then was performed in an open theatre arena in front of audiences which included military generals and politicians. Theatre’s purpose was to encourage the audience to think about moral issues, (“posing questions to audience).
Background: For the Radical News Centre there will be a drama department responsible for the Radical Theatre Workshop and Reality Playhouse, as well as experimental theatre. At the R.N.C. will be the Radical Theatre Workshop, consisting of 6 to 12 regular actors dedicated to the RTW purposes, known as the RTW Core. These are: to run basic drama lessons (workshops) for those who have never done acting (certainly NEVER went to university or performing arts school) but who want to do drama so to educate the public (who won’t watch documentaries) so to be part of (through acting or directing etc) plays on serious subjects which the media and TV dramatists boycott; to put on performances in front of a live audience or on a TV drama on the RNC’s internet TV channel. No use of psychology speak will be allowed as this dumbs down the English language such as “positive, negative, sense of, journey, community” these words/phrases are the most inaccurate way of speaking. For example when a person claims somebody else is being “negative” do they mean angry, upset, depressed or even bizarrely, having an attitude the person speaking finds unacceptable! The purposeful dropping of the letter T in words will also be banned from productions as this widespread idiocy is giving society the impression that Britain is a classless society so everyone has equal respect from Doctors and job opportunities, when in reality there are five social classes and the higher (so-called) social classes treat the lower classes with contempt, (just listen to TV presenters drop their T’s in words when interacting with Working classes and then pronounce their T’s with the upper classes and TV reporters).
In the workshop and rehearsals the person leading the session (tutor or Director) must select who performs tasks with whom, not allowing members to decide for themselves. In addition, no verbal improvisation in drama will be allowed. That’s final. The Basic Drama Lesson known as the Radical Theatre Workshop will only be open to adults who never had acting lessons at uni, attended a stage school and preferably not even at school (due to useless teachers using impro), despite behaving themselves. For those who have done acting before they can go directly into the Reality Playhouse rehearsals (once they have passed the auditions).
The RTW Workshop: Initial Sessions In Action
In light clothes and bare feet for the first six to twelve weeks of the RTW, (so to increase informality and according to actresses Anthia P and Elle, acting in bare feet makes movement “easier”), the adult students beginning acting will sit on the floor of the rehearsal studio in a circle. They will be led through some warm up exercises to warm the muscles up. This would then be followed by the Nameball game (for the first three sessions) and then Movement and Anti-Inhibition games (all described below). Then it’s time for relaxation session of 5 minutes, followed by the first acting session. All verbal acting for the first six to twelve weeks will be done by having the students holding a script of a scene from a play, whilst standing or sitting on a mat, having gone into Character the first, moment they step onto the mat. This is Character Mat (see below). Once everyone has had a turn, then the session would look at a different aspect of acting , using three games relevant to that aspect: Voice Projection; learning how to memorize scripts and monologues (where a single character gives a speech to the audience as if thinking aloud); Body Movement & Mime; Physical theatre & Masks; Narration & Acting To Camera; Mimicry and puppetry. The session ends with the tutor summarizing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and what will happen the next week. To finish a bonding/Oneness exercise is performed.
Narration (voice projection): This will be an important technique as some people will join the RTW so to improve their ability to narrate their documentaries or dramas they are producing. This is something I have done plenty of, talking too fast (!), (having to also control the equalizers for levelling my speech with location sound, something in todays digital world people don’t know how to do).
There will be no improvisation using speech allowed. For those not use to acting improvisation is throwing them in at the deep end. One would never tell a child to start the swimming lessons at the deep end of the pool. Impro is requiring the new actor to know a basic understanding of how to start acting. The R.N.C. acting sessions will always have learning to act whilst holding a script. Drama in Britain has become obsessed with Impro, whilst Mime barely exists but at the RNC this will be reversed. Impro allows the extroverts to succeed at acting whilst the introverts avoid drama. Some Anti-Inhibition and Movement drama games (for Breathing exercises see Luke Dixon’s book, Playing With Plays) to use:
Movement Games:
Storytelling Mime:
As you read in the Justification Section, story telling as part of journalism makes it dumbed down crap. Yet, story telling in the world of make believe (acting) can be a very useful tool when it is used for it’s actual purpose of telling a story. The following is an adaptation of a game called Volunteers (which included anyone jumping up and having a go at being the actor – basically it can lead to a squabble or a mess). Here’s my cleared up version of it: The purpose of Story telling Mime is to help those story telling harness the art of voice projection (something I could never do at primary school – what a shame this technique didn’t exist instead) and the actors practise body movement and mime in relation to a script without having to learn the lines first. In addition, this is an excellent first technique to do without using a Character Mat. The RTW group/cast sit on the floor in a circle. The Tutor/director selects one actor to read a script and two other actors to mime the actions the characters in the script are doing in the centre of the circle. Once the short script (or page from a script) has been completed, the Director selects three more actors.
Living Statues: One drama game I actually did at school drama class (when I wasn’t fighting off the bullies) was Living Statues (also known as Character Modelling). I didn’t know it’s purpose in 1987 (I don’t think the Crown Woods School teacher ever told us – to busy being obsessed with Impro) but I do now: Living Statues is a game to give actors more ideas about their character they are to play. One actor stands or sits and then allows the other actor to move the first actors limbs about like a toy figure. The actor requiring the ideas can be the one doing the sculpturing or be the model! In practise this game should be used as a starting point for character development.
Charades: Each member of the Group mimes a sport (or whatever) and the rest of the Group have to guess what they’re doing.
Hypnotism: One actor must watch and be about a few inches at all times away from another actors palm, so as the other actor moves their palm around so the actor must move with them, getting into all sorts of positions, thus they use muscles they don’t usually or ever have used. Elbows, soles and knees can be used instead of palms.
Anti-Inhibition Games: (the weirder the games the less weird after it will feel to act).
Mirroring: Two actors stand opposite each other, one acting like a mirror of the other as the latter moves. Thus, if the first actor moves their left arm up to their head so the second actor must move their right arm up to their head. The aim is to hide who is leading who.
Masks: A covering of all or partial of the face which can be a realistic mask, an exaggerated mask or an animal mask. Whilst in a performance the Mask can be used in a scene of a Masked Ball it can help someone starting out in acting in the third session (roughly) hide behind it so to gain confidence at the pretence they are attempting to full fill. Animal Masks are useful when initial acting sessions when members are being helped to lose their inhibition by playing at being an animal as for this game they can wear a mask of that animal. In this way Masks are like the Character Mat – the actor using it knows that the moment they put it on the rest of the group don’t expect them to behave as their normal selves but in character as an animal, thus the actor doesn’t feel like a pratt acting as an animal (e,g. a purring cat or a roaring lion you get the picture). One book, Playing with Plays” for children appears to overlap into the supernatural by suggesting that the Mask can actually influence the behaviour of the actor, so must remove the mask when told to. Other books refer to spirits taking control of a person through the mask. Spooky! Not for those with mental health problems, then.
Relaxation testing:
In pairs: One person lays down and relaxes their body as much as they think they can in half a minute. Then their partner moves around them lifting the laying partners’ head, arms, legs, hands and feet, wiggling fingers, toes and even ears, (lightly and slowly). Then swop. This exercise is not as easy as it sounds (I did it when I was a teenager) and is used in adult and children’s groups
In pairs: Sit opposite each other, cross legged, close. Partner A holds out one arm and hand relaxed, which Partner B holds. Then Partner B lifts Partner A’s palm to face to smell. This procedure is then repeated with the other palm. Next Partner A lays down, arms and legs straight. Partner B kneels at Partner A’s feet. They lift one ankle up and smell one foot. This procedure is repeated with the other foot. Then partners swop. I think 30 seconds is quite sufficient for each smell! A minute is too long! In addition, I would strongly advice socks are worn as it is hygienic and today (unlike in the 1980’s) smelling bare feet is regarded as sexual.
Pulling Down
One member stands at one end of the room, dubbed the Start. Everyone else lies on the floor, close to each other, leaving only 2 to 4 inches between them. The member standing has to step over everybody else without touching them. If they touch anyone stepping over them, then those laying on the ground, put their arms up to grab and pull down the person stepping over. At the far end the person stepping over lays down whilst the first person laying down at the Start end gets up to have their go.
Sheet Rolling For 5, but I’d advise 7, people Not for anyone with balance problems.
A modern technique: One member lays down on a bed sheet on the floor, their arms crossed. Two (preferably three) people stand either side of the person and the sheet. All 4 (preferably 6) grab hold of the corners and the middle. Those on one side (e.g. right side) of the sheet should lift higher than the left side, thus rolling the person laying down 40 degrees one way. Then those on the left side do the same, rolling the person laying down to the right.
Group Sheet Lift:
With knees slightly bent, everyone lifts the sheet with the person laying on it and gently rocks the person back and forth.
In the book, Living Theatre Games by Clive Barker he suggests the following games (after participants have done a few sessions together):
1.Log Rolling: actors lie on their backs next to each other but head to toe. Then at one end of the human logs, one rolls themselves up and over the other human logs to the far end. Then the second one follows suit. This game is not to be undertaken by those with balance organ damage.
2.Rocks & snakes: All but one of the group form a rock with their bodies but leave room for the remaining actor to then crawl, step over or slither between the actors forming the rock.
3.Raft of Medusa: A small chalk square is made on the floor and the group gather in the square. At the word go the actors push each other out of the square. As soon as each actor is pushed out they drop to the floor outside the square and play at being crocodiles trying to pull others out of the square, until only one actor in the square is left. Barker unsurprisingly says that by the time there is only one person left in the square, the floor is “a squirming mass” of sharks and recommends that not only shoes, but also watches, bracelets spectacles etc are taken off before the session begins. The New age version of this used by Osho Sannyasins is called: Rock The Boat. Participants form a boat made of cushions in the centre of the room. All participants clamber on the cushion boat. The therapist then informs them the boat has spring a leak and to reduce the weight in the boat so to slow the leak they have to throw one of their number over board. The group then decide who is the least useful or worthwhile (e.g. too old or too heavy!) and throw them over board. Then the therapist tells them the leak has got worse so someone else is voted off the ship. And so on until there are just two left when the wrestling in Barkers version.
Combining both techniques (for RTW and rehearsals) so reducing the aggressive wrestling: Rock The Raft: The actors begin by being assigned fictional jobs (e.g. Osteopath, carpenter, plumber, banker, academic, royal) with a cushioned shaped boat. The Tutor/director then removes a cushion announcing the boat has sprung a leak and must throw someone overboard. As well as deciding on age, weight, this version also takes account of how useful that person is in life (by their job). Once the first person is voted off they become a shark slithering around the floor trying to pull other members on the boat off. Meanwhile the tutor/director announces the leak has got worse so again they have to vote who to throw off creating a further shark, Etc etc. Obviously in the first round it’s easy to know who to throw off first (the royal, then academic and then banker), but it will get more difficult. On another occasion different job descriptions can be used. This game can add fun to the session and also be a warm up for stage combat session.
A final game from Barker is also similar to New Age games: His is called, The Plague. Two actors stand aside while the other performers act out dying and playing dead. Once the actors are playing dead, the two actors who stood aside from the game then gather up the ‘bodies’ and make a pile of them (two laid at right angles to two underneath with heaviest on the bottom and lightest on top). The Osho sannyasins used this technique as Osho put it, “to feel one of the community”. Todays Cuddle Parties end their sessions with Puppy piles (they renamed this). Personally I prefer the New Age version, without the morbid stuff.
Warnings: Verbal and clapping games can be confusing for dyslexics, dyspraxics etc as there is too much happening at once to concentrate on (co-ordination difficulties) so must be avoided. Authors Luke Dixon and Clive Barker both recommend massage as part of warm ups for drama (Dixon specifically suggesting foot and even spinal (!) massages). The danger here is not just sparking sexual feelings (as Barker admits to but which actors have to learn to ignore for certain scenes) but also because accidentally the massage may be applied like acupressure and if a giver of this doesn’t know what they are doing can make the recipient feel ill (e.g. reflexology can make a person feel sick). Personally, whilst I am in favour of massage in growth groups (where participants get to know each other much more than in drama groups) in drama workshops this may not be such a good idea.
After drama games the actual sessions begin. When someone new to acting is to act out a character with dialogue or as a mime they can feel like a bit of a Pratt (unless they are very confident or arrogant). Leaving shoes outside the studio, undergoing relaxation and games are all very well in helping actors recognize they are able to cease to be themselves and instead pretend to be someone else, it’s not going to be enough for those who are just starting out in acting. This is why a Character Mat will be used. The mat should be 4ft by 12ft so two actors can stand or sit on it. The rest of the cast should sit in a semi circle in front of the mat as this means to new members of drama lesson that once they are on the mat they are sending a signal to the rest of the members that they have ceased to be themselves and are in character. The leader of the workshop should demonstrate this first. Your author can understand how a materialistic item can give a person the confidence to behave in a different way to how they normally do: with a microphone (plugged into a recorder) and a clip board with questions upon it I was able to go up to complete strangers in the street and ask them questions on the misuse of health funds.
Hot Seating will be highly used. This is to help an actor create their character, by studying the character as described in the script and then the actor thinking about how that character would talk (e.g. accents), move, the healthiness of their senses, breathing and their life story. Then in character (with some costume possibly, but not all) the actor (sitting on the Character Mat maybe on a chair upon the Mat) will be asked questions by the rest of the cast about their character, how they interact with other characters in the story (e.g. opinions). Unlike Improvisation, Hot Seating is something an actor can prepare for and for those new to acting (such as those here taking on minor roles) it doesn’t throw them in at the deep end like improvisation does. As part of preparing for Hot Seating the actor should make their own separate notes about the character they have in mind (if it’s for the Playhouse then they should include descriptions from the script). The practical purpose of developing a character as fully as possible is that it helps the actor switch into the character swiftly and smoothly over and over again for recording scenes for a drama etc which takes weeks. An example of how good the acting should be can be found in comparing two films on the same subject: The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in WW2. In the 1970 film Tora, Tora, Tora the acting was actually robotic – no emotion at all (not even from it’s star Jason Robbards). In the modern Pearl Harbour film the characters had character (attitude and emotions). Despite some critics of Ben Affleck’s acting talent in the film, he did a far better job than Robbards in 1970. Thus Hot seating will be a primary technique. A young friend of mine did a drama workshop in London recently but was told the character he performed wasn’t realistic and that he should do impro, when in fact he should have been told to do Hot seating, (even RADA teachers advice this for making a character realistic). This reflects the obsession (incompetence) with impro. The Basic Drama Lesson of the Radical Theatre Workshop can be used by those who just want to improve their narrative skills for documentaries they are doing at the RNC so need to learn voice projection. They can either attend the RTW session on voice projection or if there are a high number of applicants just for this then a separate lesson can be run. Sessions which cover mimicry and puppetry can include those wanting to produce the satirical puppet show.
The RTW will not be covering stage performance, comedy, auditioning for college/jobs, performing before a live audience or musical-theatre, but welcome those involved in these types of drama if they can teach basic serious drama. What will be covered is performing for serious drama and satire. What the RNC drama lessons will be turning out are actors who can act in serious drama if nothing else (as they are the source of the Reality Playhouse performers). According to Michael Simkin of RADA, 92% of actors are out of acting work and only 8% are in work and that those 8% in work are the same actors consistently getting work and that there were are “only 5 or 6 decent establishments (drama university) who offer superb trainings and most are a waste of time”. With such stiff competition for such places the RNC will provide those with a natural talent for acting they didn’t know they had the opportunity to fine tune it and then the opportunity to be noticed through Reality Playhouse.

The theatre Workshop begins (replace with own photo). The workshop warm up exercises (replace with own) then games.

Basic starter game: Name Ball You just need a ball
Sculpturing/Character Modelling: Actor models actor as teapot; then actress models actor into Monkey


Picture3 Picture4

Drama Games: Acting as animals but no masks (these photos need to be re-modelled, preferably with masks).;


Playing at being lions.


Smelling games

Picture2 Picture5

Actors undertake a body movement session.                    Sparring (with one Derek Jacobi) (recreate sparring photo in anyway).

Picturea Pictureb

Auditioning before a Director . Director directing performers (photo needs replacing with own).

Mime. Below passing an imaginary box.

Picture5 Picture5g Picture5aa


Mime: Felling against an imaginary wall.

Lifting an imaginary table.

a b

An imaginary tug of war with an imaginary rope.                                                                            Relaxation (for drama)

c d

Very Important photo Character Mat Work (this photo needs more models)


Above very important photo to re-model exactly as photo above right: Hot Seating. Need to redo again.

Course 4: The Basic TV Production Course (as Apprenticeship):



Location work at Eridge for TV production course. A schools TV production gallery.
Open to the Working Classes only will be the Basic TV Production Course. The purpose of TV is supposedly to inform, educate and entertain, (usually failing in the two formers). Whilst the RNC is not to entertain it will produce serious drama and satire so to educate those who don’t watch documentaries, so acting will be used. The Tutors will consist of a member of the RNS and for the drama, with someone from the RTW. Both Tutors will teach the students to avoid psychobabble speech and Storytelling Journalism.
Therefore the Basic TV Production Course will consist of teaching adults deprived of a descent (posh) education so can’t go to university how to produce news, documentaries and drama.
For the first two weeks students will produce an advert just so to learn how to use the technology and display their technical and creative skills they already have, so their strengths and weaknesses at the start of the course can be identified. It will also introduce the students to establishing who their audience will be and to ensure they get their message over as to what the product is they are advertising (heavy qualified university contestants on BBC TV’s Apprentice regularly fail to establish this latter point).
Then for 4 weeks, (in groups if there are 8 students at least) they will produce a magazine style programme. Each report on the programme would be produced (planned and directed) by each student with the rest helping in that production. All the students (or students in each group) would need to work together in planning the presentation of the programme. This task would be to assess how well the students have learnt to use the technologies, their own skills at producing a report and how well they work together.
The tutor will then meet with each student individually to recommend which ones need to work harder on some areas of TV production, (narration skills, English grammar, camera work, Script & Picture, VT or computer editing).
Only NOW does the serious work begin For the next 3 months the students learn how to produce a news programme:
A). Picking subjects to report on
B). Conducting research on that subject to report on
C). Writing Script & Picture
D). Finding locations to shoot at.
E). Finding people to do pre-arranged interview.
F). Establishing if Vox-Pox (street interviews) should be undertaken.
G). Organising the students as technical crew on location and in the studio.
H). Producing the news report on location.
I). Adapting the Script & Picture if some interviews/location shots were not possible.
J). Direct VT/computer editing.
H). Planning the style, music and presentation of the programme.
I). Carrying out their designated role in the studio production of the programme, (e.g. presentation, camera work, director, Vision Mixer, editor, Lighting control, Overall Producer).
Once this first news programme is produced, students will have to produce a second but this time with a period of one week time limit as this is the length of time the RNS Real News programme would have to be produced. In addition, they would also have to produce updates on each of their reports just like the RNS Real News would have during the 7 days following the transmission on the RNS internet channel/web site it would have.
Though this is unlike BBC, ITN etc news programmes which have just a day to produce a news programme, they feature very little real news and instead rely on gimmicks such as going live to where nothing is happening and use Storytelling Journalism instead of Encyclopaedia Journalism (news readers jointly introducing the same news report rather than separate news reports, the former consisting of a reporter concentrating on how people in the news feel about the news subject, not bothering to obtain the motive for the news subject instead asking the general public and neighbours who know little better for their ill-informed guess work, often led by the journalist and repeating themselves, whilst the latter just lists facts and establishes the motive for the news subject). The students will learn that a true news programme depends on featuring real news (the suffering of the majority social class in a country rather than Storytelling and gimmicks) and use Encyclopaedia Journalism.
For the third part of the course comes the serious drama: Here the RNS Tutor is joined by a Tutor from the RTW who solely leads the students for the first half of this third part of the course so teach them basic acting. Naturally, there will be no improvisation but instead a lot of work on first Character Mat and Hot Seating alongside Script Acting. Learning how to remember lines won’t be so necessary for those students wanting to work behind the camera as long as they learn how hard it is, (for those who do want to act they will be recommended to join the RTW). In addition, the students will do the drama games and other acting techniques described in the RTW section, (e.g. Nameball, Storytelling Mime, Mime, Mask, Body Movement, combat etc). They will also learn how to turn a short story or a scene into a screenplay. Like in the RTW, students will be in light clothes and bare feet for the same reasons outlined before.
Once a basic knowledge of Acting is understood (after 8 weeks) the Tutor from the RNS re-joins the students to teach them how to convert a screenplay into a drama production, (learning how to locate locations for filming, scenery to use or locate, camera angles so actors are not blocking each-others camera shot). Then each student will produce a short 10 minute play they have converted using Script & Picture from a screenplay they have written based on a short story. Thus, the students learn what it is like to be both in front of and behind the camera for dramas. Sometimes actors have difficulty going straight into character or being scared, (e.g. Sean Austin for a scene of fighting a giant spider in lord of the Rings film, had to visualize a tennis ball on the end of a piece of string as a spider and had a lot of difficulty with this).
Finally, it’s the current affairs documentary programme. It will be similar to the news programme, but each student will be expected to produce a whole 28 minute programme minimum. By now they should be able to do their own research and filming. They will be expected to pick their subject, plan the opening sequence and credits and avoid using Storytelling and psychobabble speech. The Tutor will just review the first 10 minutes of the programme to give advice before the student finishes their programme.
The key here is not to spend too much time on one aspect of the subject but, unlike the BBC, ITN and Channel 4, to avoid Storytelling, listing facts instead, which can still be dramatic if the fact is dramatic. .Many BBC and ITN reporters (e.g. Nick Robinson) would fail this course because they waffle, repeating the few facts they have bothered to obtain, adding guess work (e.g. guessing how a politician maybe feeling) and concentrating on people’s emotions (usually also guessing) and sometimes not reporting the motive for their news subject.
The Tutors would also ensure that psychobabble speech and phrases (“positive, negative (which could mean angry, upset, depressed, sad etc), self-esteem, journey, sense of place or self, iconic” and suggesting an emotion (e.g doubt) is a disease as that can condition listeners to view physical illness as emotionally caused) and “community” (when people living in hamlets, villages, towns do not have the same purpose or origins). Misusing the word “obsessive” by using it in the wrong context is particularly bad in documentaries (even a documentary on a Canadian fighter pilot in WW2 practising his fighter pilot skills was described by it’s narrator, Lord Michael Ashcroft on Channel 5, as “obsessive”, meaning if one is trying to survive that that is obsessive! Railway buffs and other non-sport hobbies are regularly described by TV reporters as “obsessive” yet football fans are not, even when they riot over what is just entertainment.
Thus, if a student produces three programmes (their own news report, short drama and a full documentary along with their role in the overall production of the news programme) using Encyclopaedia Journalism and no psychobabble, but display good production planning, (research and Script & Picture), location planning, basic understanding of acting, basic understanding of technical facilities and they pass the course (which hopefully will have at least City & guilds accreditation by the time the course begins).
Course 5: The Spiritual Warrior Retreat
The Unicorn Ashram will, in addition to being a refuge for the medically neglected and whistle blowers (on the charitable side), specialize in running Retreat Weekends for Spiritual Warriors, (on the business side).
What Is A Spiritual Warrior?
For those who are spiritual warriors they are told by straight forward campaigners that there is no time for spirituality or for music and dance whilst there is suffering of others inflicted by those in Authority who must be defeated.
Meanwhile, the Spiritual Warrior is also told by straight forward spiritual people that the Spiritual warriors will bring bad energy towards them and increase the power of the perpetrators in the latter’s quest to end suffering, and that instead they should just mediate and embrace God/Oneness.
A Spiritual Warrior is a person balanced by which I mean they spend 50% of their spare time campaigning for human rights/against injustices through demonstration, direct non-violent (peaceful) actions, (sometimes damaging property, but never people unless in self-defence when ALREADY under physical attack). They spend most of this time, writing letters, fact sheets and producing Demo Boards and web sites and emails, in addition to attending demonstrations, to support others attend court hearings and put themselves at risk to help others (e.g. giving safe refuge to whistle blowers).
However, the Spiritual Warrior also recognizes there is more to existence than life (usually that there is more than one life), they meditate, do yoga, enjoy drama, music, dance signing and nature.
A machine can not work without oiling it and there is no point to oil without a machine.
If straight forward campaigners don’t stop sometimes to enjoy life, love and light, they will be engulfed with suffering of life of others, becoming depressed and even killing themselves, (this to is a challenge for the Spiritual Warrior, though eased by their Spirituality so only need support). There are cases where such campaigners have killed themselves. For those who are straight forward spiritual who only talk and hear about love and light, they are sticking their heads in the ground like a cartoon ostrich, as in addition to being selfish, they don’t realize the evil will come and give them an almighty kick up the back side. There have been cases where those who are just straight forward spiritually have been tortured and killed by Doctors or had their children Forcibly Adopted, wrongly.
The two extremes come together in Glastonbury but pass each other in the High Street, never interacting.
Until they do, the Unicorn Ashram will be the place for spiritual Warriors to come to rest in a spiritual place where they can receive help in reviewing and planning their next campaigns as well as emotional support if starting to feel the strain. They will not have to worry about the two extremes pulling them in either direction by the residents.
In addition to the Retreat Weekend for Spiritual Warriors (including for organized groups) the facilities and other workshops will be useful for the Spiritual Warriors (varying from Warrior to Warrior as everyone is different).

a b c d e

f g

Internal and External Challenges
The most obvious challenge for a Spiritual Warrior is the clashes with Authority: This can lead to despair with the tactic and requires channelling anger instead of letting it become rage.
Another challenge is fear, particularly when starting on the path of the Spiritual Warrior of what the Authorities can do to you and what your family, friends, employers and clients will think of you:
However, one of the greatest internal challenges a Spiritual Warrior will face is their own ego. More Spiritual Warriors succumb to their ego than they do to fear or rage.
I have witnessed first hand how one campaigner took control of regular demonstrations, directing others what to do and what not to do. Nothing could be done without his permission. He seemed to be unaware that he was in charge when he denied the campaigners had undertaken a demonstration at BBC Tunbridge Wells because he had approved it. Yet only hours earlier, meeting at a rendezvous point, he didn’t want to wait for pictures(despite being told this would not be possible there for the photographer) and wanted to get straight to the demo site, so everyone else followed him. A few weeks later, when an internal news letter was produced on the success of the Tunbridge wells demo, he got angry because HE hadn’t approved it . Later he went into a rage because he claimed he wasn’t aware of a proposed future demo – he hadn’t given his approval. He didn’t want to discuss this with the third party who should have informed him. Yet weeks earlier at the demo he said he wasn’t in charge!
The result of his behaviour has led some demonstrators outside his group to view him as a stooge or spy for the Authorities. Yet the evidence points to him being a man unaware of his giant ego driving him to behave as being in charge. It is feasible that he is being manipulated unknowingly by persons who are stooges/ spys for the Government who know how to use his ego to control him and through him the group.
In another case, a posh woman co-ordinates a campaign against a subject and another campaign to gain justice for an individual. She houses campaigners and spends money on the campaigns to the extent (allegedly) that her children have seized control of her assets. She is also a bit of a cold fish, (lacking warm emotion).
However, when a whistle blower campaigner changed the leaflets and demo boards about her subject and the campaign for justice for an individual, gains them good publicity on the subject, she first boycotted the subsequent demo to help her individual, then refused to accept how the changed leaflets and demo boards had made the demo a success, then when the whistle blower needs help she at first refuses to help him. She only then helps him when she discovers a third campaigner is helping the whistle blower does the posh woman actually help the whistle blower by supplying money so he can flee London. Subsequently the posh woman has had the third campaigner with her at court hearings.
In plain English, the posh woman wouldn’t help the whistle blower because he undermined her ego by distracting attention from her (this ego result of course is known as jealousy) and only helped when her reputation would look worse for by being upstaged, bruising her ego. Already, independent of this incident, were her detractors saying she was a stooge and a spy, particularly because of her friendship with a German woman who one prominent campaigner describes as a “very dangerous lady”.
When she told a campaigner against Forced Adoption she should accept the loss of her children when there was still time to retrieve the children, that campaigner began to think the posh woman was a stooge.
Thus her ego not to be upstaged by the whistle blower (letting him sink) and then sparked into action when another campaigner helps the whistle blower, so causing damage to the posh woman’s reputation, naturally caused many to view her actions here as confirmation that she was a spy.
As a result her reputation and number of supports has reduced.
These two examples show WHY and HOW an ego can be dangerous if allowed out in serious situations.
Spiritual Warrior Workshops in action:
9 am: Two workshops leaders open the Retreat Day with a 5 minute introduction and any questions.
9.05am: A 10 minute traditional meditation.
9.15 am: The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Retreat.
This is the main workshop consisting of yoga, mixed martial arts and group therapy.

i ii

Yoga and Taekwondo blended into one morning long workshop
It opens with Taekwondo warm up exercises so muscles can be stretched better in yoga. Then an hour long yoga session, specializing in stretching and breathing, follows.
At around 10.30am The mixed martial art class begins. This uses both well known and unusual techniques with the emphasis on defence, but also in humbleness.
The participants switch turns in being Teacher and Student: The student learns to be restrained (as they would be by Police), rather than on winning! This is emphasized at the end of each bout by the ‘student’ having to smell the feet of the victor (this is a real technique in America) or have the feet placed on their face (as in French or French Canadian children’s wrestling – I kid you not). Further exercises will involve the students trying not to be caught (grabbed) with (in pairs) one partner playing the PC and the other the protestor. This will be redone as two teams – one as demonstrators and one as Police , both swopping roles. This exercise will allow them to practise all they have learnt in the session (avoiding being grabbed but when they are to remain calm when being manhandled).
About 11.30, A Oneness exercise (physical contact between all at once in a resting position) is undertaken, but more for bonding in this case, but still with a spiritual aspect through guided visualization.
About 11.45, to conclude the Way of the Warrior, a Group Therapy session follows to discuss what it was like doing the yoga and mixed martial art demo session, in addition to everyone’s experiences and attitudes of protests, (preparing for them and carrying them out) in addition to what their spiritualties are. The group will also explore the challenges of rage, upset, ego and despair using 4 techniques to counter these emotions (a combination of physical contact and guided visualization): A guided visualization of thinking back to a demo which made them feel like raging so to help the participants express their rage by screaming and beating pillows; Upset (similar guided visualization but remembering upset at demos) in small groups of 3 or 4 will be treated by group stroking and words of support both emotional and practical; Ego: In India, whilst touching someone with your foot is an insult, but to place another’s feet upon your head as a sign of worship, is to show them, quote, “true reverence” , (the origins for this is , on the transcendent level that the feet of the deity are the closet to Man). “This is an emblem of one’s own humanity”. The Tantrikas method will be used of abasing oneself , which can mean to “belittle oneself” and to be “humble oneself” which is the opposite to ego . They do this by allowing another to place their feet on the Tantrikas head (usually toes on forehead, but for the more daring feet on face), whilst a guided visualization is given about the dangers of their ego engulfing them if they are not watchful for this danger; Despair: Group massage (in each small group) whilst a guided visualization takes the recipients back to when they have thought the demoing was failing due to a lack of progress or a lack of support or beaten down physically by Police/ security or paranoia over who’s a spy.
1pm to 2pm: Lunch
2pm: Factsheet, Demo Board and Legal Right Knowledge Improvement session. This is about learning what the Spiritual Warrior want to say in print in a more concise way and artistic and photographic imagrary to gain attention and support to in addition to learning their legal rights (or lack of).

r rr

Improved Demo Boards which causes good result; Paintings to attract attention to campaigns.
3pm: Public Speaking Rehearsal Class: This is for improving or learning how to begin speaking to a live public audience present and how to be interviewed by the media in one to one sessions. As part of this our Radical theatre Workshop methods of Character Mat (good for

s ss

4pm: Debate on the Future of the Spiritual Warriors. This will include a talk to begin with (using such examples as the Battle of the Beanfield, Greenham Common, High Court London demos) and how they could and couldn’t be handled.
5.30pm: Close with a Oneness Exercise.
6pm: Film or documentary or live performance (by the Radical theatre Workshop) about Spiritual Warriors.
8pm to 10.30pm: Dance, music – fun time laid on. 10.30pm – 11 pm Bed.
The whole process is repeated on the Sunday so skills tried the day before can be improved upon and statements, feelings and ideas etc can be expressed.
Course 6: The Cailleach Rebirthing Workshop
This workshop was planned months before this name was found for it. My surname, O’Callaghan means descendent of Ceallachan who was the Eoganachta King of Munster from AD 935 until 954. The O’Callaghan’s were robbed of their lands (ironically/sadly by a republican Oliver Cromwell which were located around the village of O’Callaghan’s Mill). The personal name Cellach means ‘bright-headed’. Cellach is also an Irish name. It is believed to refer to a number of subjects including, The Cailleach a figure from Irish and Scottish mythology: The Cailleach is a Celtic myth (but myths are often based around some fact- here linked to mid-wives when they were known as witches (!!!). The Cailleach is believed to be a folk memory of an INITIATOR GODDESS). In Gaelic her name means “older wise woman”. It’s the Harvest Goddess. The name is also interpreted as meaning “veiled one” or “old woman”. Interestingly, just as the Ashrams philosophy is to help others in need, in stories where the Cailleach appears as an old hag, when the hero of the story is kind to her, she becomes young and beautiful. This symbolizes her time of the year Samhain to Beltane, when there are long nights and storms, but in the Spring, gives way to youth and rebirth. She is sometimes portrayed riding on the back of a speeding wolf, bearing a hammer or a wand made of human flesh. Known as Cailleach Bheare or Beara in Eire ,she is associated with the Beara peninsula and the Mountain of the Cailleach (Sliabh na Caillech). in County Meath. She is viewed as linked to stone and the building of barrow mounds thuis revealing her links to the underworld and ancestral realms of death and ultimately REBIRTH. The ‘Cailleach oidhche’ (the Owl) is sacred to the Cailleach and is linked with death (not surprising after the behaviour of Owls on BBC’s Springwatch), magic, the underworld, magic and the talent to see spirits. And yes I am aware of the 1978 Dr Who story, The Stones of Blood (involving a ring of stones and a giant Owl like monster where the Cailleach was mis-portrayed, starring Tom Baker (whom I bumped into going into the Pantiles Bookshop, Tunbridge Wells but that’s another story) which I read about (being only 3 years old I was a bit too young to watch it in 1978). She is known as the protector of wildlife, in particular the Deer and Wolf, (both which will be portrayed in the workshop). She can also grant Kings the ability to rule their kingdom, (the O’Callaghan’s remember descending from the King of Munster. The O’Callaghan coat of arms is a black dog, but maybe it was a wolf?) and is the ancestress of many peoples. In Gaelic the word Chalice (Grail) is linked with the name Cailleach. The cauldron of REBIRTH/immortality is a symbol of the womb of the goddess. Because of her links to death the Cailleach she was feared but this was a stage through which people past to experience REBIRTH – a new life. As referred to earlier, there is a powerful rebirthing technique in Brazil entitled, Melting, often held nude. However, Melting involves pressing a blanket down upon the client to give the impression of suffocation for 2 minutes, so giving a sense of being dead, supposedly, before the blanket is removed and the client stroked back to life/rebirth. This is dangerous. We will instead replace the blanket with a window net, and borrow from the Daoist death ceremony (another rebirth technique) the use of a corpse tag. Whilst nudity is preferable for creating an illusion (“sense of”) being born (and being in a morgue) it is primarily preferable for the Oilaction which symbolizes oneness, but swim wear (due to the coconut oil for Oil Action) can be worn. Once in a pile, the attendees will be given a guided visualization of leaving their bodies, considering what they should have done with their lives and how futile worry over anything other than life and death was restricting their lives, before the visualization continues by describing how they are returning to oneness. What the Melting technique and the Doaist technique fail to symbolize in the rebirth workshops is the existence BETWEEN lives, bizarrely their guided visualization only describing the body rotting – nothing about one’s spirit soaring!!!! There is mounting accounts from Near death Experiencers and those in Deep Meditation, of a kind of Oneness. This will be inserted into the workshop in both the guided visualization and in a practical manner (laying in a pile as is popular in the Osho Movement, Modern Dance and other workshops). The rebirth ceremony will be adapted from the Living Theatre. After rebirth a celebration of renewed life follows. As part of the Workshop, at the start, there will be a talk about the evidence (not belief but EVIDENCE) for existence beyond death and about REBIRTH. (I myself had an Out Of Body Experience when I was 4 years old, when I knew nothing about ghosts, let alone OBE’s). At this point the coconut oil is poured on (see below). However, at the start of the pile, the attendees will be photographed in their pile, so they can use their respective pictures to meditate upon once a week, in addition to viewing them as a group for the therapy session after the rebirth. In addition to the courses there will be regular Yoga classes and Homeopaths, Herbalists and Cranial-Osteopaths working out of the ashram on a contract. A key aspect of the ashram will be that the ill won’t have to pre-book to attend a regular weekly yoga or meditation class, but just drop in. Many ill people don’t know if they are well enough to do something on a day to come until on that day, so can’t pre-book (unless they can afford to pay a cancellation fee for not turning up). Thus the ill who need alternative and complimentary health treatments much more than healthy people, are deprived of these treatments. Not having Drop-In classes therefore also deprives alternative/complimentary health centre’s of income. Not having to pre-book at the Ashram will be of more benefit to the medically neglected than discounts on treatments. In addition all treatments/classes would begin no earlier than 11 am, the last classes being at 8 pm, thus enabling those with illnesses which causes them hours to get to sleep, can use the classes. All Homeopaths and Herbalists must be able to offer their medicines which are equivalent of antibiotics, not just because of Doctors committing medical negligence, but also because Doctors are now scared to prescribe antibiotics for fear of viruses and bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant. Elocution Lessons: Elocution lessons will also be available for the lower working-classes so that the IMAGE of `class` will drastically reduce the risk of purposeful negligence by Drs. together with, of course, decreased likelihood of being patronised/purposefully medically neglected if one shows intelligence (i.e. THEREFORE NOT being, `above one`s class`) and being treated with contempt when one states articulately e.g. asks intelligent question(s)/points out accurate medical conclusions, etc. which Drs. loathe the lower-working classes doing, even writing by such patient statements, (WHEN such Drs. are SO arrogant as to put in writing the ACCURATE patient statements slander!… So, elocution lessons are really needed as `image is everything` to such degrees as saving a person or ones own life when Drs. are involved.
Development Plan
The MRI and CT scanner building should be Stage 3, but the amount of money required for them will be immense, so a separate sponsors group will be established to raise funds for that and the scanners will be obtained and their building erected as soon as possible regardless of which stage the retreat centre is at. An application to the local council for planning permission would be submitted to obtain planning permission for the Development of the site, based on this Blueprint, highlighting the reasons for the development, how it would be eco-friendly, self-sufficient, and benefit local villagers and townsfolk. The development of the Centre, during all stages, will be videotaped, so to be turned into a programme at the end of Stage 2, with subsequent additions added as each subsequent stage progresses. This programme will be put on to the internet to generate support and custom. If most people taking part in this development are genuinely Working Class then this will generate more attention, for being pioneering in this field.

rrr rr

shekinashram is one third the size needed for the Unicorn Ashram. The Buddhist centre in Hove is the right size buildi9ng but not as attractive.
Location & The Site Layout
Stage 1: Purchase a Main Building with 8 bedrooms and 4 to 8 acres of land around it, and out buildings (e.g. stables) to the rear of the Main building for conversion to almshouses. For £800,000, (funded by my compensation and sales of Common Sense Philosophy). Location, somewhere quiet (where sound from motorways can not reach so not a flat area like Lincolnshire, but possibly in a valley), preferably in East Sussex, but likely and very acceptable in North or mid Wales or Shropshire. Setting up near Dartmouth is unlikely due to the price of land. However it will now be in the Republic Of Ireland.

a aa  aaa


The Glyn Valley, North East Wales A waterfall south west of the Glyn Valley. Dartmouth & Kingswear, 2003
The Main Building should have unicorns instead of gargoyles fixed to the building. A balcony at the front of the building stretches across the front and on as a roofed footbridge on brick arches to the Contemplation Hall (see below). At the opposite end of the balcony will be the fire escape. A lamppost with 3 lamps (like in the painting Last Bus, see below) will be erected in front of the porch, whereby vehicles will turn around. The colours of the room (including wall paper) will be of sky blue, olive/Maunsell green, brown,, and in the Group Room, peach. Other colours will be to a lesser extent (like yellow) used in pictures/murals. White and cream will be kept to no more than 5% as will purple, white being too clinical, and purple can cause headaches for some.
At the front of the building, below the balcony will be the porch, accessed by double doors. A large coat rack on one side, and a large shoe rack on the other side will be in the porch. Through the main set of doors will be the hallway. A staircase will be in front. On the left will be the large residency living room, with an inglenook fireplace. Next to the living room, accessed from both the hallway and living room, will be the library. This will be like the College of Psychic Studies library in style.
Above: The Centre’s inglenook fireplace should be like this one at the Eight Bells pub, Jevington village. Warm and cosy after walking over the South Downs from Eastbourne.
This will be a medical reference library and have books on health, spirituality, British culture and history, local history, supernatural, lifestyles, philosophy as well as books for children, will be line the dark wooden book shelves, with some reading chairs and a photocopier next to them.
The medical reference library, (laid out in a similar fashion to the College Of Psychic Studies’ library in Kensington), where the medically neglected or their parents, can cross reference their symptoms with illnesses so being able to self-diagnose their illness, giving them greater leverage to force doctors to cease their medical negligence and help the patient (Drs cover up a colleagues negligence by refusing to investigate or diagnose the victims illness correctly if at all). In the Medical Reference Library there would be of course the comprehensive TYPE of medical books, (sinisterly only found in medical schools where only members can access them). However in addition to those books there would be books listing as many different symptoms a person can suffer as possible with a list beside each symptom listing the various illnesses which can cause that symptom, helping people cross reference their symptoms to find the common cause of their illness. This service would be for the neglected who wish to also confirm an alternative health practitioners diagnoses. The layout will be like that of the College of Psychic Studies, Kensington in London.
Another service on offer to local people will be files on the performance of local doctors and nurse about their performance rate and attitude to patients. Plus any reports by clients or by the media about local/regional doctors accused of negligence etc will be filed here for public consumption. There have been cases where one Dr. who has killed one patient and got away with it has gone to kill again, (as one case in the justification section epitomizes). Yet if people had a place to check on a Dr. they are due to be operated on they can discover if that Dr. has done harm to a patient in the past or not and so avoid them if they need to. Doctors may not like this but negligent doctors can write slanderous remarks about patients in medical files and so prevent them ever receiving the help they need by other doctors. Changing G.P.s doesn`t help a patient if their medical files are full of lies about them, yet the Patients Association and others advise patients to change their doctors if they are not happy, yet don’t say to change their medical records. In a lot of cases doctors refuse to change such records even when a patient who is a nurse takes them to court for writing groundless lies about their illness. This service was proposed BEFORE former Health Secretary Allan Milburn announced that death rated of patients under going heart surgery, under each surgeon would be published (17/1/02). Not only is that another justification for the library, but it would reduce violence by people like parents of children who’s child is being medically neglected as instead of hitting a Dr. or nurse in desperation to get them to identify the illness, the parent could visit the library, discover what the illness is and have the proof then to force the doctors to identify their child’s illness. A public record of all doctors and other health workers (e.g. social workers) accused of negligence by patients (not us) will be established for all people.
An additional service would be a list on the side effects each medication can cause and a list on drugs past for use on humans after being tested on animals only then to be withdrawn because they were harmful to humans, proving animal experiments are not only evil but flawed. The library would have the heating, tables and seating required (including sofas for the ill who can’t always sit in normal chairs), a computer linked up to the internet and a photocopier so to copy the pages need in the medical reference books. There would be copies of all books to be kept as back ups off the property.
A smaller room will be behind the next wall, serving as the alternative health room where a visitor is receiving either osteopathy, homeopathy or herbalist treatment from a visiting or resident practitioner, in an oak panelled room, with wooden draws and shelves for jars of remedies. So the quaintness of the homeopathic practise centre at Bexley is recreated. The hallway ends by emerging into a large kitchen/dinning room, like that at the Shekinashram, but twice the size stretching from one side of the house to the other, the only room not carpeted. Residents would be preparing the main meal with help from healthy guests. A large wooden table will be across the middle of the kitchen. On the other side of the hallway will be the group room, stretching the length of the library and living room, with a W.C. beyond.
The Group ROOMS
In addition, alternative (Homeopathy, osteopathy and herbalism) and, in a Bodywork room, complementary (e.g. shiatsu, yoga, massage) health treatments (with hopefully discounts for known victims of on on-going negligence) will be on offer. This will be one of 2 group rooms where the complementary health bodywork therapies of; Tai Chi, stretch yoga, massage, shiatsu, reflexology, polarity therapy, movement, and body conditioning) and Courses (Spiritual warrior and Cailleach Rebirthing etc) would take place. Plus the Self Help Groups (for those with emotional strain, but who do not want to be monitored by psychobabblists, who then discuss and write about those with emotional strain) would be held here. The floor of the bodywork room would need to be kept as clean as possible for the therapies, so to reduce dirt, both food and shoes would be barred from the room, (a shoe rack provided outside). The floor of this room will be either a laminated wooden floor with mats for exercises to use or a thin carpet with mattresses available for massage. The latter is the cheaper option. The room would be able to let in as much natural light as possible (with brightly coloured curtains and thick mats for privacy when required), with walls painted in peach or have countrified wallpaper. Hanging down the walls would be Chinese paper drapes with pictures upon them between pictures of the U.K. countryside. A Current idea is that at one end wall inside will be an image of the Tree of Life with a sunrise behind it and at the other end another image of the Tree of Life with a sunset behind it. There would be an adjustable light switch (to lower or raise the light) and the room will be centrally heated like the other rooms. It would also be sound proofed. It would also have an exercise bar on the walls for body conditioning (which dance centres appear to no longer practise!). The room could be rented out to practitioners with their own class. There should also be symbols of those religions who preach non-violence and equality between all, (e.g. Christianity and Buddhism) so followers of those religions will know their beliefs are respected etc. At one end of the would be a reference library (or with bookshelves along the side walls) for books about the spiritual beliefs/ knowledge/ realizations outlined in the Philosophy section. The ceiling would be painted sky blue, the walls peach and the floor covered with a green carpet, though if this is not practical then the floor will be made of resin. Paintings by peoples who’s dreams of future events which do later happen, will adorn the walls.

r rrrrr

A rather grand and meditative space and Temple Room in the Brighton/Hove meditation centre and darkened temple room at Shekinashram.
A second group room would be the Bhakti Yoga/Hara Krishna Temple for Krishna devotees to come to worship in, (decorated by the Shekinashram) with an attached extra Kitchen exclusively for vegans. This will be created out of respect and thanks to the Shekinashram owners and residents for being genuinely spiritual.
Upstairs will be the 8 bedrooms, like the rest of the house, being centrally heated, but each room with the ability to switch off it’s individual heater. Mattresses will lie on the floor (like at the Shekinashram) and tea making facilities would be available in each room. Two bathrooms are located upstairs, above the kitchen. At the front of the landing will be a door leading out onto the balcony. A communal cabin like that at the Shekinashram, will be added.

Stage 2

Picture10 Picture4

Cobham Almshouses Above:  Southwest corner.            COBHAM               Above: Northwest corner.


Above: Northeast corner. Above: Southeast corner
The proposed to have a main 8 bedroom and residency building, whilst behind it 3 sides of almshouse (like the above in Cobham, Kent). Therefore the main building and almshouses would form a square.
The second stage is to create the almshouses at the rear of the Main Building, using already existent buildings (such as stables like the U shaped stables, now farm shop, at North Cray Farm, Bexley) and creating new buildings between the existent buildings and the Main Building, so to create the three sets of almshouses and thus create the square. Thus the layout of the almshouses at the back of the church in Cobham, Kent, is recreated. Each set will have 3 almshouses. The front door of each almshouse will open into a small living room with a staircase in the corner leading up to the front bedroom with room for 2 single beds; The living room will be just big enough for a settee, chair, small table, 4 table chairs and book shelves, with a TV and radio; A kitchen big enough to make breakfast and cook a light tea, will be on right or left of the living room. Above will be the small bathroom. A second bedroom will be on the ground floor at the back, partly under the upstairs bedroom and partly as a ground floor extension) outside it surrounded by a walled courtyard (based on the Coach House at Backhealth, see below), canopied. Some almshouses will be bigger so to have 2 bedrooms (e.g. one for children), so child negligence victims can have both parents and a brother/sister with them and those wishing to become residents could move here and bring their children, so children are not separated in dormitories from their parents as some religious movements have unwisely inflicted on children. The building would be constructed of the best sound- proof materials possible. The two corner almshouses will have corner gables, thus creating a small office, and a turret room above, off the upstairs bedroom.
A canopy fixed to their front walls will be erected so to shield a matted path running in front of them, to the Main Building’s kitchen. In the centre will be a small garden of flowers and herbs. For residents wanting to be spiritual, wishing to distance themselves from materialism, these almshouses are ideal: basic needs are met and privacy can be obtained. If no cellars or any kind of underground rooms already exist, then they should be dug, (see Damanhur residency, Italy for details on how to do this), for storing things in for the Peak oil crisis.
Please Note: If a site with the Main Building and almshouses/stables is found but both structures are separate, then such a site will have to do if no site with them together up for sale can be obtained, (the miniature gauge railway, see below, would therefore serve both structures separately).


Old farmbuildings like above could be converted into almshouses. The main building

could be an ex-farm house.

Picture5 Picture10

The living/bedroom on the left has only an upper floor above half of it. With a  wall in front of the camera a bedroom on the left would be very sound proofed, against low pitched rumblings, as this was. A garden will also be  at the ashram

8 Picture9

Extra light buildings for accommodation (e.g. Communal Cabin above) and Meditation/Yoga (like above) will be built.

A designated field for campers (like tents and yurts below) with extra outdoor loos and sinks (like below) will be added, (with showers


Picture15  Picture11



m mm mmm

Stage 3: Radical News Centre & Contemplation Hall.

Picture10 Picture11 Picture12

The Bridgwater and Golden Hall buildings upon which, the Contemplation Hall frontage will be based. The platform entrance at Battle Station upon which the rear entrance from the Meditation Halt platform will be based. The yellow door will access the Hall, whilst coats and shoes will be left between the door and arches.
It’s not certain until after the second stage whether the Radical News Centre (including the tower for the Unicorn FM studios) or the Contemplation Hall will be erected next, (due to cost and planning permission) so I have listed them both as Stage 3. The only thing that is certain is that the creation of the almshouses is a higher priority than the RNC and Hall as the almshouses will serve the primary purpose of the retreat centre.
The Contemplation Hall, built as eco-friendly as possible, which has a glass roof. It would have a front like that of a building in Bridgewater and the Golden Hall in Lord of the Rings film.
So it will have 3 arches as an entrance to it’s porch, where further shoe and coat racks will be located. Beyond will be a large, colourful carpeted hall with bright and coloured materials hanging all over the walls, the light shining through the windows, giving a colourful dreamscape environment. A stage will be at the far end. A spiralling staircase will go up to the footbridge. A rear entrance will exist, like gothic Battle station’s platform entrance, with more racks in the arched doorway. The roofed footbridge linking the Hall to the Main Building, will be roofed and built on 6 columns, 6 ft apart.


Ladywell Baths upon which the Radical News Centre (including Unicorn FM Tower) will be based The Radical News Centre, will have a frontage based on the design of Ladywell Baths. In the front centre, like at Ladywell will be a tower, but housing the three radio studios and to one side of the tower will be the main entrance to the main building (the tower just having an emergency exit. Though the franchise (legal permission) and funding may not be in place by the time the Radical News Centre can be built, the radio tower will still go up with the rest of the RNC and can be used as an online radio station. A twisting stair case will link the three floors of the tower. The Unicorn FM tower will consist of a main Radio Studio 1 on the ground floor, News Booth (studio 2) and the control/producers room for the radio studios on the first floor with a doorway into the first floor of the main RNC building’s first floor. Then on the second floor will be the other main Radio Studio 2.
Back at the main entrance to the main RNC building, a person entering it will enter a corridor. On the left will be a door leading into the professional (shoes off, sound proofed) rehearsal studio which will take up a third of the ground floor. Half way along the corridor will be the entrance to the VT (analogue) production gallery, with a VT editing suite at the far end. A door on the left from the gallery will lead into the large Studio 3 for recording dramas to educate people, produced by the Radical Theatre Workshop.
Back at the main entrance, a staircase takes visitors up to the first floor, straight into the newsroom. This will be shared by radical campaigners and the Unicorn FM journalists and take up half the 1st floor. A doorway at the front will be the doorway into the first floor of the radio tower where the radio news booth is. Of the other half of the first floor two thirds will be taken up by a TV news studio (Studio 1), with a digital production gallery (control room) above that of the analogue one. Digital galleries are smaller so there will be room at the end for a small Studio 2 for presentation, which can double as a voice over booth. Programme editing, as it’s digital, can be done in the newsroom on the computers so a separate VT editing suite is not necessary.
On The First Floor The Newsroom:
A professional newsroom, with internet links, scanners and printers would be what the newsroom will be. This would be open to all radical journalists who can join as members of the R.N.C. and clients who have news subjects the corporate media have refused to report. It would have a professional newsroom facilities from which the members and clients can produce their own journals and publications on the various issues radical journalists report on. These are; animal rights, medical negligence, environmentalism, anti-globalisation, anti-war, individual persons` campaigns, alternative lifestyles, Class system, social justice and anarchism, (any subject corporate media ignore, cover up or twist the facts of).
However there would be a general radical publication every week called Real News (starting fortnightly) with all the lead stories from the members respective publications. The publication would be named REAL NEWS. There would also be an internet TV channel operated from here (see below) to consist of programmes produced here, out on location and other radical person’s/groups programmes. People who have been medically neglected could report their case to the radical publications like SAD Times or the internet news programme (Real News) so they can receive publicity, which will force the medical neglect to stop and doctors punished.


Four views of TV newsrooms, the first (above) showing a Hub desk.


The RNC newsroom will consist of 18 flat screened and large computers. 10 will be around the sides of the room and the remaining 8 computers will be flat screened only, located on a central desk going along the centre of the room. This desk will be known as The Hub. The Hub will be for the exclusive use of RNS members and clients who are producing news reports for either the weekly Real News internet programme, or for the weekly Real News, news sheet. The other 10 computers would be for the other clients producing their work for their own publication and distribution. The Hub computers will contain the Electronic News Process System (ENPS) which RNS members/clients will use to type up their script and so electronically be sent automatically to the auto-script on the cameras in Studio 1 for the presenters to read whilst presenting the Real News.
Studio 1 – the News studio
Next door to the newsroom will be Studio 1, (the news studio). The presenters desk will be shaped like an L so that whilst the background the longer section of the desk can be designed to have a logo and regional map, the shorter section of the desk will have a window overlooking the newsroom. Thus, a Director can have the Real News produced with either type of back drop, particularly if a specialized news programme is to be produced in addition to the regular Real News. A chromakey blue (as blue is the least similar colour to skin) board of 6ft by 6ft will be on the wall behind the presenters for an image from another camera (or tape) to be projected on the viewers TV. Before CGI this mixing of two different camera shots was used (such as on the News At Ten in 1972). It works by the colour of one picture triggering the signal of another picture also called Colour separation Overlay. The studio lighting will be an XS grid system with lamps at a maximum watt of 650. The studio height could be as low as 3.2 metres. The length and width should be 12.5 metres by 6.5 metres. However, it can be 43ft by 50ft or 44ft by 34ft or 68ft by 40ft or in total 950sq ft, (these are all measurements of past and present regional TV news studios). The TV cameras will either be Thomson 1707 older Ikegami (355P or HK 388) the latter cameras which can be controlled by just one person using Evershed Power Optics). The much older RTS LDK as they can still can be fitted with auto-script and will be kept in storage for use should the Thomson fail to be compatible with the analogue production gallery (see below). . There will be three Thomson cameras in use with one spare in storage.
  Picture18 Picture19 Picture20 Picture21Picture22
 A news studio with BTS LDK cameras with Auto-script fitted on.        A Thomson 1707 TV Studio camera.     A Thomson 1707 camera with autocue

      A modern (2009) TV news studio

Picture24 Picture25
  Grampian TV News Studio 1980. A modern TV studio from the newsreaders vantage point.
Auto-script is the device fitted to cameras which in front of the camera (horizontally just below the lens) reflect typed text onto a glass plate in front of the camera lens (which the camera does not pick up on), enabling the newsreader to read his/her script. There will be no boom microphone, only tie-clip and desk microphones.
In addition, the first floor will contain the Production Gallery room for Studio 1 & 3. However, there will be two production galleries (control panels) on opposite sides of the room. This is because one gallery will be digital and be regularly used for studio 1 and double as the Transmission Control for sending the programmes onto the internet news channel. The other gallery will be larger and act as a back-up for the digital panel when they goes down (such as during solar flare activity) so at least programmes can still be recorded, as it will be analogue.
I should explain what a Production Gallery is: This is where pictures and sound from different sources (studio cameras and microphones, pre-recorded footage, graphics and opening sequence) are brought together, each one on with it’s own monitor (small TV set). The Director is in this room and he/she selects which picture/sound they want and the vision mixer will switch that through to the live transmission or the Master Tape (or computer file) recording the programme. A larger monitor in the centre of the bank of monitors is dedicated for showing the selected picture for transmission/recording to the Master tape. This monitor is almost always labelled “Transmission”. The analogue control panel (used throughout British TV centres until 2001 when they began to be replaced by digital versions) consisted of switches and knobs and had On-Line and Off-line switches enabling them to take picture/sound from studio cameras to coming from VT editing machines and the computer supplying captions for credits. The digital control panel consists of flat screened computers and keyboards which are used to bring up pre-recorded footage stored in a computer’s memory files.
The analogue production gallery will consist of a Betacart and Sony 8,000 services (or GUT 200) vision mixer (with two channels for digital effects as in 1993 a digital effects box for various wipe fad effects could be plugged into even a VT editing machine). This was the technology London Tonight launched with in 1993.
Picture26 Picture27
A single person operated digital production gallery. A main production gallery for a 30 minute programme. Both © Paul O’Callaghan
Your author remembers the difficulties in performing a narration (dubbing) in a production gallery as other people needed to use the facilities. In addition, there was often a near fight to use the single VT editing machine, also located in the gallery room. This resulted in pairs and groups of people trying to use the three said facilities in one room at once, usually though the battle was to use the VT editing machine, (as the studio cameras were bust). Therefore there will be separate VT editing suits and narration (dubbing) suits (three of each). The dubbing suit will consist of a desk with a monitor and microphone with a VT editing machine at the side so the narrator can control the tape recording. These suits will naturally be sound proofed with a red light outside the door to alert people not come in, (no locks on doors for safety reasons).
Ground Floor: Studio 3 – The Multipurpose studio
Due to the usage of this studio to include dramas meaning it will require sets (items of furniture and large scenery) to be rolled in, it will be best on the ground floor. Naturally, as this studio could be used for audience participation or drama, the larger the studio the better. A large studio like those at Teddington Lock, the Wembley (ex-Fountain) studio of 14,000 sq ft) and the London Studios (South Bank) of 7,600 sq ft would be far too costly to obtain so a studio of half the length, 3,800 sq ft, would be the aim for the Studio 2’s size. This will mean an audience will only be able to number 30 and only one Set (e.g. of a single room in a drama, such as an office, dining room, consultation room) will be possible at a time. The Tang Taekwondo Academy (Plumstead) used a car show room to convert into their dojang and a café and shop. So, plenty of room for a studio and production gallery and VT editing suite.

 A Production Galley but with VT editor plugged in (left and middle box) and digital mixer controls (bottom) on desk. A 1990’s analogue gallery.


A TV drama being recorded with EMI 2001 (3) cameras marked Thames so most likely at Teddington Studio 3 would be big enough for this. From IBA Yearbook 1973.
For cameras there will be 4 Thomson cameras (with one spare) and 4 analogue cameras (with a fifth spare), the latters being the first choice to use as the production gallery for studio 2 will be analogue. There will be two boom microphones for hanging over the actors/ audience. For the lighting system it will be the same as Studio 1. For a description of the Studio 3 production gallery refer to that for studio 1 (though for Studio 3 will be located on the same floor as studio 3). It will only be analogue as it is not expected that productions in studio 2 will go out live on the internet. Instead all productions will be recorded. Instead the programme will be recorded onto video tape (e.g. S-VHS) and then transferred to digital tape and then uploaded onto the internet channel in a small digital internet booth.


Two views of an analogue (video tape using) Production Gallery An newly installed analogue production gallery in 1992.
Studio 3 – multipurpose studio: Examples of sizes.


Just right size for a single set


Just the right sizes for a single set


Just the right size for a single set   This dojang was a car showroom and has a café behind the mirror so a car showroom can be used as the RNC.  © Paul O’Callaghan


A Teddington Studio – Too big. The drawing technique of a vanishing point can be applied to Set Design to create an illusion of distance
Studio 2 on the 1st floor will be for single person presentation, of introducing programmes (continuity) (basically a booth with a single camera, desk microphone and 3 lights, with a small stage and a tall desk with logo, in front of the stage). There’ll be a backdrop painting of blue sky and clouds with 6 to 12 RNC logos, (some sticking out from behind clouds). The digital and analogue production galleries will be responsible for Studio 3. The size of the studio would be 200 sq feet.


A modern small TV studio for one person interviews looking both ways.

© Paul O’Callaghan

Studio 4 at the old Thames TV Euston Road studios was used for continuity presentation.
In addition to these studios, two production galleries, 3 VT and 3 dubbing suits and a newsroom, there will also be a make up room for both actors and presenters to share, storage for scenery and a photocopying room and of course, loos.


Two voice over booths


An old drawing of the Teddington Studios ( Studios three times the size of Studio 3).

Rehearsal Studio

On the ground floor (as mentioned earlier) will be a professional rehearsal studio, (with, lighting grid, an exercise bar going around the room and a low stage) for, in small groups at a time, protestors rehearsing confrontations with Police and preparing banners, and for readings and controversial plays to be rehearsed in. this will also be the location for rehearsing Reality Playhouse. It will be leased out to drama workshops, (including youth and experimental theatre groups) and dance groups, including body conditioning. Singing and music groups may also be possible here. Dances will be recorded here for the Radical News Service channel (see below). A corner of the studio will be set aside for a studio set for presentation and follow up discussion of, a short piece of performance for the Internet Arts programme. A red light will be outside the door so to warn people that a rehearsal or production is under way so not to enter and a notice informing all entering the studio to remove their shoes. This is so to keep the floor clean for workshops and because initial RTW workshops for beginners (including those on the Basic TV Production Course) to acting and rehearsals prior to dress rehearsals for Reality Playhouse will be held in bare feet, as will Protest Rehearsals (for safety reasons). Removing shoes is standard practise in many drama studios as it is to in still in a person that “conventional restrictions” do not apply, that people can be more “informal” and “relaxed”, in drama and “to create a mutual respect for a shared playing environment”, thus shoe racks will be provided. The floor will not be carpeted so to enable theatre workshops to stick tape on the floor to represent objects in their rehearsals. A piano will be available, and along one wall will be mirrors. Radio plays and the satirical puppet show can be produced in here. Though an opera Director in 2010 put on Othello in the drama studio (a warehouse) requiring the audience to remove their shoes out of respect and sit on the floor, this is not practical as audiences generally would rightly object.
Daily Operation
There will be a Radical News Service, a society/club, which will consist of people the RNC manager has picked (for their trust worthiness and skill) to provide themselves as a camera crew for anyone on the Karma Yogi course needing to produce a programme , using the Radical News Centre, (can’t let any Tom, Dick or Harry go off with camera equipment), who want to produce a programme about their campaign for video, disc or internet, out at a location, or use the hidden camera equipment (unless, in the case of hidden equipment). RNS members will have a uniform of matching coloured jacket, cap and trousers, the trousers, jacket and cap featuring the words “MEDIA” in big letters and RNS, with the unicorn logo, upon them. The RNS members would also provide technical support for the productions in Studio 2, including for Reality Playhouse. This would not be just through camera, lighting, vision mixing and recording, but also through being responsible for supplying background Sets.
The Radical News Service internet channel
The Radical News Service team will provide an internet TV channel from here with a weekly news programme, Real News, of all the real news events happening in Britain and the world (using news reports of demonstrations beyond Britain supplied by other campaigners), and a series of programmes entitled Covered Up Britain, about news issues/people covered up by the official media. In addition, programmes about wildlife not covered by official wildlife programmes will be featured, (see Radical Wildlife Film Unit below) and any other subject which official media boycott, (e.g. ignored historical facts, science, health treatments etc). As the services on the internet increase, it is obvious that TV services will eventually (particularly after the 2012 switch over to digital) be exclusively on the internet. The Radical News Service productions will only be able to be available on the internet, on DVD or video due to the very reason the RNC will exist: the corporate/official media cover up the evidence of subjects of the RNS programmes. Thus, to give the programmes a structure recognisable to most people with internet access (which will increase) the programmes produced by the RNS members and other uses of the RNC will be available on a TV channel upon the internet, (subject to the evidence requirements which apply to the Real News paper). The C.S.P./rules of the RNC would also apply to the programmes on internet. The programmes would be initially screened as an evening service on a Wednesday, and be updated with new programmes every Wednesday. All programmes would remain available for watching whenever a user of the channel wanted them.
The Radical Wildlife Film Unit
The camera etc location equipment will be available to RNS members who want to produce wildlife programmes, as usually only posh people have access to such equipment to learn to film wildlife (just listen to the plumy voices of the cameramen and presenters of Spring Watch/Autumn Watch), by joining the Radical Wildlife Film Unit. A wildlife garden at the rear of the RNC/café will hopefully be established for members to practise filming wildlife. However, the main training location for wildlife filing will be at the Yurt TV Centre which members of the unit can go to once they have produced a 10 minute programme/report at the RNC. This is entitled the Radical Wildlife Film Unit mostly because it will be radical in that it will only be open to Working Classes (as the BBC Wildlife Film Unit is dominated by posh cameramen/women and presenters) and because some aspects of crypto zoology will be recognised as fact. For example, in the 1960’s up until 1975, Big Wild Cats (e.g. Lions, Leopards Pumas) were sold to become pets (!!!) of people in Britain. When this practise was outlawed in 1975, some owners, rather than allow their pets to become caged or put down, unable to afford to return them to Africa (where they were unlikely to survive having been a little domesticated) instead released them into the wild. In a small country (when compared to larger countries like Kenya and East Africa as a whole) like Britain, it’s not impossible for these few Big Cats to meet and breed, hence why the sightings of Big Cats continues (only in 2007, a boy was attacked by a Big Cat in the countryside in South Wales, with the marks to prove it. BBC Wildlife Unit at Bristol ignore this. BBC TV wildlife presenter and cameraman, Chris Packham, admitted on Autumn Watch 2009 that Big Cats in Britain do exist but refused to accept that they are breeding, despite the long distances male Big Cats will travel in East Africa, in order to mate.
The Manager of the Radical News Centre will represent the RNC on the Managing Committee responsible for the distribution of finances between the RNC and IHC. The RNC Manager will be also the editor of REAL NEWS and Controller (Editor-In-Chief) of the internet channel, deciding which programmes are put on it. The Manager would be responsible for which radical journalists become members of the R.N.S. so they can be granted access to the R.N.C. facilities. They would be responsible for both the recording studio and the newsroom being stocked with the facilities required and their up keep.
The RNC will also be the H.Q. for various campaign groups (groups like those out on Mayday and G20 meetings, animal rights, anti-globalisation, environmentalists) and the Committee/Campaign for True Democracy, (whenever protestors are in action, and are critical of their lack of freedom of speech to demonstrate, politicians and media columnists claim it’s a good job we live in a democracy. In reality the UK is not a democracy as the Head of State is not elected and the House of Commons is not truly democratically elected, nor representative of the British people, and thus lack the experience needed in a legislator body to solve society’s problems. All campaign groups face claims Britain is a democracy from people such as M.P.s like Keith Vaz. Therefore The Campaign for True Democracy could be a jointly run body to challenge idiots like Vaz.
Real News – In Production
1.The RNS members will meet on the Wednesday with the RNC Manager (in his/her capacity as News Editor) will meet for their first editorial meeting of the week. This is where it will be discussed which news subjects should be featured in the weekly (though at first it will be fortnightly) Radical News service news sheet Real News and to be featured on the internet news programme Real News. The three primary sources would be: news which clients are producing; the past weeks news on subjects the corporate media have boycotted or twisted; and news events scheduled to take place during the next 7 days (plenty of public events such as demonstrations are happening all the time but only the Socialist Worker paper covers them, so putting a political slant on it’s reporting of these events so a non-political reporting is needed).
The questions the editorial meeting must always answer in deciding which subjects to report and how:
1.Is the news subject one which has/is/will be, boycotted by the corporate media (press BBC etc)?
2.Who will cover the news subject (helping with a client if it’s the latter news story and involves going out on location)?
3.Is there enough news evidence to safely publish the news story and not get sued (any other hostile action is irrelevant) such as documentation and undercover recordings?
4.If it is a news story which is suitable for the Real News TV programme or just suitable for the news sheet?
5.If the RNS members are required to work cameras and microphones etc for covering a news item then that needs to be agreed.
2.Once these questions have been answered and RNS members have accepted who will be covering which news subject, they will go off to cover their respective news reports.
3.On the Friday a further meeting takes place to review if the news subjects are still able to be reported on or if problems not seen at the Wednesday meeting have arisen.
4.A final editorial meeting takes place on the Monday to decide if the news items are a go for Wednesday, the deadline for the news sheet being 6pm Tuesday and 6pm Wednesday for the internet programme. Tuesday is the day the script for the ENPS system is produced. In addition, it has to be arranged to be interviewed in the studio so the number of camera operators needed can volunteer and questions for the newsreader to ask are also added to the script. The planning for the line up (running order) of the news stories will also need to be decided.
5.Come the Wednesday at 5pm the Real news programme must be ready to go out, anything not ready is dropped for the next week.
RNS news, Real News, current affairs, Probing Enquiry and wildlife programmes for the internet RNS channel will use Encyclopaedia Journalism and not Story Telling journalism as storytelling allows journalists to use psychology instead of facts. In addition, obsessively using the same words or phrases over and over again will be barred and a variation of words used (e.g. instead of using the word “desperate” over and over as BBCTV and ITN newsreaders/reporters do, presenters/reporters will also use urgent and critical), as obsessively using the same words repetitively smacks of psychology conditioning just like the same repetitively hand movements (the BBC were exposed for employing psychologists to train newsreaders in hand gestures on the daft belief that certain hand movements meant something!!!), which will also be barred, newsreaders and reporters required to put hands in pockets if not holding something. psychology language will also be barred (such as using positive and negative) as it simplifies the English language to such an extent it ceases to be understood what is meant (e.g. negative can be upset, angry (!), depressed, s etc).
The Radical News Service – In Production With Clients
Background (to repeat earlier facts as a summary): The Radical News Centre news facilities will consist of a professional newsroom, a TV news studio and a production gallery room containing two production galleries (control panels) (one analogue and one digital, which would also be the “transmission control” for programmes going onto the internet channel), three TV editing suits whilst newsroom computers would contain digital editing programmes. A Radical News Service group of men and women would provide technical support for the production of programmes in the studio and out on location. The purpose of the RNC is to give those with news issues/subjects boycotted and covered up by the media, the ability to get their message out (break the boycott) through producing leaflets, news sheets and programmes in their name, but which could be included in the internet news channel of the RNC or in the RNC’s weekly newspaper if the evidence of the news subject is strong enough to deter legal action. Locals aged over 35 who have been deprived of university due to a poor education, ill health, poverty so therefore never gained the Degrees to enter TV or radio journalism, will be accepted onto an Apprenticeship Course for Basic TV Production requiring only a basic understanding of English (and for Unicorn FM, Gaelic) and an open mind. Campaigners and whistle blowers who’s news has been suppressed by the BBC, ITN and UK Press, will be able to use the facilities to produce their own news sheets, documentaries or dramas, with technical help from the Radical News Service members, by undertaking a Karma Yogi In-turn Apprenticeship course in Basic TV Production (incorporating Encyclopaedia Journalism, Educational Drama & Satire) (for News Sheet, Local Radio and TV), at the Unicorn Ashram. It will include morning meditation and Hatha Yoga. If physically too ill to undertake this course they will receive help and use of the facilities without undertaking the Apprenticeship). There will be no psychobabble; no dumbing down of speech (dropping the “T”s); TV Station output to be on UK subjects boycotted in UK media. To practice Encyclopaedia Journalism, not Storytelling; To use Script & picture not Storyboards.
1.The potential client will arrive at the RNC to do a Karma Yogi Apprentice Course in Basic TV Production (if healthy, if ill, then free help given) with a news story they say is being boycotted (or at least distorted) by the corporate media. Prior to their arrival, when applying the Karma Yogi will be notified by the RNC Manager if the potential clients subject is one which is being boycotted by the media (such as establishing if the Karma Yogi has been to the local press, radio news, regional and national TV news and current affairs programmes and national press, preferably asking for letters by, or secret recordings of, the media refusing to report the clients subject, but usually the media just ignore people with subjects the media cover up. In addition, the manager will decide if it is a subject the media ignore such as illegal drug taking is obsessively reported on in the media but documents and secret recordings of NHS Doctors choosing to commit harm on purpose is covered up by the media). At the meeting the Manager explains to the Karma Yogi that the RNC has the facilities for them to produce their own news sheets and leaflets, their own TV programme, a play or a sketch for a satire show, providing it is published or/and produced by the client for legal reasons, (they get sued not the RNC). The manager continues to then explain that if the client has strong enough evidence to back up their claims on their subject then their news report or programme will be included in one of the RNC’s publications or internet channel. The manager concludes by explaining that RNS members will show the client how to use the computers and printers, as well as how to plan the production of a video programme, (using Script & Picture not storyboards). If the client wants to convert their news story into a play then the manager tells them to write the story and the manager will pass it on to the Radical Theatre Workshop (explained below). The manager sets out the price for using the facilities is either three afternoons (or mornings) volunteering in the second hand shop for three sessions in the RNC, at least once before using the facilities and a £30 donation or a £200 donation. The Manager would also have advised the client that they can produce policy Sheets if they have established a political party so their objective has become a political party policy which means they can leaflet without being accused of harassment.
2.The manager then arranges with the client/Karma Yogi (if they are acceptable to the terms and conditions and facilities are to their expectations) when to use the facilities (which may have a 3 hour limit on if the RNC is inundated with clients). If the client has time there and then, the manager will show them where to sign in for use of the facilities and around the RNC and introduces them to the Shop Manager so they can arrange the shifts of the clients volunteering.
3.When the client signs in to use the RNC for their first period at the RNC they will be shown how to use the facilities by the RNS member on Advise Duty, to produce their own leaflets or news or policy sheets. They will use one of the 18 computers around the edge of the room, and when finished printed off the computers. Thereafter, using their own money, they can photocopy their work in the separate photocopying room. However, if their evidence has been deemed strong enough to be used in the RNC’s fortnightly newspaper they will use the Hub (computers on the central news desk).
4.However, if the Karma Yogi wants to produce their own programme their first session is to meet with the RNS members to discuss how their programme should be produced. This will involve being shown how to produce a Script & picture, deciding on who their audience is to be and the length of the show, if some of the programme can be done in a studio. The client then goes off to produce their plan and script and picture and if location work needs more than one camera and microphone and a hidden camera (if security or police are to be confronted).
5.The client then meets with the RNS member who has been nominated by the members as the Director so the Director can decide if enough planning and Script & Picture has been done. If so, then a date and time for the first shoot is arranged. The recording takes place and if successful further shoots follow.
6.Once shooting has finished, the client (or one of their associates who they deem has a better speaking voice) attends the dubbing booth to do narration to the programme as either each segment is edited on or the voice over is done first and pictures added later (a day being set aside for them to do this). The client sits in with the Editor to put the programme together and choose captions and credits, (another day set aside to this if the narration is produced before the pictures are added). This can be done using the digital or video tape systems – the client will choose. Before the recorded footage is put together on a Master Tape, the first thing to do is to record the on-screen presenter introducing the programme (an RNS or RTW member – so not the person presenting/narrating the programme).
7.Once produced the Karma Yogi will be given their programme on tape or digital Memory stick and disc.
8.However, if the programme is to be featured on the internet channel then on-screen presentation will be produced first
Radical Journalism – Tips from an Expert – your author: During this Blueprint you will note quotes from other experts qualified in their profession by experience (superior to study). Well, here’s my chance to show you the tips I will be giving radical journalists using the Radical News Centre as to what to do and what to expect:
1.When using the RNC it will be Radical Journalistic skills you (the Radical Journalist therefore) will be using. This means you will be reporting a news item which corporate media are refusing to report or are distorting the facts of. The others meaning of Radical Journalism is that you normally have to publish, fund and help in distributing the publication your work appears in and don’t receive any payment for it.

2.The one thing both corporate and radical journalism have in common is the golden rule: evidence to back up your claims. You can’t make allegations without evidence of your Subject (person or persons). If it is simply a case of your word against your Subject’s word you must present evidence in your report that shows their word is not to be trusted. The best type of evidence to prove your allegations are fact is to secretly record (audio or video) your Subject committing the action your report is about. Another type of evidence is documentation. Don’t shy away from research on the issue your Subject is implicated in. For example, when I went public with my news sheets in 2004 the Hospital Trist’s solicitors threatened me with legal action for “defamation”, but because I had the recordings of my Subjects (the Doctors) I was able to respond by “looking forward to your clients perjuring themselves in court” (lying about their actions when the recordings showed otherwise). No legal action was taken.

3.If you have recorded your subject ensure you write up a transcript of every word spoken (and reference to any relevant movement they made corresponding with the script) before producing your article. Firstly this is to make sure you don’t misquote your Subject as this leaves you open to successfully being sued. Secondly, you can discover quotes you may not have heard whilst making the recordings. For example, when I recorded a hospital manager I didn’t realize she had said, “We Make Complete Cock-ups On a Regular Basis” until I was going back over recordings bit by bit, writing it down. Therefore you must always produce a transcript of your recordings before producing the article

4.Before finishing your article, approach the local press, local radio, regional TV news, regional press, national TV news & current affairs, radio and press with your evidence. Yes they are the corporate media but when they refuse to report your news you have not wasted your time. The media have given you a major tool to persuade people to read your work. When the media (or any other profession) try to keep news from the public, the public are more inclined to want to know what the news is, (curiosity can be most useful), as the reader maybe concerned it’s news which will affect them (as most people don’t trust Authorities). Thus, you should put a suitable subtitle on your front cover of your publication advertising that the local media etc covered up your news report.

5.However, uni need more than “cover up” in the titles and you will want the title and text to cause the readership to REACT. You don’t want your news report to be just read then thrown away or used as the next days fish and chip paper, your work, health time and energy wasted, do you? This is where the weapon of fear comes in. Fear is like fire: it can be destructive (in 1933 a third of Germans fear of Communism drove them into voting for Hitler and President Hindenberg’s fear persuaded him to let Hitler into a coalition government and to be Chancellor from when he could then rig subsequent elections). The psychobabblists (disguised as New Ageists) regularly rant and rave against fear. Yet not only does help a person protect themselves, it is also the only weapon against apathy and selfishness. Fear has to exist until apathy and selfishness are eradicated. As far as many people are concerned as long as they (and the few they care about) are O.K. then they will not care so will not react. Strange how New Ageists don’t rant against apathy and selfishness… This the key to making your news report work. If you want the public to react to your news Subject you must state clearly and simply HOW the news Subject will affect the reader, causing them suffering. For example, in 2004 for my Real News news sheet I didn’t simply put, Patient Harmed On Purpose, as that would just try to get a reaction from those who were not selfish or apathetic (the minority). What I did was look at the method my Subject, the Doctors, were using to commit harm so I was able to put “Doctors Are Selecting Patients To Harm” and then went on to explain in the text how this was done. You should also put a quote as a sub-title to back up your main heading . I took from my recordings, “60% of my patients never leave without a confirmed diagnosis”. If you have undercover video recordings you should add just two stilled images from the recordings as pictures on your front page which also helps add credibility. The result was the local paper being “inundated” (their word) with calls from the public.

6.Try to maintain your news report to a single sheet of A4 or A3 double sided. Only go onto a second sheet if you have other news subject of other professions implicated with your main Subject. It is a good action to break up your news report on your Subject if the Subject has been protected by other Subjects as it means readers can read your work in short reports, gives you the added advantage of producing further attention grabbing headlines and enables you to produce short paragraphs within each article. For example, a news report on dangerous Doctors can have a number of other professions who have covered this up: local M.P., General Medical council, Citizens advice Bureau, Health department etc, so I separated them out onto separate features on subsequent pages.

7.Style: as long as you’ve got the title and quotes to cause your target audience to react, style is almost irrelevant. The corporate media are obsessed with it because they don’t report much real news so rely on gimmicks (TV news rely on live reports going live to where nothing is happening to try and make it look dramatic so attention grabbing but all this does is make fools of themselves). For example, when I first produced a news sheet I didn’t reveal I had recordings of my Subjects. I didn’t even have or know how to use a computer. It was 2001, BBC Newsroom South East ‘s health reporter Emily Catto and her editor Sandy Smith had covered up my recordings in 1999 and then in 2001 were conducting weekly live broadcasts from Hazelbourne Road, Clapham to gauge residents reaction to the General election campaign. I produced an A4 single sided page of typed facts and specifically pointed out the discrimination involved in my news Subject which BBC NSE had covered up as I knew people of Clapham would generally be left wing. I appealed to the residents not to co-operate with the broadcasts. At the following NSE broadcast there was only one person to interview and for the following broadcast the programme had to relocate, whilst Catto was removed from reporting duties instantly.

8.Try to obtain a professional looking newspaper trolley and bag so you and your deliverers are treated no differently to those who deliver actual newspapers

9.Release the postal news sheets an hour before the hand delivery ones start so ensuring the postal ones are in the post, in case something goes wrong with the hand delivery.

10.Make sure you are not living at your registered home or business address when deliveries start so you can avoid being handed a Court Injunction or, worse still, threats by visiting Police Officers. Another reason for this is that the local media may take your Subjects side (which they will naturally do if they covered up the Subject before) you are exposing, so you will need to counter attack with a further news sheet exposing the cover up.
11.Your deliveries must begin on a Friday afternoon and finish them on the Monday afternoon, this is because by the time most people come home from work on a Friday it will be too late for them to react before you have delivered the bulk of your news sheets. Thus your Subject and local media are unlikely to know about your work until the Monday afternoon.
Anyway that’s my expert tips to all those will be using the RNC.
Reality Playhouse – The Purpose Of the RTW
In 1956 Howard Thomas (Managing Director of ABC TV, the ITV company supplying programmes to the North of England and Midlands at weekends) had always had drama at the “forefront” of his mind for ABC TV to produce. One of ABC TV’s Directors was Denis Vance (formerly of the Royal Navy in WW2 and the BBC), who persuaded Thomas that a weekly series of plays of 1 hour duration could be produced live (as no Video tape recording facilities existed then) on a small budget at the ABC studios (an ex-cinema) in Didsbury, Manchester, (from 1959 they were recorded at Teddington Lock studios). One of ABCTV’s publicity women (as described by Thomas), Marie Donaldson supplied the name of the series, Armchair Theatre. It launched with a pilot edition in July 1956 called The Outsider, with the series starting on the 16th September with the edition, Tears In The Wind. Denis Vance believed a Director of a play needed first, a good script and a good cast. Second was a good Set Designer (who could design and re-design a Set). Thirdly, a good studio staff with 3 or 4 cameras and an adequate amount of microphones. Vance would also choose the stories, the cast and produce Armchair theatre as well as Direct. Due to the serious storylines of the series it received the nickname Armpit Theatre by critics. It had 3 story editors. Vance left Armchair theatre in April 1958 to set up his own film company. He was replaced by Canadian Sydney Newman who produced the series until 1962 when he left for the BBC where he turned his idea for a sci fi show in to reality (as Thomas thought it would be too frightening for children so would be banned by ITA if the ABC had done it): it was called Dr Who. When ABC TV lost it’s weekend franchises (which were scrapped by the ITA) and instead co-launched (with Rediffusion TV) ITV’s new weekday London station, Thames Television in 1968, Armchair Theatre continued until 1974. It is Armchair Theatre upon which Reality Playhouse is based due to the former tackling taboo subjects of it’s day with the gritty realism which the latter is to aim for.
From Script To Screen: This is how the RNC will be used to put on a Reality Playhouse:
1 An author of a story they have already written about a serious subject boycotted by the media and TV dramatists, submits either the full story to the RNC manager, who acknowledges receipt of it and decides if it is a story which is boycotted by the media.
2.The Manager, if they decide it is an issue boycotted by the media, passes it on to a meeting of the RTW Core members, led by Drama Department Director, Alexander Forbes. They discuss the story and who out of them will be Director, who will be Script Editor and who will be Casting Director.
3.The script editor and Director invite the author to the RNC for a meeting to explain the procedure for producing their play and that the author will work with the Script Editor on developing the story as a screen play, taking into account the limitation of the RNC facilities, (such as the multipurpose studio only being large enough for a single interior scene).
4.The Script Editor and author then go off (with a 3 week limit) to produce the screenplay. This will also involve adding or dropping characters or merging characters into one, so to fit with the facilities and the number of actors available. Though Reality Playhouse is influenced by ABC TV’s Armchair Theatre (1956 to 1974) described earlier, it will differ from Ted (later lord) Will’s method of creating a TV play in that he had to start a play with creating characters. Reality Playhouse is about subjects so the subject is created first, so it is at this stage it’s characters and dialogue which is worked on.
5.Whilst the script is worked on, the Director meets with the Set Designer (a member of the Radical News Service) to establish if the sets (which will be heavily dependant on donations and if the donations can be stored) are available for the multipurpose TV studio 2 and if not then the Director will hunt for locations for the interior shots to recorded. For example, the Studio 2 will be bigger enough to hold a Set of an office, or a corner of a hospital ward, which the Highbury Studios did for Emergency Ward 10 drama (c1958-63), a room in a house, but not a large set which is meant to be outdoors (such as was created for Armchair Theatre). For Downton Abbey, a real aristocratic mansion was used to film the dining room, hallway, but the kitchen was created in a studio. If the set can’t be achieved and location can’t be located or permission to record at the location obtained, then the Director will have to instruct the script editor and author to change the scene to a different location. In addition, the director will need to establish which scenes should be recorded first based on whether a location will be available for recording at before or after the studio recording sessions are available. TV dramas and films are usually shot out of sequence. For example actor David Tennant’s last scene transmitted on Doctor Who was not the last scene he recorded for the drama.

Warm up for workshop or rehearsals.
6.Once the script is written the Casting Director begins casting which members of the Core should have which main parts and which new and temporary members of the RTW should have minor roles, by auditioning them. This will be held in the rehearsal studio. The author themselves may want to perform in their play and may know others with experience of the play’s subject who also want to perform in it to bring realism to the role. To summarize the below: week 1 will feature script reading, voice projection, mime and hot seating on developing different parts of character and scenes. Week 2 will be about bringing these different parts together with lines learnt. Week 3 will be costume rehearsals out of the rehearsal studio and instead in the TV studio 2.
The Casting Director will audition them to judge if they can remember lines and then how well they can act. As stated earlier, according to actresses Anthia P and Elle, acting in bare feet makes movement “easier” but Elle also added that she not only auditions, but rehearses bare foot. Actor Maoy M says this can help, “the Director to see how the actor moves their body (as) body language is a very important part of acting”. Your author understands this as in Taekwondo it is easier to learn a technique in bare feet than with trainers on. Royal Blu adds that bare feet, makes him feel more “vulnerable”. Increasingly many schools and drama courses insist on not just the normal removal of shoes but bare feet (and in some cases removing jumpers and ties as well). Therefore, not only will the initial 6 to 12 sessions of the RTW be held in bare feet (so to create an informal atmosphere as is possible for beginners to acting) but until dress rehearsals for Reality Playhouse begin in the TV studio the auditions and rehearsals will be held in bare feet (for medical reasons striped socks can be worn like they would in a mime workshop). This is to help the Director with the ability to see the actors body language (e.g. how they stand, so they can fine tune the actors posture before dress rehearsals as, for example, standing very stiff can be made to reflect a character is strict) and to make the actors feel more vulnerable so the actor works harder on making the character as realistic as possible.
At the initial rehearsals (like in all drama workshops) the session begins with 5 minutes relaxation exercise so to help members forget about everything else on their mind enabling them to concentrate on the rehearsal. Next should be some drama games which are not complicated (as dyslexics can become confused by them) and are safe. They can be used not only during the initial rehearsals but also in character development as certain games can help with this. Next will come the initial read through of the texts and character development. When someone new to acting act out a character with dialogue or as a mime they can feel like a bit of a Pratt (unless they are very confident or arrogant). This is when the Character Mat will be used. The rest of the cast should sit in a semi circle in front of the mat is perfect as this means to new members of the cast (or group in a drama workshop) that once they are on the mat they are sending a signal to the rest of the members that they have ceased to be themselves and are in character. The Director should demonstrate this first. Your author can understand how a materialistic item can give a person the confidence to behave in a different way to how they normally do: with a microphone (plugged into a recorder) and a clip board with question upon it I was able to go up to complete strangers in the street and ask them questions on the misuse of health funds. Hot Seating will be highly used. This is to help an actor create their character, by studying the character as described in the script and then the actor thinking about how that character would talk (e.g. accents), move, the healthiness of their senses, breathing and their life story. Then in character (with some costume possibly, but not all) the actor (sitting on the Character Mat) will be asked questions by the rest of the cast about their character, how they interact with other characters in the story (e.g. opinions). How well the actor performs their answers will help the Director direct the actor’s characterization and spot flaws in the script, which may have been missed. The author and Script Editor will have to sit in on Hot Seating to see if the actor has understood the character or if there are useful ideas (attributes) the actor has created for the character which could be added to the script. Unlike Improvisation, Hot Seating is something an actor can prepare for and for those new to acting (such as those here taking on minor roles) it doesn’t throw them in at the deep end like improvisation does (which for people without confidence and no experience of acting puts them off acting for life). Once an actor believes they have developed the character as far as they can using the script they should play the games in character who they are to play. To help with voice projection there are some weird exercises actors use such as when the actor who is speaking their lines, lies on the floor with another actor laying their head on the first actors chest (less intimate could be a hand or foot on the chest). This is apparently to help the actor concentrate on their breath work. A more normal method is to have two actors sit back to back and to just listen and feel each others breathing before reading texts to each other in this position.
Mime is used by people all the time – it’s body language. Ballet is a mime. In acting it is most useful when there is a scene where there is no dialogue for the actors who either is being requested to express their character feelings (upset, anger, surprise or deep in thought) or just simply to show concentration on what another actor is doing with their own character. Mime can be used to establish how a character walks will reflect how old or young or disabled or ill (very useful in Reality Playhouse subjects) the character is meant to be. How would the character’s body language be for example if the script has the character angry at being medically neglected: leaving the room and shouting at the Dr, but what would the characters arms and hands be doing? Are the eyebrows supposed to be lowered or are the eyes wide with shock? And what will the Doctors body language behaviour be like? Thumping the table with their own fist or smirking? Obviously the mime sessions in the rehearsals should NOT require the actor to establish body language which is not required (e.g. running). Naturally before the mime session begins the basic mime warm up games would be undertaken (e.g. pretending to pass and move illusory objects, walking up and down an illusory staircase and a relaxation session). In every scene actors are in they must be doing something by dialogue or body language.
A good Playhouse will depend on good acting and good dialogue. Ann Todd, an Armchair Theatre actress (died 1993) said, “If you (the actor/actress) are successful the audience watching in their houses should feel they are eavesdropping on life”. That is the level of acting Reality Playhouse performers must achieve. Other aspects of the session will use emotional memory (where the actor is encouraged to remember how they felt in a situation similar to a situation their character is in in order to add realism to the emotion and internal dramatic dialogue), which helps an actor perform when they have no lines, it helps them remain in character, established through hot seating described earlier, by giving the necessary facial expressions and movements, without over doing it which would distract from other performers who have lines to say at that moment also on set. Most of the time the rehearsals will be spent on acting out the script for the first week in hand and the second week performing the script from memory with tape on the floor and tables and chairs marking out the sets which the cast will be performing around. In the third week the rehearsals will have to be perfected and move into the Dress Rehearsal stage in Studio 2. Ann Todd said that 2 weeks in rehearsing and 2 ½ days in the TV studio was insufficient for preparing to perform. She stated it was better to have 2 ½ weeks so to develop an, “in depth character” and a full 3 days in the TV studio.


Hot Seating Early rehearsals
According to Neil McCallum, a young actor on Armchair Theatre, he said that without “personal expression, (which he said was the actor losing “their individuality of method”), a knowledge of the limits to which imaginative faculties should be restricted and the will power to refrain from becoming a television addict no actor can survive”. He continued, “The reason why so many young actors, otherwise well qualified, fail to reach the top is that they act like everybody else. In former times if someone said of an actor ‘He possess great imagination’, the actor considered himself highly praised. Nowadays such praise might almost be regarded as criticism. Imagination is no longer the master quality needed by the actor. What he needs today is the ability to appreciate and portray people as they really are”. “If we reject imagination, in the (meaning) of adding imaginary things to real ones, we must employ all our creative powers to make truth live and this is no easy matter”. In a nutshell McCallum hit the problem of todays actors (2011) on the head back in 1958 when it comes to portraying Working Class people: His example of how a camera shows how an actor is thinking (through facial expression which camera close ups show) was, “Many actors playing drunk or injured seem to say to themselves, ‘This is how I IMAGINE a man being drunk or injured would behave’. Whereas if they observed a drunken or injured man in reality, they would judge the degree of drunkenness or injury by the effort the man made to appear sober or to control his pain”. If todays Upper and Middle Class actors (who now dominate TV acting) were to listen to how Working Class people speak, they would know they pronounce the “T”s in words like “party, political” whilst pluralizing other words (“say” is often mispronounced “says”).
7.As referred to earlier, the Script Editor and author will be attending the Hot Seating. According to Denis Vance of ABC Armchair Theatre the Director should never direct a play they don’t believe in, “because the Director maybe looking for his own opportunities in the play rather than taking an objective view of the piece” or they don’t know much about the subject he continued. He advised that the director and the author should meet and discuss the story. Reality Playhouse goes one better: the author is a Story Director. They will insure their characters are fully understood by the Director and cast when the latters develop them. In fact they need to be at the rehearsals (even if the author is not performing in it) as Story Director. Their activity here is that. For this the author maybe asked to perform how they envisage the character is like.
8.After all the above has been reached, ( three weeks at the most with 2 to 3 rehearsal afternoons and 1 evening sessions at least a week) the Dress Rehearsals in the TV studio begin, so any adaptation the performance requires with the Sets, cameras and boom and on location can be carried out. On a technical front the camera must be able to capture the whole performers performance. Denis Vance stated, “The actor must not be made to conform to the camera” such as “TV actors being told to cut down or minimize their expressions for TV. If the expression looks too big then the camera is too close, so the Director should take a long shot.



A production studio plan for producing an episode of armchair theatre showing the location of sets, sound booms and camera


Picture59Picture56 - Copy
William Kotcheff, an Armchair Theatre Director and Dennis Vance both give direction in Dress rehearsals.
9.When all TV studio rehearsals are done the recording of the scenes will be done over a period of 3 to 6 days. Then in post-production, the VT editor with the Director puts the programme together. Music will be a problem due to copyright issues so may have to be created. Once finished the programme is transferred to digital tape and then uploaded into the internet.


Ann Todd                                                  Neil McCallum,


Denis Vance



Actors, Director and Production assistant debate after dress rehearsals.
Protest Rehearsals In Action
These rehearsals would be held in the Rehearsal Studio where participants would be split into two groups, and take turns at being the Police and security guards so both groups practise how they should behave in a demonstration. Thus demonstrators can practise doing a sit down protest, and remaining passive whilst being dragged and carried by Police. In addition, they can rehearse what they want to shout, and then discuss if it’s appropriate, or too provocative. At a rehearsal before the real event (e.g. the morning or day before) meditation and relaxation exercises could be incorporated into the session. At the end of other rehearsals a group bonding/oneness exercise should occur, as to ease any tension in the group which may have arisen during the rehearsals. For safety bare feet will be required (as performing a confrontational exercise in socks increases the chance of slipping).
The Radical Theatre Workshop will perform and produce the below dramas and satire programmes for the online Radical News Service channel, whilst the Radical News Service members will produce the documentaries and everything else.
1.Real News: A weekly round up of news stories boycotted by the corporate media. Produced in Studio 1, live on to the internet.
2.Covered Up Britain: A current affairs programme for a more detailed look at news subjects the corporate media have boycotted or twisted. Produced in Studio 1 (for interviews) and Studio 3 (for simple presentation). The first edition will be why Pirate TV is justified.
3.Uncensored Debate: Debate programme, (no name yet): For subjects to be debated which the corporate media ignore and debated by persons ignored by the corporate media, in front of a small audience (30) in studio 2 who can ask questions. A programme for the minor political party leaders to debate issues (as BBC Question Time ignore them as they have no M.P.s/MEPs) with a questioning audience is possible.
4.Hidden Wildlife: Wildlife programmes on ignored (by corporate media/mainly BBC Bristol) facts about recognised wildlife, and programmes on unrecognised wildlife (e.g. Big Cats in Britain) as well as crypto zoology). Studio 3 would be used for presentation of some programmes, as most work will be out on location, but most studio work will be undertaken at the Yurt Television Centre (Studio 6).
5.Hidden History: This will reveal the historical, archaeological facts which contradict official history, but which corporate media ignore.
6.Alternative Britain: A series about different ways of living all aspects of life in Britain, ignored by mass media.
7.Arts Review Programme: A cross between Newsnight review and the now defunct South Bank Show, which will feature discussions on radical/works with an educational message in the forms of fiction and factual films, theatre performances and workshops, books, music and lectures. For 2 person performances and music and when an audience is required, the Snug will be used. For larger performances, rehearsals and workshops, the rehearsal studio will be used, with discussions preceding and following the work. The qualification for those (not in an audience) to take part in the discussions will be experience of the subject the work is about or have experience of the type of work being used to relate the subject.
8.Reality Playhouse: The primary output of RTW about issues which the corporate media boycott and for people who won’t watch documentaries.
9.Infotainment shows: (no names as yet). Programmes to educate the public through songs, (pop, rap, folk), satire, comedy and lectures, using Studio 4/Café (the Snug), so in front of a live audience.
10.Working Class Countryfile: Like TV news, the BBC has a policy of only allowing posh people to present the Countryfile programme. Thus to give Working Classes the chance at presenting a Countryfile programme, there will be this Working Class version here. Like the BBC’s Countryfile, there will be no studio work, just location reports, with pre and post production done at both the RNC and the Yurt TV Centre.
11.Satire puppet show: REFLECTION. Yes: The RNC version of the much lamented Spitting Image show would be produced using latex puppets. Unlike modern impressionist programmes, this satire show will only parody political policies, monarchy and the corporate media. Not make up fictitious storylines about celebrities like John Culshaw does. It will include a series of sketches called, The Delusional World of Julian Fellowes.
12.Reality Science: A programme on science which recognizes the evidence of the supernatural and rejects psychology.
13.The Parastocracy: set over various decades of history from 1830 to 2011 this drama series will set out the true way the parasitic aristocracy have leached off the Working Classes, so counteracting the false distorted history peddled by Julian Fellows and his Downton Abbey crap.
14.A drama series about Homeopaths, Cranial – Osteopaths and Herbalists clearing up the mess of Doctors will obviously be produced.
15.Typical News: (as opposed to topical news), will be a half hour satire similar to both the Day Today (which parodied news on screen) and Drop The Dead Donkey (which parodied newsrooms). The first and third parts of the show will send up (copying real life idiocy on TV news’) what happens on screen, whilst the middle part will send up newsrooms. Obviously, there will be a joke about going live to where nothing is happening such as to watch paint dry. The last scene would always be the production team in the Gallery commenting on what’s on the screens.

Thus, everyone gets to showcase their new talents both in front (and through credits) behind the camera.
Location Work: For a simple news report, a camera operator and a reporter is all which is required, (e.g. such as the BBC South East Today’s reporter Mark Norman and cameraman below) but if the reporter doesn’t want to hold a microphone then it’s preferable to have a sound man/woman as otherwise the person being interviewed is asked to hold the microphone for when the reporter is speaking, (such as in the Westcountry news crew below in 1993 at St Michaels Mount).
Photos of Outside Broadcast Units for RNS members to copy:


This view shows how just a reporter Mark Norman and cameraman can operate with This 1993 view shows how sometimes it’s better to have a sound man the microphone on a tripod outside Eastbourne Town Hall on 7/5/10 (the sound man here was actually the interviewee helping out.

aaa aaaa

This Carlton TV crew at Addiscombe Station guest presenter, consisted of a Cameraman, Director, Sound man and Production Assistant.



Above:  the Eltham TV Group in action:  interviews gaining condemnation of the misuse of health funding, on camera.

For longer reports without a reporter, (someone who should have the ability to direct themselves and work the microphone), there needs to be a Director, Soundman/woman and even a Production Assistant, (such as in the case of the Carlton TV “Your Shout” crew where a member of the public is presenting their own news report, below). This situation is also applicable today to documentaries such as BBC TV historian, Neil Oliver who had a cameraman, sound man, production assistant and a Director, Rosie Schellenberg) in York on 18th June 2012. The Director had Neil Oliver repeating the same sentence over and over again, telling him which words to emphasis. An RNS Director’s role would be slightly different in that they would be ensuring the presenter does not dumb down their speech by dropping their T’s on purpose or use psychology speak so are unclear in what they are saying, (e.g. prevent the use of psychology words like “negative” which can mean angry, depressed, upset, or words like “community” which doesn’t define if a settlement is a hamlet, village town or city, or the use of psychology phrases which mean nothing, such as “a sense of place”).

Picture8 Picture9

Neil Oliver ‘models’ for the cameraman and Director, Rosie Schellenberg to line up a shot and the sound man to tune for sound.


With the production assistant using the fibre dish for lighting, it’s a go for recording Neil Oliver’s piece to camera.

Picture12 Picture13

After filming the cameraman watches the recording through the viewfinder to ensure it’s gone well. BBC Presenter Rob Smith gives direction to his cameraman as to the next location for shooting.
UNICORN FM-Unicorn Weekender


A radio station broadcast studio. Close up of the main microphone. © P O’Callaghan
As referred to earlier in the blueprint, there is to be, in the long term, a local radio station started up.
This will be known as Unicorn FM and will provide local news, local information, educational programmes, pop music (from 1950 to 2010) in Weekdays (9am to 6pm), classical music at breakfast and night times, classic pop music on Saturdays, and Spiritual and Folk music programmes on Sundays. It will be partially staffed by volunteers wanting to get into broadcasting. The programmes:
6am to 9am: Smooth Wake Up, (Not everyone can be woken up by having their, quote “system put in shock” as the Radio 1 Breakfast show jingle sang in 1991, but need an easy wake up) a Classical music programme.
9am to 11am: Request programme for Pop Music
11am to 1pm: A discussion programme about 3 items of news that week, with studio guests and people phoning in to describe their experiences of the news subject being discussed. This would NOT be like the Jimmy Young show as that show only wanted peoples, quote, “opinions not experiences”(!), had the same guests on for most subjects, (e.g. Claire Raynor for all health subjects!) and no consumer issues. With pop music.
1pm to 1.15pm: Lunch time main news, News Break,
1.15pm to 4pm: Consumer Advice and phone in, with pop music.
4pm to 6pm: Drivetime programme, with pop music.
6pm to 6.30pm: Real News Take of the day, picking 2 or 3 local news issues to have a detailed report on.
6.30pm to 7pm: Specialist info programme: Mondays, Gardening; Tuesdays, Local History; Wednesdays, Current Affairs, Covered Up Britain (generally reporting news which the corporate media ignore, but sometimes picking up on issues in the news or on the discussion programme, local or national); Thursdays, Farming; Fridays, Alternative Britain, (investigating the different ways of living in Britain).
7pm to 8pm: Specialist entertainment programme: Monday, Reality Playhouse, (dramas about serious issues); Tuesdays, Jazz Night,: Wednesdays, Folk Night; Thursdays, Spiritual Music Night; Fridays, Satire/Comedy Night (stand up performances or sketches in the mold of Week Ending, parodying politics, corporate media).
9pm to Midnight: Soothing Classics (classical Music).
On Friday Nights (7pm), Unicorn FM presenters and producers clock off so a different team take over for a more relaxed programming for the weekends. This part of the radio service will therefore carry a different title, Unicorn Weekender (hopefully using the old 1970’s-80’s jingles of London weekend Television if permission can be obtained).

Saturdays: Classic Oldies Pop Music Day:
6am to 9am: Smooth Wake Up.
9am to 11am: Into The ‘90’s.
11am to 1pm: Classic 1980’s.
1pm to 3pm: Glam Disco – The ‘70’s.
3pm to 5pm: The Sixties Beat.
5pm to 7pm: The Rock & Roll Years – The ‘50’s.
7pm to 9pm: The Noughties.
9pm to Midnight: Soothing Classics.
6am to 8 am: Smooth Wake Up
8am to 10am: Spiritual Music, (e.g. Christian, Krishna or New Age or Enya)
10 am to 11pm: Choir Music, (including recordings, or maybe even live, services from local churches).
11pm to 1pm: News Review. A National and a Local News Issue of the week is discussed, with music inputs between interviews.
1pm to 1.30pm: Spiritual information programme, (discussing religions, New Age Movements, science and spirituality links etc)
1.30pm to 4pm: Repeat of specialist information programmes
4pm to 7pm: Folk Music programmes,
7pm to 8pm: Repeat of Reality Playhouse
8pm to Midnight: Soothing Classics.
There would be news reports every hour from 7am to 9pm in Weekdays, and every 2 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. After Midnight until 6am, Unicorn would either close down or broadcast Classic FM.



Facilities: The Unicorn FM broadcast studios will be based in the Tower. The Main Studios (1 & 3) on the ground and 2nd floors whilst on 1st floor with the control (producers) room for both Main studios will be the news booth (studio 2). In the basement will be the Music Library.
Some radio stations no longer have the facilities to play cassettes (!!!) and rarely use C.D.s, (no wonder Beano’s in Croydon are reducing in size) but Unicorn FM will have the facilities to play not just C.D.s and cassettes but records as well, digital/computer system of playing memorized music will be kept to a minimum.
Obviously, many people reading this will wonder how such a small establishment could produce such an array of programmes in the evenings: the answer is our secret weapon: the Radical News Centre.
A radio news studio booth.
The RNC will already be operational by the time Unicorn FM launches, so will supply news reports the corporate media have ignored, Reality Playhouse, current affairs programme, Alternative Britain, comedy/satire performances and Folk Music in front of a small audience, (which can also be recorded in the Retreat Centre) and spiritual music.
News Output would be: 30% Local and local county news from the Unicorn FM studio; 20% from the RNC; and 50% of national news, highlighting aspects of some of these news reports which the corporate media are playing down.
For those who having undergone the Radical theatre workshop but still can’t memorize a script but can only act with a script in hand, then they can perform on the Unicorn FM’s version of Reality Playhouse.

Picture1 Picture3

Two radio (producers) control rooms with broadcast studios through the windows. The second control room is shared by two studios.
Local talent for the specialist programmes would be harnessed (thus some Reality Playhouses, satire/comedy shows would be recorded in the Retreat Centre). Members of the Public, provided they have evidence, will be able to produce their own news reports for News Break and Real News Take. Taking into account the amount of people living at the Retreat Centre, using the RNC facilities, and the Radical News Service members at the latter, there will be sufficient persons to work to a Rota running the station, (seeking advertising, producing the main programmes and news/current affairs). To save money on start up costs all members of staff will be volunteers until they can be paid.
The Unicorn FM Supporters Association will consist of those who want experience in reporting news, news reading, presenting and producing the peak time programmes and specialist programmes, so to help them gain paid work with other broadcasters. Local people with interest in producing/presenting programmes so to share their specialist knowledge (e.g. local authors presenting/producing their own local history programmes, farmers presenting/producing farming programmes, local Amateur Dramatics groups can join the Radical Theatre Workshop to perform in radio dramas wanting to perform/produce Realty Playhouse) and will also be invited to join the Supporters Association. The News & Current Affairs programme will be exclusively for giving Working Classes an opportunity to become news readers and reporters as the BBC and ITN have a policy of only employing posh people as news readers and reporters, (pronouncing YEAR as “yuerrr” and the women additionally pronouncing SHOWERS as “ShaRers” – the posh person’s pronunciations), thus they don’t have the experience to understand the continued hardships of the Working Classes in news programmes. Too many reporters and presenters foolishly think their educational experiences apply to the masses.
In addition, some people will want to join just to give support to a local radio station providing such specialist local services as so many local radio stations are being bought up and submerged into bigger and bigger radio stations, (look at what’s happened to Southern FM and Invicta FM, now bought up by Heart and reduced to a few opt out hours of local programmes). With such local services being provided, Unicorn FM could apply to become a charity (which could mean dropping the commercial breaks plan, which would be good). Programmes will be available to the RNS. If the radio station can’t obtain a franchise (despite the Retreat Centre being based in less populated/less well served by radio regions of Britain – e.g. Shropshire/Welsh borders area), then it will operate on the internet.
You maybe reading this thinking such a radio station run by volunteers is madness, but such radio stations do exist, such as Seahaven FF in Seaford. Founded by Nick Mallinson it serves Lewes, Peacehaven, Newhaven and Seaford, Seahaven FM originally launched on March 2nd 2008 with a 28 day Restricted Service Licence, (a legal right to broadcast from a transmitter for 28 days granted by Offcom). When its’ Restricted Service licence periods had finished, it operated as an online radio station
Seaford Head School became involved in the broadcasts in 2009. In November, Seahaven applied for a full time licence to broadcast on FM from their own transmitter. The following 8th September 2009, Offcom awarded Seahaven FM their franchise to broadcast 7 days a week all year round. During May 2010, the online radio station was automated whilst the studio and offices were rebuilt, with a second radio studio added. Seaford Town Council donated £5,000 for legal costs. Test transmission from seahaven FM’s new transmitter site started on 17th December. On the 10th January 2011 Seahaven FM launched a full year round service from 7 am to 11pm. Doing the past 3 years, 60 volunteers have presented, produced programmes and provided admin roles. Nick’s dream was to bring news, music and other types of programmes for the Seaford area produced in the area.
With the RNC and retreat centre facilities there’s a chance a second radio service broadcasting across the UK could be launched from here specializing in Spiritual and Folk music.

The Rehearsal studio (RNC) to be rented out to drama and dance workshops, and martial arts classes such as Taekwondo.
There will be a Supporters association to raise awareness of RNC to generate usage by those who need them, persons who can pay rent for using them (e.g. drama teachers), have TV and computer equipment donated increase volunteers and generally fund raise.
To save money further, RNC technical facilities will be 1990’s/2000’s videotape cameras, VT editing facilities and production galleries, (some of which may come as a result of compensation to me from media for covering up my evidence of my case), with just one room for transferring videotape to digital tape and up loading to computers. When solar flares ruin digital technology the RNC will be in much needed service).

Rules & Code of Conduct For Staff (Paid & Volunteers): (a contract of the below rules etc will need to be signed by all staff):
1.All persons both paid and volunteering at the Independent Health Centre and Radical News Centre must accept that Doctors DO choose to harm patients on purpose.
2.That the corporate media can not be trusted to tell the truth and are dumbing down.
3.That Common Sense is practiced instead of Psychology.
4.That no staff intimidate other staff.
5.That, whilst the odd MILD swear word will be tolerated as a result of something having gone wrong, there will be NO strong swearing, and not at other staff, particularly in front of clients, (e.g. “You’re as thick as pig shit” particularly in front of clients, will not be tolerated). After 3 warnings such volunteers will be suspended.
6. Managers will not judge another member of staff’s life based on that staff members ability at performing a task at the Centre’s.
7. No shoes to be worn in the Rehearsal Studio.
8.All Centre’s property must stay on site, with the exception of the RNS production equipment for location work which must be signed for and only available to RNS members.
9.All programmes produced for the RNS internet channel and Real News paper must feature evidence to support all claims in those programmes/publication.
10.To provide a voice to those who corporate media ignore, cover up and twist the words of.
11.To report REAL news-not showbiz news or report on lifestyles as news.
12.Not to patronize customers.
13.To undermine corporate news reporters who DO CHOOSE to ignore, cover up and twist the words of others.
14.Never to dumb down so to appeal to those of a low form of intelligence.
15.That freedom of speech is the right of every person, regardless of who they are, to speak on any issue.
16.To use whatever means are available to help those who can be helped.
17.Never to cover up evidence of suffering.
18.Not to put sales\profit before news issues.
19.To help those who want\need to report true factual news corporate media ignore etc.
20.To use proper English grammar both verbally and in print, never replacing it with psychobabble speech.
21.Never put the performance of reporting the news issue before the news facts.
22.To link news issues wherever it is possible.
23.To report all news and never become obsessed with select issues in a general news publication\programme.
24.Not to concentrate on foreign news but always on domestic news.
25.To recognise that there are not 3 but 5 social Classes in Britain (Common, Working, Middle, Upper and Aristocracy Classes).
26.No docudrama’s to be produced as these are dumb down programmes which highlight events by dramatic reconstruction at the expense of other facts, (which are left out) and rely on some guess work as to the detail of such events, thus twisting the truth. The excuse of broadcasters to replace documentaries with docudramas is so to appeal to morons who don’t watch documentaries only crap programmes (soaps, game shows etc), but in reality this dumbing down is allowed to happen (just as the dumbing down of TV news and current affairs programmes are) as over time the younger generation will get use to them as the source of so-called facts and the older generations who knew differently would have died out. How long will it be before The One Show and Live From Studio 5 formats replace TV news?
27.In the Radio Times (Christmas 2005) Sophia Myles revealed how for a BBC TV vampire drama actor Marc Warren had suggested they rehearse a scene in the nude. This they did despite there being no nude scenes or topless scenes for them in the drama! At the RNC no nudity will be allowed in the workshops, rehearsals or performances unless the suffering of a character is based on a real life person involved nudity. For example, whilst a film like Schindlers List being recorded at the RNC would be acceptable to have nude scenes in (to show how the Jews were persecuted, being forced to strip naked) a drama like BBC’s Nightwatch (where Anna Maxwell Martin strolled across a studio fully nude for no reason) will not be allowed at the RNC

The Yurt Television Centre
In conjunction with the Radical News Centre, a separate studio for wildlife programmes with it’s own production gallery will be erected for the Radical Wildlife Film Unit.
The R.N.C.’s camera etc location equipment will be available to RNS members who want to produce wildlife programmes, as usually only posh people have access to such equipment to learn to film wildlife (just listen to the plumy voices of the cameramen and presenters of Spring Watch/Autumn Watch), by joining the Radical Wildlife Film Unit. The Retreat Centre will have the land/wildlife to practise filming wildlife and produce most of the wildlife programmes.
The wildlife studio will be located in a quieter corner of the retreat centre site, amongst wildlife and as if anything happens to the main RNC building, the wildlife studio will be available as a back up. The group producing the wildlife shows will be entitled the, Radical Wildlife Film Unit mostly because it will be radical in that it will only be open to Working Classes (as the BBC Wildlife Film Unit is dominated by posh cameramen/women and presenters) and because some aspects of crypto zoology will be recognised as fact. For example, in the 1960’s up until 1975, Big Wild Cats (e.g. Lions, Leopards Pumas) were sold to become pets (!!!) of people in Britain. When this practise was outlawed in 1975, some owners, rather than allow their pets to become caged or put down, unable to afford to return them to Africa (where they were unlikely to survive having been a little domesticated) instead released them into the wild. In a small country (when compared to larger countries like Kenya and East Africa as a whole) like Britain, it’s not impossible for these few Big Cats to meet and breed, hence why the sightings of Big Cats continues (only in 2007, a boy was attacked by a Big Cat in the countryside in South Wales, with the marks to prove it. BBC Wildlife Unit at Bristol ignore this. BBC TV wildlife presenter and cameraman, Chris Packham, admitted on Autumn Watch 2009 that Big Cats in Britain do exist but refused to accept that they are breeding, despite the long distances male Big Cats will travel in East Africa, in order to mate.
The Yurt Television Centre will consist of an old barn, or old out building, with a large yurt attached at one end. The yurt will house the studio, featuring two cameras (possibly Ikegami) on tripods plus one hand held camera. A microphone boom and studio lights will also be installed. A stove (with pipe chimney going out of the yurt roof), sofa and bookshelves with other items will be installed to give the studio a rustic warm charm. An opening at the rear side of the yurt will give access to the old building which will house the editing and recording room, as well as the production gallery (for mixing together the shots from the studio with shots from various miniature cameras in bird and hedgehog boxes to record the animals in them, as well as pre-recorded items). Thus, wildlife programmes can be recorded with recorded, or live, presentation for the Radical News Service internet channel.
To reflect it’s New Age setting, as well as shoes being barred from the yurt, the presenters will sometimes present the programme sitting on large cushions instead of using chairs. Before an internet broadcast/production all members of the Unit will have a relaxation session in the yurt to help them be more attuned to interacting with the wildlife.
(Did you know that in 1995, in a photo of the Friends of Damanhur, (supporters of the New Age Italian centre) there is a certain, Kate Humble with her name captioned below the picture)
Thus, the address could be: The Radical Wildlife Film Unit, The Yurt Television Centre, Unicorn Ashram, etc.

Picture4 Picture5 Picture6 Picture7

A Thomson 1707 TV Studio camera; A yurt at the Shekinashram, (a bigger, wooden version of this would be made). A single person operated production gallery.

Stage 4
Planning permission for Wind Turbines to be erected to power the Centre’s electricity, located between the Front Gate and the Contemplation Hall, (so they are away from the sleeping accommodation), or if a site big enough to include Stage 6 is obtained from the outset then the turbines would be at the furthest possible point from the almshouses, and always switched off (with any other generator) after 10 pm, until 8 am, (so not to disturb those of acute hearing trying to sleep), will be applied for. Plus, a Yarn Market structure, based on Dunster Yarn Market.
If there is a stream, a mill will be constructed to harness water power for the electricity A well will be sunk or a purification plant for sea- water if the centre is by coast. Solar power panels will be installed eventually (due to the cost) wherever possible.
During Stages 2, 3 and 4 a Unicorn Railway Society will be established to fund raise for the construction (using voluntary labour) and operation of the narrow or miniature railway around the site. The society would be open to being joined by non-residents who are interested in trains. The gauge would not be less than 10 and a quarter inch (e.g. so still compatible with other railways).

For those who are not railway buffs: a narrow gauge railway (e.g. former slate lines now tourist lines in Wales) is a railway with rails at the most usually, 3 foot apart, and at least 1ft apart, (E.g. Sittingbourne & Kemsley Railway and the Llanberis Lake Railway). A miniature gauge railway (e.g. Mull & West Highland, Wells & Walsingham, and Hastings Miniature Railway) is one with it’s rails no more than15 inches apart, (e.g. 15 inches and 10 inches). Ordinary railways rails are 4ft 8 and a half inches apart. Hence the smaller the distance between a tracks rails, the smaller the train, which runs on the track. Lesson over. The smallest the gauge here will be is 10 and a quarter inches.

Picture8 Picture9 Picture10

MINIATURE GAUGE locomotives: at Fairbourne and one at Hastings This shows how narrow the track can be.
Stage 5 This would be the extra, more long term aims:

1.A franchise to establish a voluntarily run, non-commercial radio station in the Tower, will be applied for. It would broadcast New Age, Folk and classical music, and have programmes on the local area so to serve local villages, farms and towns. It would also promote Common Sense Philosophy as an alternative to psychology.
A Tower, like that at Ladywell baths (refer to Stage 3), will be beside the front of the Hall, for use as the radio station, it’s transmitter erected above, The first floor would be the studio and control room. On the ground would be a recording studio.
2.A local bus service would be established to connect the Centre and local villages to the nearest town and station, if one didn’t exist already.
3. Straw bale homes can be another type of low impact homes undertaken.
4. Once stage 4 is completed, we will offer a low impact building for use by locals to use to establish a local shop or/and post office, if existing (if any are left) shops and post offices are closing.
5. Biodynamic farming (involving organic farming and moon seasons/gravitational pull planting) will be undertaken.
During all 5 stages, Yurts will begin to appear for single New Age type residents.

Picture4 Picture3 Picture2

A Yurt at the Shekinashram The Yarn Market at Dunster This circled seat at the illusionary end of the west path west of Witchy Hollow Halt, but like this real one above, (in Manor Gardens Eastbourne), a path would turn left through the hedge, and then go behind the hedge to reach Compost Siding.

To obtain council planning consent for the Stages of Development, a General overall plan of all the stages will be submitted, with a detailed report on the particular stage of development being asked for permission to construct, (planning permission for each stage of the development will be undertaken separately to every other stage).
A model of how the finished retreat Centre will look will be part of the planning applications.
It may be better for the Centre and Unicorn Railway Society, to apply to the council to establish the narrow/miniature gauge railway for agricultural/permaculture use and to take staying visitors around the site. In such an application it should be added that the railway being opened to the General Public would occur at a later date, only if the council allowed it. This method of application maybe the suitable option as some councils have a dislike to tourist railways.In addition, as the Halts, (Permaculture, Yurt, Witchy Hollow and Unicorn Central) will be constructed to be garden sheds, they will be able to be erected without council planning permission. Even though the Hastings Miniature Railway operates without fencing along it’s tracks at Hastings sea front, we are prepared to fence the whole line if the council made it a condition of the line being laid.
Operation Of Unicorn Retreat Centre & Residency
Legal Agreements
Whilst the site and Main Building (and any other buildings on the site at the time of purchase) would remain owned by me, Paul O’Callaghan, (purchased with my compensation money and sales from my books, including Common Sense Philosophy), the Unicorn Sanctuary Retreat Centre Supporters Association would be established to raise the funds to create the almshouses, Contemplation Hall, Yarn Market, and subsequent buildings and buses in Stage 5. The Trust would also own these buildings, with the exception of the almshouses, which will be jointly owned between the SA and myself, Paul O’Callaghan, (as the almshouses would be partly the old out buildings I had purchased).
The Supporters Association would consist of permanent members of the Residency, who would agree by legal contract that the SA was to create and own the buildings set out in this Blueprint, deciding how to implement the Blueprint. They would accept me as Chairman. The chairman’s role would be stipulated that it is for simply making sure the SA sticks to the Blueprint. The SA would not be responsible for the Unicorn Railway being funded, constructed and operated, but simply accept it’s right to exist according to the Blueprint.
Anyone putting money into the SA projects would agree by legal contract that they would not be returned their money if they chose to leave the Centre.
Obviously members could also be members of the Unicorn Railway Society.
The Supporters Association will accept that if a negligence victim with (e.g. like Child X) or without their family arrive fleeing persecution then the funds necessary to help them produce and distribute news sheets (published by the victim – not by us) will be diverted from funds for stages 3,4, 5 and 6.

All members of the Supporters association would when joining accept that funds to rehouse my Mum (to replace the house the Drs robbed her of) from my books and compensation money would go on purchasing a new house for my Mum on or off the Unicorn Sanctuary site. In addition, the members would have to accept that I, my Mum and Alexander Forbes would be entitled to live at the Unicorn Sanctuary Retreat Centre (in an almshouse if we deem it) for life.

The primary roles of the Unicorn Sanctuary retreat Centre Supporters Association (S.A. for short) are:
1.To establish a bank account for putting funds into to buy Retreat Centre.
2.To publish my rail and walk books so to raise money for the retreat centre.
Find the following persons or persons experienced in these professions to join the SA
7.Drama teachers
8.TV Production teachers (who can use digital equipment. I can teach production using video tape if I get my health back).
10.Renewable Energy experts
11.Tibetan Pulsing practitioners
13.Shiatsu teachers
14.Meditation teachers
15.Yoga teachers
16.Body Conditioning teachers (my Mum can do this IF she gets her health back)
Rules For residents, (all residents upon joining would be required to sign a legal agreement to abide by the following:
1.To practise Common Sense Philosophy and not psychology as it’s is the philosophy of the Centre, (e.g. That victims are real, not imaginary/that people don’t make themselves victims (as psychobabblists are currently claiming), but made victims by others wrong doing/harm; That C.B.T. and N.L.P. are tools used by psychobabblists/Authorities to condition society: that individual rights are as important as a so-called ‘community’s rights). .
2.Medically neglected to receive priority residential bookings;
3.That cow and pig are NOT eaten on the premises (cow due to B.S.E. and pigs because they’re intelligent animals) or animals which have been killed by boiling (e.g. lobster) and that the centre will strive to become a vegetarian establishment;
4.Shoes will be barred from the buildings so to make cleaning easier, (with the exception of the stations);
5.That all residents (16 years upwards) attend a weekly Growth Group (attendees wearing loose clothing and having bare feet), which will double as the Residency meeting;
6.No birds in cages or alcohol allowed so to avoid trouble;
7.Smoking only permitted outside for visitors who are willing to try Homeopathic/herbal remedies to quit;
8.Radio’s and TV will be restricted to 1 public room only (residents would be able to have radio’s in their rooms and TV’s for the neglected in almshouses), so those escaping from society need not be disturbed by them;
9.To spend 1 month away from the Centre helping out at the Independent Health Centres, (either as 4 separate weeks throughout the year or in one whole month).
10.To accept that neither I, nor the Trust will refund anyone who puts money into the Unicorn Retreat Centre & Residency, if they move out of the Centre.
11.Only residents who can cook will be allowed to prepare meals.
12.One almshouse would always be kept vacant, for use by negligence victims fleeing persecution.
13.That any resident who refuses to accept that Doctors commit negligence on purpose, or are helped to do so by psychobabblists, nurses, and law makers and enforcers, will be kicked out.
14.Anyone joining as a permanent or semi-permanent resident, should donate some books, video’s etc to the library on the subjects described in Stage 1 (description of the library part), on the grounds the items are loaned and not to be removed from the site/Centre and would not be damaged.
15.Residents and visitors, abide by these rules, this blueprint and Common Sense Philosophy points.

Life At The Unicorn Retreat Centre & Residency

There would be a number of activities happening:
Residents with their children and without would be living in the almshouses, their privacy obtainable but still living as part of a residency.
Meal times, those living in almshouses would be able to use their kitchens to have breakfast and a light Tea in, but be part of the residency by having the main meals together in the Main Building’s large kitchen, sometimes cooking the meals and at other times having the meal cooked for them, by other residents who could also cook. Also, residents would be cooking meals for negligence victims too ill to cook, having been denied treatment.
Other residents would live in Yurts and other single room dwellings, who want the simplest life possible, (and people do live like this at such residencies).
The Centre would of course not just be a home, but a business, so residents would alternate between different roles, depending on their health, in keeping the Centre running. In effect it would be a way of life.
Some residents would be digging up the vegetables, carrying them to the wagons in the Permaculture Siding, behind the platform. Other residents would be driving the train to collect the vegetable wagons and haul them to the Main Building, or Yarn Market or Front Gate. On another day the train would haul wagons to collect lawn mowed grass to be taken to the Compost Siding.
Residents inside the Main Building would keep the 8 guest bedrooms upstairs and yurts clean for healthy guests wanting to discover their spiritual purpose in life whilst at the same time wanting to help people and society as a whole. Then there would be the visitors just coming to stay for a few days to a few weeks, who need a break from psychobabble driven society, and who want to explore different spiritualities and re-connect with common sense.
Some residents will be helping negligence victims around who are too ill. For the negligence victims and for their relatives, it will be reassuring to find themselves in an environment where they don’t have to prove they are ill and medically neglected, because every resident would have already accepted that Doctors select patients to harm.
Currently negligence victims when seeking help from organisations for patients, have to endure staff refusing to accept that Doctors committed negligence on purpose, so are refused help, because the staff are Middle or Upper Class so would have not have experienced medical negligence, (hence why only negligence victims should run such organisations), or met with a Doctors prejudices not to be medically neglected.
Other residents will be helping out in the Office, either co-ordinating the I.H.C.’s or helping visiting negligence victims, such as those who have fled persecution, produce their own news sheet and video advertising their plight because their local media have covered up their case/evidence so to protect the negligent doctors, (just producing such sheets are not as easy as it seems). In addition helping the medically neglected set up web sites with a video advertising their plight.
Others maybe holding Contemplation Groups for visitors or providing them or negligence victims with complementary or alternative health treatments. Other residents will be having the day off or organising the Yarn Market for selling produce. They maybe organising a spiritual festival. In the longer term, some residents maybe operating the bus service, or taking their weekly spot on the radio station, broadcasting or editing. By helping local villages by selling them produce at the Yarn Market, providing a local radio service and a bus service, it will gain the support of local villagers, which will be useful when the Peak Oil crisis occurs. If the Centre did not function as a New Age retreat centre or permaculture residency, there would be nowhere for victims of medical negligence to flee from persecution. Hence why these roles are so important.
Then there will be the residents managing the Radical News Centre and running the courses in TV production, drama and Homeopathy, Cranial-Osteopathy and Herbalism. Plus classes in yoga and Tibetan Pulsing.
Initiation Of New Residents (over 16).
An initiation ceremony should be held for those who wish to become residents. Such rituals should be held as some people are reassured by having them. The rituals should reflect the philosophy of the retreat centre/residency. They should also reflect that the residents respect the new resident and vice versa/that residents and the resident accept that they are equal in status.
After signing the legal agreement, residents will welcome the new resident in, (using Contemplation Group Trust and Bonding exercises or group massage). Light gowns and bare feet would be practical for this. See Common Sense Philosophy for details.

Experiential Growth Meetings
Once a week all the residents would convene (with specially invited guests) to discuss the future of the retreat centre, the daily running of it and sort out any disputes they have had. This latter point could be due to misunderstandings, but also due to someone having been egotistical or lazy. Others could have become upset. Rather than have arguments, the group members will use New age (non-psychobable) techniques (relaxation, massage Tibetan Pulsing) and adapt aspects from all parts of daily life to remedy the problems. Thus, solving the problems experienced running the centre, residents will grow in their abilities and personal nature.
These sessions would end with a oneness (puppy) pile, to reflect that between lives we are all one.
How Life Should Look At Unicorn Ashram. Originally this new chapter had a lot of photos of a very good ashram (with Karma Yoga in action) and camping farm, but most of the photos have been removed before publication because despite those photographed on the farm and ashram being OK with the photos being taken, the ashram and farm MAY, I repeat JUST MAY, MAY, be unhappy about this in this blueprint (though such photos are far more useful here than on a persons facebook page which is acceptable usually!). Thus we are not showing these pictures, just of gardening by Karma Yogi’s (as backs turned).


At the heart of the unicorn Ashrams philosophy is of course helping others in need. This will include feeding the homeless with free vegan food, by performing a weekly Prasarde in the local town, led by residents, but with local volunteers and Karma Yogis preparing the food, cooking and serving on location:

Picture7 Picture13

At a prasarde regulars will develop (e.g. guy in dark glasses, often in local library)

Picture9 Picture10

At the end a lot of satisfied customers.






Picture16 Picture17

Picture18 Picture19

Music making in and around the ashram, both spontaneous or organized will be happening. English and Irish Krishna’s included.  Music will of course lead to dancing.

Picture20 Picture21

Music will be happening, spontaneously



Horses will be allowed, though no Welsh giant barrel jelly fish allowed!

Zen Meditation Walk will be created like this one (Shapwick Heath, east entrance), where one walks with bare feet, slowly, breathing through the nose, concentrating on breath and awareness of nature. Thus mind can clear for 2 minutes.

Picture24 Picture25 Picture26

Picture27 Picture28 Picture29Picture30 Picture31 Picture32 Picture33

This is how Unicorn FM should look (but not covering up anythand playing the Baron Knights)

like this

Picture34 Picture35 Picture36 Picture37 Picture38 Picture39

And this is what the online TV station could be like in action.

Picture40 Picture41 Picture42 Picture43

Picture44 Picture45 Picture46 Picture47

Unusual dragon flies and cats will be welcome
Ceremonies and parades will occur like fire ceremonies and those linked to the seasons will happen similar to these:

Picture48 Picture49 Picture50 Picture51 Picture52 Picture53 Picture54


Picture55 Picture56

Picture57 Picture58

Picture59 Picture60

Picture61 Picture62

celebrate the nature such as a Hop Festival (above at Bodiam) or Lammas (below at Eastbourne town centre and seafront with the yellow John Barleycorn character) will be held here. Featuring Morris dancers (like Hunters Moon in black) and Drummers (like the Pentacle Drummers). A new festival to celebrate the Peaceful Warrior (such as Chartists and Martin Luther king) will be held.

Picture63 Picture64

Picture65 Picture66

Picture67 Picture68

Picture69 Picture70

Picture71 Picture72 Picture73 Picture74Picture75

Lammas ends with a ritual for a good harvest, involving calling to the 4 elements and giving a a bit of a loaf to everyone.


The Tor silhouetted in moonlight. Incredible this picture came out. Rainbow at Paddington Farm. These will happen here to.


Environmental & Neighbourhood Impact of Centre

This section describes the early stages of planning, (more detail will be filled in when experienced permaculturists join this Centre project), of the low impact buildings will have on the environment, electricity and self-produced energy for the Centre’s bus, and how the local villagers and Townsfolk will benefit from the centre.
Some of what you are about to read has already been described, but is repeated here in case you missed it:
Note: £10,000 will be budgeted for making the Main Building and almshouses environmentally friendly and to retain heat most sufficiently. £5,000 will be budgeted for the Hall and Radio Tower, are environmentally friendly and retain heat.

Crops for self-sufficiency and local villages/towns
Potato’s will hopefully be grown, (Lincolnshire is a main area for potato’s). Chitting is the process where seed potatoes planted in boxes in a greenhouse until they sprout shoots, where upon they are then removed and planted in the ground, (planted in January and February, harvested in Autumn and winter, when they are then kept in six foot high piles, to protect them from frost, and then bagged up for sale). To grow potatoes the soil needs to be free of stones.
Other crops which could be grown: tomatoes, runner beans, strawberries, sugar beet, leymes, cloves.
1.The almshouses, Contemplation Hall, Radio Tower and Yarn Market will all be constructed of locally sourced materials.

2.The size of the 2 mini-replica stations, will be the size of large garages, and have a doorway height of 7 feet, before the roof begins. The replica buildings at the Halts will be the size of sheds.

3.The Hall, Radio Tower, Yarn Market, station and Halt buildings, and yurts and other low impact recyclable homes will all be able to be dismantled, so the site they are on, can return to nature.

4.All new buildings (described above, with the exception of the almshouses, RNC and Radio Tower) will be single storey.

5.Whilst the Hall will have a frontage design based on the Bridgewater Building, with a hint of the Golden Hall set front on lord Of The Rings, and it’s rear entrance based on Battle platform entrance, it will be made of eco-friendly materials, (as directed by an experienced permaculturist). If required, the ground on which the Hall will be sited, will be lowered so the Hall has no visible impact outside the Centre’s site (same applies to the RNC and Unicorn FM tower).

6.The same applies to the building material for the Yarn Market, 2 mini-station buildings, and Halt ‘shed’.

7.The almshouses will only be 9, one set aside for a negligence victim and their family when they are directed to us by an I.H.C. Therefore, only 8 couples with children will be able to live on the site permanently, with any additional persons coming to live at the Centre after it’s established, will live in Yurts or a recycled/low impact building. The 8 bedrooms in the Main Building will be only for paying visitors, (as will some yurts/low impact homes will be for).

8.Doomed 19th century signal boxes to be demolished by Network Rail will be rescued for being recycled here as low impact homes or as additional alternative/complimentary treatment rooms, (3 signal boxes will be reused as signal boxes on the mini-railway).

9.The Main Building, like the new buildings, will be insulated to retain heat.

10.The electricity will be powered by wind turbines, hydro electric generators, (if possible) and solar thermal panels. If there is a stream passing through the site, then a water wheel will be installed to harness the power of the rushing water to generate electricity, (this could even power the battery locomotives).

11.Rain water will be collected by tanks so to be used for flushing lavatories, irrigate the agriculture grounds (permaculture area) and washing machine.

12.A cest pool will be established, with the necessary reeds.

13.Vegetables like potatoes and carrots and tomatoes (in polytunnels) will be grown on the site, making the Centre self sufficient for vegetables.

14.An orchard, if one doesn’t already exist, will be established to grow fruit.

15.Straw bale homes can be another type of low impact homes undertaken.

16.Biodynamic farming (involving organic farming and moon seasons/gravitational pull planting) will be undertaken.
17.Facilities to help those in Leslie Burke’s situation would be installed.

18.To benefit the local villagers and townsfolk:
A). Vegetables and fruit grown on site will be sold to the local people at the Yarn Market and other outlets.

B). Spiritual and health educational stands will be held around the Yarn Market.

C). Open Days will be held to show local people how to be self – sufficient

D). During Open Days (which will be at the more convenient time of weekends) the mini-railway will operate
to give above said local people a tour of the site.

E). The mini-railway will be a tourist attraction for local people to visit and railway buffs, (miniature railways are not likely to generate visitors from outside the area who aren’t railway buffs due to such persons not regarding it as worth their while to travel half way across the country to go on a miniature railway, so only local people will visit so can leave their cars at home and use our bus service, if one doesn’t exist).

F). If no bus service already exists, then we will provide one between the Centre and the nearest Station and town, serving villages along the route. The bus will be powered by bio-diesel fuel produced at the centre site.

G). When the Peak Oil crisis occurs, people will be in need of learning new ways to power their vehicles and generate power for their homes. For the local villagers and townsfolk the Centre residents will teach them for free.

H). When the radio station is broadcasting, it will be providing not just spiritual, folk and classical music to the neighbourhood, but also programmes about the local area and it’s people.

I). Unlike the Independent Health Centre’s, we will not just provide negligence victims (referred to us by the I.H.C.’s) with alternative and complementary medicine/therapies and the books to self-diagnose, but also giving them a break from daily chores, so they can have a rest and concentrate on self-diagnosing themselves.

J). Negligence victims who lose their homes because they are too physically ill to work, and are denied benefit because no Dr. will recognise they’re physically ill, will be given a home in an almshouse or in a yurt.

K). Homeless families (yes families) disgustingly have to bid on the internet to get housing: The longer they are homeless and the bigger the family, the higher their bid in getting a roof over their heads. This is due to the 2002 Act of parliament, supposedly making councils house the homeless. 100,000’s are left homeless instead during 2007. Local people in need of a home urgently, would be welcomed as temporary residents of a yurt, so helping ease any housing problems the local council may have. It’s been publicised that, not just foreign but British families are living in Bed & Breakfast accommodation. We will do our bit to help here.

L). A small school for 12 pupils maybe set up in the long term.

M). Once stage 4 is completed, we will offer a low impact building for use by locals to use to establish a local shop or/and post office, if existing (if any are left) shops and post offices are closing.
N). Courses in human biology, Homeopathy, herbalism, cranial-osteopathy, TV production and drama would be open to the locals.
Plus the Hall would be let once a week to local villagers to use, (providing they leave their coats and shoes outside).
Stage 6: 5 Year Expansion Plan
Unless a 12 acre site is obtained from the outset for the Retreat Centre, then the following developments will not be able to be included in the original 5 stage development plan already described.
Instead the following developments will be undertaken when additional neighbouring land is obtained, which will only be after all aspects of the first 5 stages have been completed. The new site will consist of further land for permaculture use, which an extension of the miniature gauge railway will run around. However, at the far end of the site, will be the farm and mill. Overall 2 thirds of the site will be given over to agricultural use.

The Developments are:
1. To pioneer, (as I haven’t heard of another eco-friendly/self-sufficient residency who do this) being the first self-sufficient residency to self produce bread.
Therefore, a bakery and mill, (wind or water or both powered) will be established.
2. To establish a dairy farm, with both cows and goats. Chickens, roaming free on new site for source of eggs.
3. Workshops to pioneer new forms of Green Energy, (or re-launch such energy inventions suppressed).
4. A university/college to create Experts in Common Sense Philosophy (qualifying to train by proving they have got experience of continued hardships), learning through experience, the key way of learning common sense, and recognise spirituality, such as Other Lives. This sort of establishment has already been pioneered, (e.g. in the Netherlands).
5). Establish a chapel called a Churpel for residents and visitors to worship oneness as a group but also meditate by themselves. The building would be a third the size of Jevington church in East Sussex and look similar on the outside. Inside the porch, shoes and socks would be removed before proceeding into the carpeted Churpel. Seats would be located around the sides of the single room, but the floor left clear for sitting and laying down upon. Spiritual celebrations would consist of choir singing, debates about personal, radical and general issues would follow, then followed by laying in a pile to celebrate we are all one in the afterlife, but are unique individuals in our lives.
The Retreat Centre’s university will be much smaller consisting of 2 large Yurts to teach Common Sense Philosophy and leading and establishing Contemplation Groups in and for students separate Contemplation Groups, (though students will also be able to attend the residents own Group), leaning how to apply C.S.P. in life, by first practising it whilst taking part running the Centre. Students would stay in yurts, and if room, the guest rooms in the Centre. Plus a lesson about true science, (recognising the evidence that one exists beyond death)).

5. Combined with the college, will be a school for about 12 children in two large yurts, (this has already been pioneered in Somerset), joined together. Compulsory subjects would be: English, maths, science, biology, official History and hidden History, (e.g. about Khazar Empire, origins of Bible stories), Yoga and Common Sense Philosophy; and meditation. Plus a lesson about true science, (recognising the evidence that one exists beyond death)).

6. Naturally with the new site, the narrow (or miniature) gauge railway would be extended into this new area. If you look back at the map, which gives a rough idea of the layout: If the additional land obtained is to the right of the Centre/map or at the back of it, then the extension will begin from the Platform 2 track at Bandstand Junction station.
Alternatively, if the additional land is on the left of the Centre/map, then the extension will begin from the back left corner of the existing track, (with triangular junction again created here, and Bandstand Junction relocated here) so trains from the extension can go to Permaculture Halt without reversing).
Along the extension there will be halts (built of eco-friendly materials, mainly earth, like Salehurst Halt near Robertsbridge in East Sussex was), with, at the first new halt being either Wichy Hollow Halt relocated to here or a second Witchy Hollow style halt, at the second halt, Willow Tree Halt, a building based on that at Shepherdswell and which existed at Eastry and Wingham, (basically two sheds/rooms, separate apart from sharing a roof, thus creating a covered area between the sheds), and a terminus mini-replica station based on Sole Street, with a track layout of platform track, run round loop and a siding coming off the loop (pointing in the direction of Bandstand), which will lead into a single loco engine shed, thus the 3 locomotives will not be all in one place/eggs not all in one basket).

Picture81 Picture80 Picture79

Sole Street Station upon which a replica station building and platform shelter would be based upon on any branch line later built

Picture82 Picture83

Shepherdswell Station recreated on the EKR steam line. A Class 121 D.M.U., of which a miniature version will be recreated.

To describe this site it’s best to do so as if travelling on the miniature railway, (the new site could be to the right, left or rear of the original site, but here the description of the site as if it’s at the rear of the original site has been chosen):

Upon leaving Bandstand Junction (the miniature 3 platform station), the track serving the second platform veers 90 degrees to the left or goes ahead joining with the track from the 3rd platform, passing some sidings, before diving into a little tunnel. Upon emerging from the tunnel it will pass through Witchy Hollow halt, with an agricultural /permaculture siding going off to the left or right.

Some woodland or a cutting should then follow before a small chapel (built of eco-friendly materials) appears on the right, and Churpel Halt is arrived at. The halt should have a small building based on the East Kent (Light) railway design, which has been recreated at Shepherdswell.

Churpel Halt would serve the chapel (of the same name) a third the size of a church at Jevington and the school/mini college, to the left of the halt, a footpath from the chapel crossing the track at the far end of the platform and going up to the school, (beyond which the path would continue to the farm).

Returning to the journey along the track: From Churpel Halt, the line crosses the Chapel path and then curves 90 degrees left again (or right), (spurting off wagon/freight sidings to the right/carrying on straight ahead, as the main track curves left). The main track passes an engine shed big enough for 1 miniature locomotive, then passes beneath a bridge (for the rear access from a public road) to enter Millfarm station, a miniature version of Sole Street station, Kent, (near Cobham, Kent), the building being on the left hand platform, whilst a shorter platform serves the run round loop, (which the track from the engine shed would join with). The main track would continue through the left platform to a head shunt/buffer stop, with water tower. However, the short platform on the run round loop (with a shelter like that at Sole Street), would, at it’s far end, have the continuation of the main track continuing on, through the farm, over the stream serving the mill, with sidings for the milk tank wagons and piggeries (for collecting manure from rescued pigs for fertilising crops).

Because the main track beyond Millfarm would be used limitedly, it would begin on the loop and not from the head shunt.
Instead of a farm house, there will be a large communal yurt, with 4 smaller yurts (bedrooms) fixed to it’s sides, all built of cob.

This limited main track would again curve 90 degrees left again to run back towards the original site, but stop half way before the original site is reached. Here would be a platform, extending in front of the buffer stop (to show it’s really the end of the line) with a platform/shed shelter. The mini-entrance building at Enlightenment Halt will be located on the corner of the L shaped platform, and be 8 sided with a pointed roof and a weather vane atop, (a bit like a summer house), with windows all round, one window looking in on the waiting shelter next to it. The waiting shelter on the platform, will have a curved roof, and windows, with two arched doorways and a lantern above the doorways.
On the platform behind the buffer stop, there will be a small garden with seating and lattice fencing above for plants to grow along, connected at one end to the 8 sided entrance building.
There would be a path leading into, hopefully more tress, as part of a nature trail, with summer houses for rain shelters if needed. This would be Enlightenment Halt, as to achieve enlightenment, being closer to nature is part of reaching such a goal, so people could come here and be at one with nature, and may achieve enlightenment.
The west path would be extended from compost siding to Millfarm.

Just imagine the announcement at Front Gate: “Platform 1 for the fast service to Enlightenment”!




This photo is symbolic of the Unicorn Ashram: All New Age & Spiritual above, but helping the victims of injustice when one looks closer.